Valley is Helping to Sustainably Transform Sudan

The partnership between Valmont® Irrigation, through its Valley® brand, and Zadna International is stimulating Sudan’s transformation to become an agriculture-based economy. This assists with food security, while efficient technology empowers growers, employs more local people and produces greater yields with fewer water and energy resources.

Zadna is a joint venture between Sudanese public and private sectors to develop agricultural lands (supplying electricity, water, canals, center pivots) and selling them to farmers.

They needed a partner that could handle a huge irrigation project with difficult demands. How big? They required 1,450 center pivots to begin with. But that is not all. The project also required support to source financing for the project, installation of all the pivots, providing training to more than 600 technical staff in Sudan, ongoing service, and ready access to spare parts.

The project required the resources, experience and service only possible through Valley® Irrigation, a Valmont® company.

“Valmont was the partner of choice for this project because they are the market leader in mechanized irrigation,” says Abdelmahmoud Agmy, CEO of Zadna. “This project had quick turnaround times, with dedicated service technicians staying on site, and Valmont was able to provide that.”

“The quality of Valmont pivots, their reliability, and their superior design made the choice even easier,” says Agmy. “Investors and Sudanese growers know the Valley brand. This project is highly regarded, and Valley offers greater credibility.”The partnership between Valmont® Irrigation, through its Valley® brand, and Zadna International is stimulating Sudan’s transformation to become an agriculture-based economy. This assists with food security, while efficient technology empowers growers, employs more local people and produces greater yields with fewer water and energy resources.



Rivulis opens a new state of the art factory in Manzanares, Spain

Gvat, Israel – May 18, 2022- Rivulis, a global leader in micro irrigation solutions, offering the broadest portfolio in the market, announced today the opening of its new, state-of-the-art factory in Manzanares, Spain. Comprising 6,000 square meters on 25,000 square meters of land, the new facility will allow for the needed capacity expansion to better serve the strategic European and African agricultural markets and also create new jobs locally. Rivulis inaugurated the new factory today in the presence of the local authorities and representatives of the Spanish institutions.

“This significant capital investment, built in record time, highlights our long term commitment to the European and African markets, enabling us to better serve growers in these regions and our long term partnership with the Manzanares community,” stated Eran Ossmy, President of the Drip Products and Projects Division.

“Rivulis is poised to expand and to become the leading drip irrigation solutions provider in Europe and Africa and beyond, enabling water and energy savings for growers. We are committed to our corporate mission of Making Micro Irrigation Accessible to growers and to helping them Grow Beyond,” added Thierry Haller, the Rivulis General Manager of Europe and Africa.

The production will be focused on serving the multi-year crop segment with heavy wall drip lines such as Rivulis D5000 PC and Eurodrip Olympos PC, and the seasonal crop segment with thin wall drip lines such as D1000, D1500, and Eurodrip Eolos and medium-heavy wall drip line such as D2000.

Also, the plant will operate under the high quality standards and manufacturing techniques and processes as Rivulis has done for over 50 years.

In addition to the new Manzanares facility, Rivulis has manufacturing and distribution facilities in France, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India and the United States of America.



MAT Holding turnover up to €333M in 2021, 12% more than the previous year

The multinational group, based in Israel and Spain, has grown in all businesses. The company has consolidated the integration of the ARI, Dorot and OCV international businesses under the new Aquestia brand, a world leader in the field of water conveyance and control. The new strategic plan is committed to modernizing the agricultural sector and digitizing crop and water management, among others.

In a year marked by the uncertainty generated by the pandemic and the general increase in raw materials and transport costs, the company – formed by the Israel-based company Aquestia and the Spain-based companies Regaber, IQV, STF and Hidroglobal – has maintained a high level of competitiveness that has allowed it to continue growing in all businesses and lay solid foundations to achieve the objectives of the new strategic plan, while establishing itself as a leader in the markets in which it operates.

The international presence of the group stands out with excellent results as international sales already represent 65% of the total turnover. In 2021 the company has consolidated the integration of the Israeli businesses ARI Flow Solutions and Dorot, and the North American OCV Control Valves – acquired in 2020, 2014 and 2018, respectively– under the new Aquestia brand, giving rise to a world reference in the field of water conveyance and control, which functions as the group's hub in this sector, based in Israel.

MAT Holding has also consolidated its presence in the United States, the largest hydraulic infrastructure market in the world. The company has billed close to $25M and has established itself as a reference brand in this area. Likewise, the group has continued to develop the project in India, one of the markets with the greatest potential in the water sector.


Reinke Invests $2.5 Million to Improve Irrigation Production and Product Supply Chain Purchase of two fiberoptic laser units will speed production of precision irrigation parts

Reinke Manufacturing, a global leader in irrigation systems and technology, has invested $2.5 million in fiberoptic lasers to increase and further improve production and automation in their Deshler facility. Reinke hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony on janvier 12 to celebrate the advancement and show first-hand how the cutting-edge technology enables Reinke to speed up the delivery of precision irrigation systems and parts to growers around the world.

“This is a very exciting day at Reinke,” said Chris Roth, president of Reinke. “These new lasers will allow our company to not only shorten delivery timelines to growers, but it also enables our manufacturing team to improve the precision production of our parts. Those two factors will help us meet our goal of providing the world’s finest irrigation systems to growers working to improve yield potential while conserving valuable resources".

Matt Boehm joins K-Rain Manufacturing as Regional Sales Manager

Matt Boehm brings his accomplished account management experience to lead

K-Rain sales in the south Region.

Working in a variety of management positions, Mr. Boehm brings with him over two decades of proven sales and business leadership across commercial channels.  “Matt is all about building value for distributor partners and contractors,” according to Greg Dougherty, Director of Sales North America. “His reputation for results in the irrigation space is impressive and his industry knowledge deep”.

“My passion is to help customers succeed in their own business” says Boehm. “Whether that is through introducing efficient products that help them increase their bottom line or simply providing effective strategies to help them grow in their market.  Their success is my success.”

Mr. Boehm will be actively promoting the use of K-Rain Intelligent Flow Technology® irrigation products in his home state of Texas.


New POGO® Sensor and Visual Insight Integrations for the Hunter Pilot® Network

Hunter Industries has joined forces with turfgrass technology solutions leader POGO to bring new sensor and visual insight integrations to the best-in-class Hunter Pilot Network. Hunter’s robust irrigation control system effectively balances watering demands with flow capacities to determine the most efficient watering cycles possible. Best of all, the highly intuitive software is fully customizable according to the daily irrigation management needs of the golf course. Greater Control, Better Playability Integrating the hardware and data from POGO with the power and intuition of the Pilot Network will provide valuable insights that help golf course superintendents save time and resources. The integration will allow superintendents to: • Utilize powerful scientific insights to achieve maximum irrigation efficiency while saving time and resources. • Make more informed scheduling adjustments using real-time soil moisture, salinity, and temperature data.

Aqua4d opens a new depot and a branch in the United States

AQUA4D, a Swiss specialist in precision irrigation, has continued its expansion in California by opening a new branch and a depot in the Central Valley. This will enable them to bring their revolutionary technology to more U.S. growers than ever, with the resulting improvements in the efficient use of water, productivity and salt management. More projects, larger teams. The first USbased projects began in 2018 when co-founder Walter K. Thut moved to Fresno to oversee the first AQUA4D equipment installed in pistachio and almond orchards. Since then, the team has expanded and there are more projects, with the noteworthy inclusion of Lindsay’s former irrigation specialist, Yvain Mirabal, and innovative agtech expert Jeff Nunes. Impressive results. The latest expansion follows a series of outstanding results in the Central Valley and beyond. Most recently, a project at a major producer of nuts in Kern County studied the effects of leaching soon after the installation of AQUA4D. The early results from soil sensor readings showed that salts were being leached down to all levels compared with the control, as well as a drop of 22-25% in the EC (electroconductivity). As AQUA4D is the only technology on the market which solves salinity issues while increasing water efficiency in the process, the results are being followed closely in areas affected by brackish water, soil salinity and drought conditions. Full commercialization of the Max system is expected early next year, with many people in California keeping a keen eye on AQUA4D developments due to the potential impacts on water efficiency and salt management.

Rivulis offers a free service to its customer growers for monitoring crops and detecting irrigation issues with satellite imagery

Rivulis, a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and deploying micro-irrigation products and solutions, has launched ReelView, giving growers using Rivulis products access to an advanced set of crop monitoring tools from their mobile phone.

The service is offered at no extra charge with every roll of Rivulis drip line and tape (terms and conditions apply). ReelView uses satellite imagery and advanced algorithms to enable growers to detect irrigation, fertilizer, disease, and other issues, even before they can be seen with the naked eye by looking out for changes in vegetation and plant wetness. These are represented by easy-to-use color-coded field maps. Reel View is powered by Manna Irrigation Intelligence, Rivulis’ precision agriculture service.

Richard Klapholz, CEO says, “Rewarding our customers for choosing Rivulis drip line and tape with this advanced and unique technology is a very tangible example of our commitment to a more sustainable future for growers around the world through smart – and in this case, free – service.”

By monitoring vegetation variations and abnormalities, growers can identify under irrigated areas in the field that warrant further investigation. By contrast, plant wetness variability shows different moisture levels in the plants themselves, not the soil. Irrigation problems often show up first by a lack of moisture in plants so that issues can be identified early. Plant wetness variability might also indicate over-irrigation of crops.

ReelView lets growers analyze the development of their crops throughout the season and up to three years of historic field data. It also provides hyper-local weather data specific to their fields.

ReelView is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Romanian, and Russian, with more languages available soon. Presently, ReelView is available in select countries.

By helping growers using our products better spot possible issues regarding irrigation and plant health, the free ReelView app is their crop’s eye in the sky.


Today Irritec has reached another important goal in the path of innovation and sustainability.

UniCredit has underwritten a €12 million bond (minibond) issued by Irritec S.p.A. The 12-year bond is finalized to support Irritec – among the world leaders in the precision irrigation sector – in its growth and development strategies.

Through these financing sources, Irritec will pursue key ESG objectives in the environmental, social and governance sectors.

These are the words of Carmelo Giuffrè, President and CEO of Irritec:

“We would like to thank UniCredit for accompanying Irritec in this important development, which has allowed our company to strengthen its growth strategy by acquiring sources of long-term funding through the issuance of bonds. This operation will support investment projects and innovation, which are important strategic drivers for the consolidation of a sustainable and replicable business model, from the promotion of a culture of water saving, to the development of a responsible supply chain and the enhancement of environmental and human resources. This is an action consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda promoted by the United Nations Global Compact, to which we have chosen to adhere”.


Irrigation Association : Deborah Hamlin announces retirement

The Irrigation Association is announcing that its CEO, Deborah Hamlin, CAE, FASAE, has retired from the association at the end of the year 2021.

Hamlin has served as the CEO for 15 years and led the association through numerous milestones, including establishing a new brand and mission, consolidating industry training, and developing a profitable online learning center. During her tenure, she also bolstered the certification program to third-party accreditation, created a standards and codes arm, and expanded into the publishing arena with two industry magazines. Mostly recently she led the association through its toughest year, pivoting to an all-virtual Education Week and a series of online conferences, while leading a capital campaign in the wake of a canceled Irrigation Show in 2020.

“My years at the IA have been incredibly fulfilling,” said Hamlin. “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of the amazing individuals in our industry as well as the professional staff. The strong staff-volunteer partnership is what has allowed us to achieve such success. Working and interacting with those teams is what I will miss the most.”


Netafim France teams up with Aqua4D to save water and improve profitability

Netafim France, the world leader in micro-irrigation, is pursuing its partnerships-forming  strategy by signing a collaboration agreement with the company Aqua4D, in order to optimise the use of water.

After having signed strategic agreements with Sencrop relating to frost protection techniques, the world leader in micro-irrigation, Netafim, entered into a strategic collaboration agreement in France with the Swiss company Aqua4D, which specialises in sustainable water management. As a result of the better penetration of water in the micropores of the soil, there will be a greater absorption of nutrients and a more efficient management of the salinity while using less water. Aqua4D’s water treatment technology will enrich the range of services offered by Netafim France by complementing its existing irrigation products (drip lines, sprinklers, filters, valves, meters…). For the farmers, the added value is twofold: saving water and agronomic gain. Fertilisation, crop protection and now water treatment: Netafim is improving the daily use of agricultural irrigation water within the complex of a changing climate.

According to Éric Valette, President and Managing Director of Aqua4D: “As the old saying goes: ‘If you want to move fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, move together’. In these challenging times, strategic partnerships can help companies stay one step ahead and pool their strengths for increased growth in the medium and long term We are excited about this new strategic partnership with NETAFIM France, which will help create more shared value, strengthen the deployment of our resource-efficient technologies and further enhance our contributions to sustainable development and climate change adaptation.”

According to Moshi Berenstein, President and Managing Director of Netafim France: “Our mission is to achieve the highest possible level of accuracy by combining our high-end solutions with the advanced complementary water treatment technologies offered by Aqua4D. With this partnership, Netafim’s latest irrigation projects will have the benefit of two of our latest technologies to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible results. The combination of our two offers is an important step in optimising the results obtained in each sector, taking into account the changing conditions and thus being better prepared for the years to come.”

Bruno Molle appointed Executive Advisor of the EIA in December 2021

EIA is happy to announce on the creation of a new role of Special advisor to the Board occupied by Bruno Molle. While stepping down from his duties today as a Board member, in this new role Bruno will be responsible for the professional support on the execution of the EIA rolling agenda developing the association voice through an active involvement in strategic discussions and partnerships.

Bruno is a member of EIA since 2003 and of the board since 2007.  Engaged in irrigation research activity since 1990 with Cemagref (that became Irstea in 2013 and INRAE in 2018), he focused on irrigation technology performance and management.  He was first working on center pivot machine then extending his scope on drip irrigation always concentrating on systems performance.  Until 2020, he managed the laboratory of INRAE that concentrates its research on irrigation technology and practices to better the water use efficiency, whatever the climate (sprinkler drift and evaporation) and water quality (drip behavior with suspended solids or biofilms, nutrients distribution in fertigation and chemigation) conditions.  He graduated from Bordeaux SupAgro and has a PhD in Agronomy from the University of Montpellier.

Rain Bird Appoints Michael L. Donoghue Chief Executive Officer

Rain Bird Corporation has appointed Michael L. Donoghue as its president and CEO, effective February 1, 2022. Donoghue succeeds CEO and Chairman Art Ludwick, who took on the interim CEO role upon the passing of Rain Bird’s former president and CEO, Tony LaFetra, in January 2021. Ludwick will remain the Chairman of the Board, and Donoghue will become the newest member of Rain Bird’s Board of Directors.

Since joining Rain Bird in 1990, Donoghue has held roles as quality manager, plant manager, engineering manager and business unit director of the company’s Golf Division before becoming a vice president at Rain Bird in 2000. In February 2021, Donoghue was promoted to executive vice president and chief operating officer. At different points throughout his 31-year career with Rain Bird, Donoghue has been responsible for each of the company’s six business units. He has also overseen the company’s manufacturing and distribution operations since 2006.

Donoghue holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. He also earned an MBA at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California.

“Rain Bird’s Board of Directors is very pleased with today’s announcement,” said Ludwick. “Mike is an intelligent and thoughtful leader who has succeeded in every role he has held at Rain Bird. The Board has no question that Mike is the right person to lead Rain Bird into its bright future.”

“Rain Bird’s long-standing commitment to provide efficient irrigation solutions that support sustainable agriculture and healthy, enjoyable green spaces is more important than ever as we look to secure our future,” said Donoghue. “I am honored, humbled and excited to be entrusted with continuing the incredible legacy built by the company’s founders.”

Nelson NIC : Welcome Wihann van Der Merwe

We are pleased to announce that Willie-Johann van der Merwe (“Van”) has joined the sales and marketing team at Nelson Irrigation. Van will be Nelson’s Sales and Marketing Representative focused on Southern, Central and Western Africa. A native South African, he and his wife Jeanet moved to the United States in 2002 where he worked on a large irrigated farm in Kansas managing both center pivot and sub-surface drip irrigation. He then managed the SDI department at a large irrigation dealership in Nebraska doing design, sales, installation, and service. Most recently, he worked as a District Sales Manager for a North American pivot manufacturer covering the northern plains of the US. Van is excited to return home to South Africa, where he will be based.

Rivulis : Defending your irrigation system

Rivulis Defend, a world first innovation for drip irrigation, has been recognized at EIMA 2021 where it received a technical innovation award. In fact, Rivulis Defend was the only irrigation product to receive a technical innovation award in 2021.

The judges reviewed the test results of a 73ha (303,645 m of drip line) trial in Italy which showed an almost complete elimination of insect damage to the drip line / tape with Rivulis Defend.

Insect damage has long been known as an issue for thin wall drip lines and tapes where insect damage causes continual challenges for growers globally.

The patent pending solution developed by Rivulis was to embed an active insecticide substance directly into the drip tape / line. It is designed so that after an insect tastes the Rivulis Defend, insects won’t bite again, and the damage will be prevented before the insect punctures the tube.

This is a departure from the traditional first line of defense against insects, which has been to increase wall thickness, which also increases cost and the amount of product left over at the end of the season. Results of independent research by the Centro di Saggio in Italy show that using Defend is a better option.

The independent research compared standard 8 and 12 mil drip line with 8 mil Rivulis Defend drip line. Typical damage in standard 8 mil drip line was 66 holes per 1000 m of tube and in 12 mil tube, it was 13 holes per 1000 m. No holes were found in Rivulis Defend tube.

In the field, growers using Defend are noted to save time and money because they do not have to search for and fix insect damage which is a considerable cost saving.


Irrigation Association announces 2021 Pitch Competition winners

The Irrigation Association is excited to announce the winners of the 2021 Pitch Competition. The competition was conducted on Dec. 8 during the 2021 Irrigation Show and Education Week in San Diego, with the winners announced on Dec. 9.

The Pitch Competition featured startup irrigation technology companies in both agriculture and landscape presenting their products in the Innovation Hub on the Irrigation Show floor. Nine irrigation startups gave presentations and were judged by a panel of expert judges evaluating the quality of their presentation, the product, market need and economic feasibility.

The winner of the agriculture category is Soiltech Wireless. Soiltech offers a complete farm management solution — a wireless soil moisture, temperature, humidity, GPS location and crop damage sensor that helps to optimize irrigation, reduce inputs and organize manpower.

The winner of the landscape category is Simple Flow. The Aqua Line Series by Simple Flow includes a programmable actuator that simply mounts to any existing standard ¼-turn ball valve and is securely controlled by a company-specific remote, which allows irrigation contractors control of main water shutoff without ever having to enter a home or business again.

Visit for more details about the contest and to see a list of the startup companies that exhibited at the show and participated in the Pitch Competition.


Perrot : Perrottet & Piller AG business handover

After 31 years, Mr. Manfred Piller hands over his business to Riedo Clima AG Düdingen.

One of the longest and most successful partnerships exists between Perrottet & Piller AG and PERROT Regnerbau Calw. This partnership has had a significant impact on the irrigation industry in Switzerland and beyond.

We thank Mr. Piller for such a cooperative partnership and wish him all the best for his new phase of life.

The business will be continued by Mr. Marco Nobel with immediate effect. He has familiarized himself with the company in the last two years, so that a smooth continuation of the business and projects is guaranteed.

Mr. Piller and Mr. Nobel visited us in Althengstett for a factory tour and to discuss about our product lines, planned innovations as well as our further cooperation.

We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with the new management and to contributing to many new projects.


Mazzei Names Justin Bennett VP of Engineering and Operations

Mazzei Injector Company is pleased to announce that Justin Bennett has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering and Operations. Justin began his journey with Mazzei in January 2005 and has performed in several key roles during his tenure. Since 2013 he has served as Director of Engineering and Development overseeing Mazzei’s production and design efforts. In addition, he coordinated with the sales and research and development teams on new product development and on optimization of existing Mazzei products.

In this new role, Justin will be developing and implementing long range programs to improve quality, timeliness of completion and cost efficiency of production and fabrication. Employee development, cross training and general risk management activities will be part of his focus also. “Over the 16 years that Justin has been with Mazzei, the company has matured and grown, and Justin has helped immensely in that progression,” stated Geoff Whynot, President of Mazzei.

Prior to joining Mazzei, Justin worked in the general construction contracting business and for multiple water related companies. He received his Bachelor of Science in Geology with a concentration in Environmental Policy from Princeton University and is currently working on a Master of Business Administration degree from California State University, Bakersfield.

Responsive Drip Irrigation appoints Rita Pinto de Abreu as Vice President of International Client Relations

Responsive Drip Irrigation (RDI) is pleased to announce the promotion of Rita Pinto de Abreu to Vice President of International Client Relations from her previous role as Sales Manager & Director of New Business Development in Europe. Rita brings to her new role 17 years of experience in sales management and marketing strategy development in the irrigation industry.

She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. A native of Portugal, Rita studied Forestry Engineering at the Castelo Branco Agricultural University, Portugal. Her previous experience includes working as a Sales Manager for Rain Bird® for its Spanish and Portuguese markets and K-Rain® Manufacturing for its European and Middle Eastern markets. 

In her new role as Vice President of International Client Relations, Rita will be responsible for the management and oversight of the Sales and Marketing staff that are based throughout the world, including in the US, UAE, Europe, and Africa.

RDI would like to congratulate Rita on the achievement of her new role and is excited to see all that she will accomplish.

Irritec among the Gold Winners of Deloitte Italian “Best Managed Companies”

Irritec has been awarded by Deloitte as a company that has distinguished itself for “strategy, skills and innovation, commitment and corporate culture, governance and performance, internationalization and sustainability among those companies that have been awarded as part of the Deloitte initiative supported by ALTIS Università Cattolica, ELITE – the London Stock Exchange Group project that supports the development and growth of high-potential companies – and Confindustria”.

The group, founded in Sicily in 1974, has been able to respond to the health pandemic by “treasuring its founding values and adapting strategies and operating models to the new context, without ever losing sight of the goal of long-term growth.”

“I would like to thank Deloitte for having selected us among the ‘Best Managed Companies’. This recognition” – says Carmelo Giuffrè, president and CEO of Irritec – “is an incentive to continue to generate shared value for all stakeholders. Our commitment has allowed us to be ever closer to farmers around the world and to develop products and services to meet the new needs of international customers. We will continue to invest in research and development of innovative solutions, but also to support our partners through training projects, to promote more and more proper management and optimization of the use of water and energy, contributing to the welfare of the ecosystem and the creation of a better future to be handed over to new generations”.


Orbit Irrigation Has Been Acquired by Husqvarna Group

William Blair acted as financial advisor to Orbit Irrigation (Orbit), a portfolio company of Platinum Equity (Platinum), in connection with its sale to Husqvarna Group (Husqvarna) (OM: HUSQ B) for approximately $480 million.

About the Companies :

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Orbit's mission is to bring smart technology to homeowners, landscape professionals, and farmers across the globe. The company serves markets spanning six continents and 40 countries, and for decades has been a worldwide leader in designing and building innovative water optimization products.

Platinum Equity is a global investment firm with more than $25 billion of assets under management and a portfolio of approximately 50 operating companies that serve customers around the world. Platinum Equity specializes in mergers, acquisitions, and operations, acquiring and operating companies in a broad range of business markets, including consumer products, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and logistics, equipment rental, metals services, media and entertainment, technology, telecommunications, and other industries. Over the past 25 years Platinum Equity has completed more than 250 acquisitions.

Husqvarna Group is a global leading producer of outdoor power products and innovative solutions for forest, park, and garden care. Products include chainsaws, trimmers, robotic lawn mowers, and ride-on lawn mowers. Husqvarna is the European leader in garden watering products and a global leader in cutting equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. Its products and solutions are sold under brands including Husqvarna, Gardena, McCulloch, Flymo, Zenoah, and Diamant Boart via dealers and retailers to consumers and professionals in more than 100 countries.

Rivulis acquires WCADI as part of designing a sustainable future

Every irrigation professional knows the value of an irrigation system designed to deliver the required amount of water and fertilizers to plants equally and efficiently at a specified time and location.The ability to accurately calculate hydraulic parameters to ensure efficiency underpins all good design.

The irrigation industry today uses software packages that make the task of designing efficient systems much easier and more rigorous. One of the best-known packages is WCADI, which was acquired by Rivulis earlier in 2021.

“A 40 year design software veteran, WCADI is based on robust hydraulic design algorithms and has a complete feature set. During the past four decades, WCADI has been used by dealers and growers throughout the world and has been used by the Rivulis’ design department since 1981,”saidRichard Klapholz, CEO.

The intention of Rivulis is to make the popular software product even better through a significant investment that will transform WCADI into a global design software leader representing best practice.

The company has established an internal team dedicated tofurther developing the manyfeaturesof WCADI, in particular its robustness and usability. It will also offer the software, training and service to its dealers and to design firms.

“This acquisition is an important step in our digital transformation and in our mission of making micro–irrigation accessibleto our customers through field trusted innovation. It is also a first strategic move backed and supported by our new ownership to build Rivulis into a global irrigation leader andsustainability brand,” said Klapholz.

Important features of WCADI include:

  • precise hydraulic design
  • capacity to handle large scale, complexprojects as well as smaller ones
  • fast solutions to complex designs
  • cost optimisation of energy, hydraulics and piping
  • quick comparison of alternatives
  • provision of operational irrigation data
  • automatic preparation of a bill of materials


Palaplast Invests in a New Production Plant in Thebes

For 41 years now, Palaplast is considered one of the most dynamic industries in the  production of plastic pipes and fittings, predominant in the areas of irrigation, water  supply, heating, as well as in the production of fiber optic pipes.

Continuous technological development, search for new production methods, quality assurance, innovation and extroversion, are the key-elements that distinguish and consolidate Palaplast in the International market. Maintaining an upward course and anticipating changing trends, Palaplast realizes another substantial advancement and enters dynamically into the production of PVC pipes.

With the acquisition of facilities and mechanical equipment of a large company in the  same sector, a strategically important investment aiming to expand the product range and increase production capacity by up to 50%. Constituting as high priority, product reliability and customer trust, Palaplast continues in  investing and evolving.

Poliext celebrates its 30th anniversary

What started as a business located on a premises of 1.300 m² with three extruder machines and eight employees, has now become a manufacturing company that is well-established on the market, on a site of more than 32.000 m² with 10 extruder machines, 14 injection machines and 180 employees.

Poliext now provides innovative, customized and efficient solutions to more than 1.000 satisfied clients in the water supply, irrigation and telecommunications sectors.

It has been quite a journey to get where we are today. Over these 30 years, we have faced countless challenges and obstacles and made numerous mistakes. When we could not find a solution, we created it ourselves. We did not bury our heads in the sand. By embracing all of these challenges, our business developed and improved. We have succeeded in building a solid company and strong team that adheres to the most stringent standards, providing services of the highest quality at all times. We have acquired the necessary expertise and in-depth know-how required to be able to provide our customers with reliable and efficient solutions. The company has succeeded through its sheer determination, a flexible approach to new opportunities and lots of hard work.

The most important component of our success is our personnel. Every individual is unique – with different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. Valuing the workforce is a habit that is deep-rooted at Poliext.

So, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees, business partners and friends for their valuable support and cooperation over the last 30 years.

We will not sit on our laurels, rather we will continue to strive to improve our abilities, products, and services and we are sincerely looking forward to the years ahead.

Senninger® Welcomes its New Director of Domestic Sales

Senninger Irrigation is pleased to announce the appointment of Owen Kruger to the position of Director of Domestic Sales.

Owen comes to Senninger from his most recent role as a Regional Sales Manager for McCrometer, covering Canada and the Midwest. He is a native of Hastings, Nebraska, a graduate of the University of Nebraska Kearney, majoring in Industrial Distribution and Manufacturing, and has over a decade of experience in the mechanized irrigation industry. Prior to his career in irrigation, Owen proudly served our country in the US Army, in combat roles as a weapons specialist plus security roles in multiple overseas relief missions. Owen and his wife, Jamie, reside near Kearney, Nebraska, and have three young children. He enjoys the outdoors – hunting, fishing, and spending quality family time at the lake.

In his Director role with Senninger, Owen’s responsibilities will focus primarily on enhancing our levels of service and support for the OEM’s and dealers in the agricultural irrigation markets we serve in the US and Canada. He is looking forward to working with our team of domestic field sales and service personnel. Owen will maintain his Nebraska residence in Kearney and will have an office based out of our Grand Island location.

We welcome Owen to the Senninger team!

Jain Irrigation : Israel Consulate, India. Launches Smart IoT Irrigation Project in Ooty’s Tea Plantation - 23rd August’ 2021

The Consulate General of Israel to South India, in collaboration with United Planters’Association of Southern India (UPASI), Jain Irrigation Systems, and NaanDanJain Irrigation, launches Smart IoT Irrigation Project in Tea Plantation in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

Smart IoT Irrigation is an innovative Israeli technique that uses water judiciously and helps farmers achieve higher levels of crop yield with a minimal amount of water. The irrigation system has been installed on a 5” acre plot in United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Pvt. Ltd. in Allada Valley of Ooty. This installation, which is a first of its kind to be used in tea plantations in India, is an attempt to introduce a robust, tailor"made irrigation solution. The system involves a combination of drip technology, automation, and fertigation, and aims to empower growers to produce higher yields of better-quality crops with fewer resources and was designed and implemented by Jain irrigation.

India, which is the second largest tea producer in the world, has been facing several challenges to sustain tea production over the years. Tea plantations continuously remain under threat owing to climate change and seasonal effects. Moreover, tea being extremely sensitive to climate change has its specific temperature and precipitation requirement. Untimely rainfall, low or no rainfall in crop season, prolonged dry spells, sometimes flood like situations, and increasing temperature are major challenges in almost all tea estates. Another important factor limiting tea growth is the injudicious management of nutrients. The soil in hilly areas where tea is grown is generally low in fertility; hence fertilizer application becomes one of the key management practices.


The Irritec Group announces its latest site opening in Peru

The Irritec group is pleased to announce the creation of a new branch in Peru, to develop and consolidate its presence in such a strategic market as South America, where Irritec already has a presence with branches in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and now Peru.

Irritec Peru has been created with the aim of offering clients an even more complete and efficient service, guaranteeing support during the installation and post-sales phases thanks to a more widespread distribution capacity.

Furthermore, through the Irritec Academy training centre, Irritec offers small farmers the opportunity to participate in on-site courses and training to gain further knowledge in the field of precision irrigation.

Irritec Peru will help support local agriculture by offering an even more integrated service and promoting the use of drip irrigation and fertigation systems in one of the world’s main agricultural regions.

Indeed, Latin America and the Caribbean accounts for 14% of global food production and 45% of net international agri-food trade, with almost 50% of the employment (FAO, April 2021).

Therefore, high agricultural productivity requires the adoption of sustainable agri-food systems that can guarantee the preservation of the biodiversity, a more efficient use of water and greater equality and social equity for the small farmers and indigenous peoples.

Innov-Agri 2021 : Successful Reunions! Contacts, a Freiendly Welcome and Business, a Winning Formula

To say that the 2021 Innov-Agri show was anticipated with enthusiasm by the whole of the agricultural sector is nothing short of a euphemism!  After 18 months without having a major live event to look forward to  in the sector, the first show to be held since returning to normal has lived up to expectations and brought a smile to the faces of almost 60,000 visitors over the three days and to the representatives of the  300 exhibiting brands.  So full marks to Innov-Agri 2021!  Large numbers of visitors were able to wander around the show to discover the new products presented as a world first at Outarville and assess the performance of the equipment under real conditions of use. The farmers present were able to talk with the panel of experts organising the Technical Villages. Another source of satisfaction: The quality of the visitors was highlighted by the presence of highly specialised farmers and investors.

However, apart from the statistics, it is the fact that we were at last able to get together in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere , unanimously appreciated in the aisles and avenues, by both the farmers and the exhibitors. It should be emphasized that, in view of the heightened security situation, everything possible was implemented to guarantee the safety of this first open-air event devoted to the agricultural sector to be held under the health measures introduced to control COVID-19.

We strolled around the Irrigation Village, which had stands for the main manufacturers of central pivots and hose reel machines, the manufacturers of probes/sensors and weather stations and pump manufacturers.  Unfortunately some of the others were absent, however, and the Covid-19 pandemic could be the reason for this.

The organisers were delighted with: “The general satisfaction expressed by the exhibitors.  With regard to the experts from the sector who organised the seven Technical Villages, they also received many visitors, with a special mention for the Agro-ecology village and the new Robotics Village, where the attendances were outstanding.  The bounce-back that we were all hoping for at Innov-Agri, therefore, was embodied in our aisles and avenues on 7th, 8th and 9th September, in a friendly and convivial atmosphere. And to this should be added the highlight of the closing day of the show, the visit of our Minister, Julien Denormandie”. It will be the turn of Innov-Agri Sud-Ouest on 7th and 8th September 2022, to be held at Ondes, near Toulouse. The next Innov-Agri event will take place at Outarville in September 2023.

IRRIOT is recruiting country managers all over Europe

IRRIOT is the European pioneer in wireless irrigation automation. With sales growing 500% annually they are in need of recruiting more staff across Europe. IRRIOT is currently looking for country managers based in all EU countries.

With customers in 12 countries we are growing organically and fast, we are currently looking for several country managers across Europe to develop our sales locally, says Johan Wendt CMO IRRIOT.

IRRIOT, founded in 2018, have utilized the latest wireless technology to speed up the transition from wirebased automation to fully wireless automation.

Our customers are tired of cable breakage, it is hard to keep up with the demand for our services and this is why we need to grow in staff, says Johan Wendt CMO IRRIOT.

Are you interested in the current positions? Read more here!

All questions are answered by:

Johan Wendt, CMO IRRIOT +46 70 232 02 64

Read more about IRRIOT here :

Alastair Higgs appointed as Europe Service Manager by Rain Bird

Alastair Higgs has been promoted to the role of Europe Service Manager. In this new position, working from Rain Bird Europe’s office in France, Alastair’s responsibilities will include developing and driving forward service activities for Rain Bird across Europe.

Beginning his career as a greenkeeper at Calcot Park in 2000, Alastair joined American Golf UK in 2004, before becoming Head Greenkeeper at Donnington Valley Golf Club, and then Course Manager at Windlesham Golf Club.

Joining Rain Bird in 2016 as a Golf Sales Specialist, he became Golf District Manager for the UK, Ireland and Iceland in 2018, managing and promoting the distribution of Rain Bird Golf products and services through trusted partners, providing support and guidance about best practice to end users. “My new role widens my remit significantly and covers the full spectrum of Rain Bird products over a much larger geographical territory.

Having been involved with golf throughout my career to date, it’s a welcome change to be dealing with a range of new sectors from agriculture to residential. It also allows me to manage and guide our team of talented service engineers and support the network of approved service providers to deliver after sale Global Service Plans, installation start-up, training, software and on-site services. 

Continued growth momentum for Hydralians

The Hydralians brand, a partnership of professionals in the water and landscape sectors, is currently pursuing its development strategy. This is achieved, on the one hand, by strengthening its closely meshed regional network and, on the other, by expanding its range of services. A consolidated presence in the water and landscape market The brand, which opened 4 professional sales outlets in 2020, in Auxerre (89), La Crau (83), Mulhouse (68) and Rochefort (17), continues to strength its presence throughout mainland France. 

Hydralians Somair Gervat, a subsidiary specialising in Swimming Pools and Irrigation, is once again expanding the scope of its network, with four new points of sale opn this year. A new agency has just been set up at the beginning of March in Nîmes (30), l, and three others are planned to be opened at the end of the first half of this year, in the Paris rgion and the Loire.  These professional outlets bring together local services linked to the storage and distribution of the brands of the company and the major manufacturers.

Angelo Mazzei named IA 2021 Industry Achievement Award recipient

The Irrigation Association is excited to announce that Angelo Mazzei, of Bakersfield, California, has been named a recipient of the 2021 Industry Achievement Award. This award, sponsored by Hunter | Senninger, is the IA’s highest honor and recognizes an individual whose career demonstrates outstanding contributions to the advancement of the irrigation industry, as well as its products and programs. Mazzei is the chairman/CEO of Mazzei Injector Company LLC. During his over 40-year career, he has not only built a successful company but also worked to create multiple innovative solutions to solve irrigation issues. Mazzei has received 20 patents, including the Mazzei Injector in 1978, an innovation he crafted in his garage workshop. This injector revolutionized the irrigation industry and is at the heart of a wide range of high-impact innovations in agriculture, human health and the environment. It also led to the start of the Mazzei Injector Company. “I am honored and appreciative to be selected as the recipient of the Irrigation Association’s 2021 Industry Achievement Award,” Mazzei said. “I owe this honor to my wife, family and the many dedicated employees that have made Mazzei Injector Co. a success over the 43 years of business. Our company looks forward to the continued development of innovative technologies in our effort to make more efficient use of the world’s water resources.”

Underhill International Corporation Mourns Passing of Gary Underhill

Underhill International Corporation Mourns Passing of Gary Underhill

‹ Gary Underhill, founder of Underhill International Corporation, Irvine, California, passed away at the age of 84 June 22, 2021, according to company President Ed Underhill, Gary’s son. Ed provided Gary’s obituary, which follows: It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Hurshel Garrison “Gary” Underhill. Born in Wichita, Kansas, Gary passed away peacefully at the age of 84 on June 22, 2021, in San Juan Capistrano with his loving wife at his side. Fittingly, on that day, every member of Gary and Dee’s family was together on a joyful vacation – the kind of gathering Gary most loved to plan with and for his family. Gary studied geology at the University of Kansas where he met Dee Arn. Following their marriage, Gary was commissioned into the United States Navy in 1959, serving our country while stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. Gary loved his Navy years. Upon completion of his service, Gary began business school at Stanford University, which led to a career at Rain Bird Corporation in Glendora, California.

With irrigation and water conservation as two great passions, Gary left Rain Bird to establish his own irrigation company, Underhill International Corporation. Gary was a lover of nature and ahead of his time as a water conservationist. He was an avid reader and learner throughout his life. Most of all, Gary loved his friends and family. There was always an extra seat at the table. His home was your home and when you left, you would be well fed over a meal that included a deep and meaningful conversation. Gary loved all games – especially backgammon – and particularly enjoyed playing with the younger generations in our family. He traveled throughout the world, visiting all seven continents. But most of all, Gary loved the deck of his Laguna Beach home, overlooking the ocean with a majestic sunset, a gentle breeze and a wonderful meal with his wife and a dog by his side.

Gary leaves his wife, Dolores “Dee” Underhill; three children and six grandchildren. We all seek in our own lives to carry on his legacy and values. 

Europump Welcomes New President

On Wednesday 26th May, Vanni Vignoli was elected as the 30th President of Europump, the European pump industry association.  In an historic first, and in keeping with other such COVID induced adaptations, the election was undertaken digitally as part of the association’s Virtual General Assembly.

An Engineer in the pump sector for over 20 years, Vignoli has held various positions with Italian pump manufacturer, Caprari, best known for its centrifugal pumps, submersible motors, and integrated solutions for water systems. Most recently as its Head of Corporate Marketing, he has been responsible for both strategic and product marketing activities, whilst coordinating several businesses within the Caprari suite of companies.  However, as of 1st June 2021 he will hold the position of Research and Development Director.

Currently Chairman of the Marketing Commission and Second Vice-President of Assopompe, Europump’s Italian association member, he has served Europump for many years.  Initially as a Guest to various meetings and then as a Delegate, he became Chairman of the SME Commission, and a Member of the Executive Council before his election as First Vice-President in 2019, at the General Assembly held in Naples.

Vanni Vignoli succeeds Dr Sönke Brodersen, Global Executive Officer Committees and Associations at KSB SE & Co. KGaA and Chairman of VDMA Pumps+Systems, the German pump manufacturer association.  Sönke has been a member of Europump’s Executive Council since 2005 and served as the association’s President between 2011 and 2013, being re-elected in 2019.

The election of a new President comes at a time of profound change both for the European pump industry, as it moves full speed towards the digital and green twin revolution, and for the role of European associations whose “raison d’être” of building bridges between companies, countries and people has been strongly challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic.   Vanni Vignoli said of his election: “I very much look forward to continuing the work started by Sönke, notably with the setting-up of our new “digital working group” to address data, artificial intelligence and cyber security issues as they affect our industry, and the continuous promotion of our “Extended Product Approach”, which places us at the forefront of the EU’s sustainability policy”.

On behalf of all those involved in the European pump sector, the Executive Committee would like to offer its sincere thanks to Dr Sönke Brodersen for his fine and diligent work throughout his tenure as Europump President and wish Vanni Vignoli its unwavering support and best wishes as he takes over the role.


About Europump

Europump is the European Association of Pump Manufacturers and was established in 1960.  It represents 16 National Associations in 12 EU Member States, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, and the UK. Europump members represent more than 450 companies with a collective production value of more than €10 Billion and an employee base of some 100,000 people across Europe.

Web :                   

Thierry Haller new General Manager Rivulis Europe and Africa

The new General Manager of Rivulis Europe and Africa join Rivulis on Thursday April 01st 2021 and he will lead the Rivulis business in this region, which includes Western, Northern, Southern Europe and Africa. Thierry Haller has a strong experience as General Manager in B to B markets in France and in Europe, for aleading manufacturer of landscape automatic irrigation and water saving solutions, as entrepreneur investor in start-ups and as business developer.

In his new role, he will be responsible for establishing the long-term strategic growth plans, identifying and executing new business development opportunities, building long-term win-win relationships with partners and ensuring an efficient operational structure to support the business, including sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply management, finance and HR.

His experience in multinational companies, his attention to the customer well fits to Rivulis and its values of ACCESSIBILITY, PARTNERSHIP and INNOVATION.

I am excited to join the team in a very interesting moment, in terms of marketevolution and with the new ambition of the Rivulis group and its shareholders”.

"The importance of farmers, who guarantee quality products every day, the respect forenvironmental resources and the partnership with customers aimed at providing the farmer with the best products and service are very important to me - enthuses Thierry – I am happy to find them in Rivulis too".

"Based on these values, we will be able to help strengthen Rivulis' presence in the irrigation market and strive every day to improve the farm profitability."

“I join the team at this crucial moment, coming out of the biggest economic crisis in decades, with unprecedented challenges for the world to create more sustainable living and agriculture and protect our increasingly scarce natural resources, especially water. Farmers can count on Rivulis to provide them water saving solutions with reliable drip irrigation systems and innovative irrigation intelligence. Together we will do great things for our planet and for future generations!”

To him our best wishes for success for the challenges he will face in his new role and for the achievement of the ambitious corporate objectives of the coming years.

The Irritec Group Announces its Newest Site Opening In Senegal, in Partnership with Scova Impianti

Irritec Senegal is the result of a winning collaboration with SCOVA Impianti a Modena-based (Italy) company active in Senegal since 2016.

For 50 years, SCOVA Impianti has specialized in the design, supply and installation of all types of pumping stations taking water from artesian wells, rivers or basins. Innovation and sustainability have always been core values for the two companies that now come together in a strategic partnership to promote high quality products and to provide Italian know-how and experience at the service of Senegalese farmers. Specialized in the production of drip Irrigation systems with 14 international branches, supporting a global network of over 15,000 experts, the Irritec Group identifies advanced technological solutions as a core value, engineering these solutions to optimize environmental resources and production processes, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

The Irritec Senegal headquarters, with its own warehouse, is strategic for the entire territory of Western Africa, from the design and implementation of precision irrigation projects to after-sales assistance. Through the new branch in Senegal, Irritec will supply complete precision irrigation systems in the territory, guaranteeing assistance during installation and after sales. Africa is a global leader in terms of potential for agricultural growth as an engine for the local economy, as confirmed by the Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP) set by the Government of Senegal to support the country’s economic and social development.

The Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP) aims to increase the growth rate to 7% for ten years (2014-2023). The ESP targets strategic priorities include agriculture and agribusiness, housing, mining and tourism. The Irritec Group and SCOVA Impianti can make the difference together. Through Irritec Academy local agronomists can gain further insights into the field of precision irrigation by taking part in courses and on-site training. Irritec Academy includes AgriLab, Irritec pilot project programme dedicated to the promotion of efficient irrigation which contributes to the development of sustainable agriculture in emerging countries.

Valley® Irrigation and Kusto Group® Form Joint Venture to Establish Sustainable Agriculture in Central Asia through Agreement with Government of Kazakhstan

Valley® Irrigation, a Valmont® company, is advancing its collaboration with theRepublic of Kazakhstan and announcing its joint venture with private holding company Kusto Group®. The strategic, multi-year project will improve sustainability and resource conservation, introduce advanced farm technology to local farmers in the region, and serve as the foundation for making the country an agricultural hub in Central Asia.

Josh Dixon, Vice President & General Manager, International Irrigation for Valley, says:

“Kazakhstan has tremendous potential to be an agricultural leader in Central Asia. The government of Kazakhstan is looking to Valley to support implementation of precision agriculture best practices and cutting-edge farming technologies that are sustainable and that produce better yields while using fewer resources.”

"In 2018, 67% of the nation’s total water consumption was for irrigation,” Dixon continues. “Center pivots from Valley are up to 60% more efficient than other irrigation methods predominantly used in the region. When center pivots are combined with precision irrigation technology, input costs are reduced and crop yields are increased.”

Poised to Increase Productivity with Efficient Irrigation Technology

Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country in the world by land mass – the world’s largest landlocked country – with a population of 18 million. Kazakhstan possesses many natural resources and seeks to tap into its huge agricultural potential.

Agriculture is already an important economic sector in Kazakhstan, but there is room for further growth through improved efficiency. 81% of Kazakhstan is potentially cultivatable agricultural land, while 80% of Kazakhstan is predominantly arid steppe or desert. The convergence of those statistics, along with the country’s underutilized water channels and hydroelectric system, highlights the importance of precision irrigation in the region.

Kusto Group Chairman Yerkin Tatishev says:

“This partnership will enable Kazakhstan to unlock its enormous agricultural potential. Valley brings 75 years of experience that will help our growers create sustainable incomes, create new jobs, and fulfill the goal of helping Kazakhstan become a food provider to the world.”

The newly created JV, which is registered within the Astana International Financial Centre, signed firm contracts committing to the construction of a plant in Kazakhstan for the manufacture of Valley pivots and a volume guarantee from the government of 4,000 machines. The plant’s annual production capacity will be at least 1,000 pivot irrigation machines.

Transforming the Region through Sustainable Agriculture

The agreement will create a network of farms designed to demonstrate advanced irrigation technologies and train local farmers in responsible water management. Valley solutions manufactured in Kazakhstan will serve the domestic market and act as a hub for exports to the region.

“At Valmont, we are committed to conserving resources and improving life. It is our purpose as a company, and determines how we go about the business of feeding and clothing the world,” added Dixon. “This collaboration is an honor to participate in, as it is economically beneficial for all parties involved and will bring food security and economic diversification to Central Asia’s agricultural sector.”

Askar Mamin, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, says:

“The US capital and technology are strongly represented in Kazakhstan, and today I am pleased to announce that Valmont joins the long list of top US companies successfully operating in Kazakhstan. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization recognized Kazakhstan as one of the 5 most perspective agriculture producers globally, and potentially a top player in ensuring regional and international food security in the coming years. Given the major increases in the importance of the issue of food security in the context of the ongoing and potential future pandemics, it is instrumental that we speed up our efforts in realizing this potential. This is why we so deeply value the role Valmont Industries is willing to play in this process by bringing their production capacity, human capital, and best practices here.”

Changes to the Board of Directors of Grundfos Holding

The Board of Directors of Grundfos Holding will extend to six members to further strengthen its combined competencies and expertise.

At an extraordinary general meeting on January 28, Henrik Wulff, Executive Vice President, Product Supply, Quality & IT of Novo Nordisk was elected to the Grundfos Holding Board of Directors.

“We are very happy to welcome Henrik Wulff as a member of our Board of Directors. Grundfos will surely benefit from the extensive experience and competencies he brings with him. I look forward to the collaboration,” says Group Chairman of Grundfos Holding, Jens Moberg.

In the extraordinary general meeting it was furthermore announced that Director Natalie Knight wishes to step down from her responsibilities as member of the Board of Directors to focus on her work as CFO with the retail group Ahold Delhaize. Natalie Knight is stepping out after two years of valued collaboration.

“We have highly appreciated our collaboration with Natalie Knight and the competencies she has added. We have now begun the process of finding a new profile who can contribute to the composition we are looking to have in the Board of Directors,” says Jens Moberg.


Netafim acquires Dutch greenhouse company Gakon

Netafim today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Dutch turnkey greenhouse projects provider Gakon. "Greenhouse projects were already a strategic priority for Netafim, with Covid-19 further validating the importance of food security and a local fresh supply," said Gabriel (Gaby) Miodownik, Netafim CEO. 

"Teaming up with Netafim unlocks a world of opportunities for us," said Pieter van Berchum, Director of Gakon. "We are excited to be able to apply our deep knowledge and skills of greenhouse horticulture to new markets and be part of a group that is set to drive forward sustainable and profitable crop production."

With 56 years of agricultural project experience and array of irrigation technologies utilized in 80% of the world's professional high-end greenhouses, Netafim is a leading player in global agriculture technology. The company has been active for several decades in the greenhouse market and is now expanding its offering in the production and supply of top-tier greenhouse projects to meet the increasing demand for the most advanced farming methods.

The acquisition is synergetic, combining Netafim's global presence and expertise in precision agriculture and Gakon's greenhouse technology. With 70 years of experience, Gakon has been managing projects from ideation to completion. In their headquarters with integrated production based in Westland, Netherlands, Gakon produces their own greenhouses. "Gakon brings expertise in all aspects of greenhouse project execution, glasshouse manufacturing capabilities, and a track record in key markets." 

"We are delighted to join forces with Gakon to enhance our in-house greenhouse related capabilities, including production, and provide local farmers and growers across the world with greenhouse solutions and services that will support both farmers and local food security," Gabriel continues.

"Driven by growing populations, the call for sustainable agriculture and increasing concern over food security there has been a surge of interest in locally grown fresh produce. Netafim will provide growers with a comprehensive offering of the best greenhouse technologies, structures, irrigation, fertigation, and crop growing expertise as well as other ag related services to enable farmers to maximize productivity and efficiency in all climate conditions." 

Netafim group
In 2017, Orbia acquired 80% of Netafim, while Kibbutz Hatzerim holds the remaining 20%. Netafim is part of the Orbia community of companies, working together to tackle some of the world's most complex challenges.

Irritec Group and Raphaël by Talis : a smart partnership for sustainable irrigation solutions

The Irritec Group, a leading company in the field of precision irrigation, is pleased to announce a commercial partnership with Raphael by Talis, an innovative international manufacturer of irrigation control valves based in Israel.

Thanks to this partnership, the Irritec Group will distribute Raphael by Talis products in agricultural precision irrigation and automation markets.

Specialized in the production of drip irrigation systems with 12 international branches, supporting a global network of over 15.000 experts, the Irritec Group identifies advanced technological solutions as a core value, engineering these solutions to optimize environmental resources and production processes, guaranteeing excellent quality standards. This new synergistic collaboration is founded upon the deep-rooted commitment of the two market leading brands to respond to the needs of the global market through the creation of sustainable solutions. “A step forward in the supply of a complete system from initial project to final installation - affirms Philippe Lejeune Chief Commercial Officer, Irritec Group - This partnership is an important tool to provide a point of reference in terms of quality and service for clients with regard to installation and training, enabling them to thrive in the field of agriculture”. “Precision irrigation and automation will help drive the next big step towards food security – says Guy Levin Commercial Managing Director, Raphael by Talis - Combining Irritec and Raphael’s skills and knowhow it will enable our partners to achieve desired results more effectively and efficiently”. Through this partnership, the Irritec Group will expand its offer increasing the number of top-quality and innovative products and strengthen its position as market leaders in drip irrigation, precision automation and control management.

Rain Bird CEO and University of La Verne Trustee Anthony LaFetra Passes Away at Age 80

Anthony LaFetra, president and chief executive officer of the Rain Bird Corporation, passed away on January 29 from an undiagnosed cancer at the age of 80, his family has announced.

LaFetra joined Rain Bird in 1964. He served as a plant manager, vice president of sales and marketing, and executive vice president until he replaced his mother, Rain Bird’s co-founder Mary E. LaFetra, as president & CEO in 1978.

During his 57-year tenure, Rain Bird grew from a small irrigation company in Glendora, California into an internationally based powerhouse committed to promoting water efficiency around the globe.

“Tony will be missed,” said his brother-in-law, Art Ludwick. “He was at Rain Bird for decades and he did his job with distinction. May he rest in peace.”

LaFetra was also a philanthropist who supported education. Since 2012, he served as a member of the Board of Trustees at the University of La Verne, where his mother had also been a long-time trustee and board chair.

The LaFetra College of Education at the university was named in his honor. His gift of $10 million in 2016 is the largest cash gift in the university’s 130-year history. He also endowed the La Fetra Family Endowed Chair for Excellence in Teaching and Service, and was supporting the university’s creation of a new college focused on health and community well-being.

LaFetra had deep gratitude for the role the University of La Verne played in his family’s life, including some of his elementary school teachers who had earned their degrees at the University of La Verne.

“Tony was an icon at the University of La Verne,” University President Devorah Lieberman said. “His intellect, time, and support helped to transform our university and improved the lives of generations of students. We will miss him terribly.”

LaFetra is survived by his two children, Suzanne LaFetra Collier and Michael LaFetra, and his sister Sarah Lynne Ludwick, as well as 4 grandchildren.

Dig : New Distribution Center is Open

Vista, CA, January 22, 2021


DIG Corporation, a manufacturer of micro irrigation products and alternative powered irrigation controllers, is excited to announce that our new 55,000 sq ft distribution center is now open. The new location at 2611 Commerce Way, Suite A, Vista, CA, will serve as our main distribution facility outside of our Activity Drive, Vista, CA headquarters, and will also incorporate light manufacturing. The facility has recently undergone a million-dollar renovation to add modern amenities and improved shipping capabilities, enhancing our supply chain efficiencies to serve the company’s growing customer base in the USA and abroad. Through the new location, the company will be able to strengthen its presence in the irrigation market with faster delivery in the busy period of the season and availability on a wide range of products.”


Orbia announces first corporate venture capital investment in Seetree

Investment is uniquely designed to maximize agricultural output and help farmers grow more with less

Orbia, a global leader in specialty products and innovative solutions for building and infrastructure, precision agriculture, healthcare delivery and data communications, today announced its first investment for Orbia Ventures. Through this fund, Orbia works in collaboration with startups who share its vision for introducing cutting edge innovation and smart technology solutions. Orbia Ventures has invested $3 million in SeeTree, a leading player in the agriculture tech space with a focus on tree farming, and a goal of providing farmers with individual, per-tree insights to optimize resource usage in terms of land, water, fertilizers and crop protection.

Orbia's precision agriculture business group, Netafim will incorporate SeeTree into its digital farming offering and support the development of SeeTree's solutions.

“We are thrilled to announce this investment in SeeTree at a pivotal time for growth in the permanent crops market,” said Daniel Martínez-Valle. “As a company, SeeTree shares a similar passion for addressing today’s leading challenges. This investment illustrates a significant step for Orbia and our precision agriculture business group Netafim in particular, as we identify new ways to foster conscious and profitable farming and advance life around the world.”

From agronomic and business decisions to the management of farming operations, SeeTree provides the most advanced and comprehensive data intelligence network in agricultural technology by pairing best-in-class tools with expert execution teams. With a strong focus on providing data in the aggregate, SeeTree continues to drive value on farming decision-making.

With the use of military grade drones, ground sensors, AI & machine learning tools, and boots-on-the-ground data collection, SeeTree’s end-to-end solution offers a multi-layered data collection strategy introducing new resources for keeping trees healthy and maximizing their productivity at low costs. The company’s holistic approach represents a significant market advantage compared to those who specialize in select disciplines.

“As a startup aspiring to make a difference in the digital farming and precision agriculture space, this investment by Orbia is an exciting opportunity,” said Israel Talpaz, CEO and co-founder of SeeTree. “By tapping into Netafim's global reach in the agriculture sector and leveraging its expertise, we look forward to working together to continue to showcase the value of a holistic, data-driven approach to customized farming.”

In over 110 markets and more than 50 countries, Orbia’s community of businesses is providing solutions that demonstrate that a future in which people, planet and profits thrive is within its sightline. For more information about Orbia, please visit


Valley Irrigation Acquires PrecisionKing

Acquisition Strengthens Company’s Position in the Delta Region, Technology Leadership and Flood Irrigation Monitoring

Valley, NE: Valley Irrigation, The Leader in Precision Irrigation®, has acquired PrecisionKing, a Mississippi-based ag tech company with products focused on moisture monitoring, pump control and remote sensing, especially of flood irrigation.

"We are excited about this acquisition for many reasons," says Darren Siekman, Vice
President of Water Delivery & Business Development for Valley. "It strengthens our footprint in the Mississippi Delta region and brings additional, talented team members on board. It opens additional doors into other methods of irrigation, such as flood. And, it further expands our industry-best network of connected devices."

Founded in 2014, PrecisionKing offers products including DecisionKing (moisture monitoring), PumpKing (remote pump control), RiceKing (water level monitoring), PivotKing (remote pivot control) and ClimateKing (weather monitoring).

"We are very excited for this opportunity," says Daniel Cole, Partner in PrecisionKing. "Valley is the industry leader in sales, service and technology, and we would not have made any move that we didn’t think would benefit our customers in the long term. Aligning with the global strength of the Valley brand will enable us to better serve growers in the Delta region and beyond, while keeping the local touch that they’re used to."

"It’s increasingly clear that the future of farming is technology. Growers demand smart
solutions that help them produce more with less, and that improve their quality of life," says Andy Carritt, Valley Vice President, Global Product & AgSense GM. "Valley recently surpassed grower devices connected to the internet, which leads the industry, meaning more growers are trusting the efficiencies that technology provides. It also means more growers trust Valley to deliver the most advanced, reliable technological solutions on the market."

For more information, please visit


Carnoustie Golf Links announces partnership with John Deere and Rain Bird

Carnoustie is one of the ten oldest courses on the planet. Built in 1842, it hosted seven editions of the British Open, including that of 1999 in which Jean Van de Velde came within a hair's breadth of victory. To play Carnoustie is to dive into the historic heart of golf. Carnoustie is a links, seaside course, with its deep and well-placed bunkers, abundant heather, gorse, long thick grasses and huge and devilish greens

Following a topographical system analysis and other investigations conducted by specialist consultants, Carnoustie Golf Links, supported by Rain Bird UK’s golf distributor Rigby Taylor, will embark on a full renovation of each of its courses to upgrade them with the most advanced irrigation technologies. They will benefit from Rain Bird’s Cirrus Central Control System combined with Integrated Control™ (IC), which enables sophisticated real-time, two-way communications between the control system and other components. This will provide Links Superintendent Craig Boath and his team with the ultimate in field control.

Assisted by Rain Bird Golf’s UK team, they will fine-tune the new system to continually monitor conditions across the Links and apply the precise amount of irrigation each area needs. The Central Control generates a significant amount of data to help inform course management decisions, enabling staff to optimise turfgrass performance and drive efficiencies.

In addition, John Deere A Series mowers feature the password-protected TechControl system, which allows the course or fleet manager to set equipment up for consistent cutting, turning and transport speeds to achieve the desired course finish regardless of who operates the machines.

John Deere is also a world leader in GPS automatic guidance technology and vehicle telematics, developed over the past 20 years for its agricultural business. This advanced technology is now becoming available for golf and turf customers, through the new GPS PrecisionSprayer – Carnoustie has three of the first machines to be sold in Europe, which apply inputs more accurately and record spraying operations for environmental purposes – and the development of autonomous mowing equipment.

Moshi Berenstein is the new President of the EIA

Moshi Berenstein was elected as President of the EIA during the General Assembly of the Association which was held virtually on November 10, 2020. He replaced Damir Cizmek who had been president of the Association for the last 5 years.

 Moshi Berenstein is serving as a Board member of the EIA in the past 4 years and taking active part in determining the association’s strategic direction, policies and programs. 

Moshi has been actively engaged in the Irrigation & water management sector for 13 years and today he’s the general manager of NETAFIM in France. In his current role, he’s responsible for the expansion & development of smart irrigation solutions across the French markets and he is involved in various sustainability projects in the EU.

Israeli by origin, started working in Netafim HQ in Israel in 2008 and  moved with his family to live and work in Southern France in 2013.

Graduated from the Technological Institute TECHNION in Israel with a degree in Economics and from Tel Aviv University with a master’s degree MSc. in MGT& Operations-Research.

Prior to joining Netafim, Moshi held several senior positions in the fields of Finance and Commercial in the Israeli market.

Smagua 2021 will be held from October 19 to 21, 2021

he 25th edition of the International Water Show (Smagua), together with the second edition of the International Show for machinery and equipment for cellulose, paper and cardboard (Spaper), will take place from October 19 to 21, 2021. The pandemic and The uncertainty about how the situation will be next March have been the triggers for this change, which has been well received by the Organizing Committee to guarantee the safety and exhibition level of a benchmark show in the water sector.

The meeting of the Organizing Committee of Smagua, which was carried out in a digital session, served to define the new dates of celebration, and also to expose how the event is at the moment. Thus, the marketing of Smagua 2021 has slowed down, although, until the month of July, it showed an upward trend with respect to previous editions. All this shows how the health crisis has delayed, in many cases, the decision to participate by companies, but not the interest they show to know how the situation of the fair is and to value very positively the work carried out from Zaragoza Fair.

Along these lines, the Head of Business Development and Commercial Director of Feria de Zaragoza, Alberto López, valued the implementation of new strategies and perspectives that have emerged in recent months. Thus, he presented a new tool such as the Zaragoza Digital Fair, which emerged in 2019 and which, in this time, has established itself as a new line that brings new elements and possibilities to the experience of visiting the fair. The objective of this new project is none other than to offer a 360º platform in which digital coexists and contributes positively to the face-to-face part, a crucial aspect for a fair institution.

It is necessary to work to offer a model that merges and takes advantage of the use of data, B2B meetings, communications or any experience that takes place within the framework of the fair in a more satisfactory way, "confirmed López.

In this sense, Alberto López confirmed that in 2021 it will be "very difficult" for there to be an international visitor at the fair events, so he opted for these new mechanisms that help reach more professionals and strengthen the exhibitor-organizer relationship.

In short, Smagua 2021 is positioned in the month of October in order to be an important tool for the sector and serve as a platform for economic reactivation.

Giulia Giuffrè, Sustainability Ambassador and Marketing Director of the Irritec Group, has received recognition at the “Women of the World (Mondo Donna)” event

Giulia Giuffrè, Sustainability Ambassador and Marketing Director of the Irritec Group, has received recognition at the “Women of the World (Mondo Donna)” event, held on 29th August at Capo d’Orlando (ME)
The initiative, which is now being held for the seventh time, recognises women who have excelled in their professional work, culture, sport and social commitment; Giovanna Botteri and Giuseppina Paternini were also recognised for their achievements in journalism as well as the biologist Concetta Castilletti, for her research work in virology at Spallanzani, Rome.
“It is a great honour for me to receive this award, in the company of such distinguished professionals in their different fields, and itis an incentive to continue to improve. We are striving every day at Irritec to promote the best practices of sustainable irrigation in agriculture, through good management and by optimising the use of water”.

Irrifrance : The death of Mr Michel Monnot

It is with deep regret and sorrow that Noumane Aïdi and everyone at Irrifrance have to bring you this very sad news.

We learned of the death of Mr Michel Monnot, an employee of the company and qualified electrical technician, retired since 2006, and a person who has been held in such high regard by so many of you throughout his career. Having joined the company in 1976, he was, for 40 years, a staunch advocate of our organisation and the Irrifrance brand.

During all those years of service, Michel brought his professionalism and commitment in support of our company, its network of partners, its associates and end-user customers.

A man with extensive field experience, he was a true ambassador for Irrifrance worldwide.

He had this rare quality of always being willing to learn, improve and pass on his knowledge to others, even after he had gone into retirement, and this applied up to a few weeks ago.

It is, therefore, with profound sadness that we became aware of his death and we share the grief and pain of his bereaved family and friends.


Éric Frétillère re-elected to the Presidency of Irrigants de France

Éric Frétillère is a farmer who uses irrigation, having owned a 100 ha farm in the Dordogne for 20 years. He grows maize (corn). Aged 59 years, Éric Frétillère is involved in a number of activities related to the local trade associations and business activities: Director of the La Périgourdine co-operative, President of the Irrigators’ Union and the organisation Organisme Unique Dordogne. At national level, Éric Frétillère joined the Board of Directors of the AGPM (General Association of Maize/Corn Producers), where he has been an executive member since 2015 and he has been a director of Irrigants de France since 2011. He has also been a co-founder of Irrigants d’Europe since 2018. Éric Frétillère reminded us of the importance of supporting the farmers and growers who use irrigation and he also talked about the storage of water, as well as emphasising how Irrigants de France is involved in all of these topical issues. Within the context of a number of disputes that have arisen over the permits granted to withdraw water for irrigation purposes or the building of reservoirs, Éric Frétillère has also reaffirmed the role the association should play in providing legal safeguards for the quantitative management of water. “Even though we are living through an unprecedented health crisis and many people are emphasizing the need for France to rebuild its capacity to be self-sufficient in food production, we must remember that the model for such self-reliance cannot be constructed without access to water and without an efficient and effective management of this resource.”


Manuel Gutierrez joins K-Rain® Manufacturing as Regional Sales Manager

Manuel Gutierrez brings his accomplished account management experience to lead sales development in the Florida region.

Working in a variety of management positions, Mr. Gutierrez has successfully led the charge to grow business through training and education. “I have a great passion about helping distributors and installers understand new products, new technologies and the proper way  to install irrigation products.  It builds growth for them and develops long-term business relationships,” Gutierrez said.

“Manuel knows how to drive conversions”, says Greg Dougherty,

K-Rain Director of Sales, North America.  “He’s a high-performing sales professional with a gift for cultivating and nurturing accounts.  He projects a confidence that people really tap into when he speaks.”

Mr. Gutierrez will be actively promoting the use of K-Rain Intelligent Flow Technology® irrigation products in his home state of Florida.


Reinke and CropX Announce Partnership to Help Producers Maximize Performance by Growing More with Less

Reinke Manufacturing, a global leader in irrigation systems and technology, and CropX, a leading global agricultural analytics and soil sensing company, announced on August 17, 2020 a partnership to empower growers with the world’s finest irrigation scheduling tools. 

By integrating the technologies and support of two industry leaders rooted in agriculture, growers in more than 40 countries will be able to access soil health information that will allow them to improve yields, efficiencies and profitability. The partnership unites two groups who believe the most effective equipment and technology is built by farmers, for farmers. And with more than 80 years of combined experience in research, design and manufacturing – Reinke and CropX will bring their easy-to-use product lines to help growers maximize performance.

“We are very excited to make this strategic investment and partner with CropX as we continue to advance precision irrigation technology,” says Chris Roth, president of Reinke. “Reinke is dedicated to irrigation innovation to help growers produce more while providing them with labor savings and environmental efficiencies. We’ve found that same level of commitment in CropX. We are proud to provide the world’s finest irrigation system and we believe this long-term relationship will strengthen both of our companies as we develop unmatched irrigation solutions to farms around the world.”

“We are extremely pleased to announce this agreement with Reinke Manufacturing,” says John Vikupitz, president of CropX. “Since its founding, CropX has maintained a commitment to be the global leader for on-farm irrigation and soil health tools. Today’s producers face mounting profitability, resource availability and sustainability challenges throughout the world. Our mission is to provide affordable, scalable, best-in-class technical solutions to meet these challenges. We are looking forward to partnering with the Reinke team to offer producers a technical platform to enable them to realize the tremendous untapped profitability to be achieved through proper management of soil health and irrigation prescriptions.”
Specializing in advanced technology that provides recommendations on a variety of factors, CropX uses maps, aerial imagery, weather, modeling, user input and their patented soil sensing technology to accurately predict outcomes. Earlier this year, CropX acquired CropMetrics, adding more than 500,000 acres of soil data to their farm management platform.

Through the partnership, growers using both systems will have access to CropX’s enhanced irrigation data-driven prescriptions that they can incorporate into their Reinke irrigation control system. Growers with pivots using Reinke’s enhanced, web-based application ReinCloud® will see additional benefits by being able to remotely operate their irrigation while they manage CropX data through the integrated platform.

Visit to learn about all the advantages you’ll have with Reinke and CropX.

Toro named worldwide supplier to the ryder cup through 2029

Toro, a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment, has been named the official Turf Maintenance Equipment & Irrigation provider for the Ryder Cup through 2029.
The agreement will begin in earnest with the 43rd Ryder Cup, which will be played Sept. 21-26, 2021, at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin.

As the worldwide leading manufacturer of golf course maintenance equipment and irrigation systems for more than 100 years, Toro has a deep appreciation for golf and its industry, which increasingly prioritizes environmental sustainability and performance.

“To be selected as the official equipment and irrigation partner for Ryder Cup events is a tremendous honor,” said Rick Olson, Toro Chairman and CEO. “We’re thrilled at the opportunity to support golf’s pre-eminent biennial team event, which promotes winning on behalf of team and country.”

Beyond Whistling Straits, the agreement covers four additional Ryder Cups this decade: 2023/Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, Rome, Italy; 2025/Bethpage Black, Farmingdale, New York; 2027/Adare Manor, County Limerick, Ireland; and 2029/Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska, Minnesota.

“We’re elated to partner with Toro and to tap into an industry leader who views precision not as an ideal, but a norm,” said PGA of America Chief Commercial Officer, Jeff Price. “Our symbiotic relationship will target and promote innovation at each of our Ryder Cup sites, both domestically and in Europe, for the next decade.”

Guy Kinnings, European Ryder Cup Director, said: “We are delighted to formalise this agreement with Toro who have been tremendous supporters of both the European Tour and The Ryder Cup on European soil on many occasions, including the memorable contests at The K Club, Celtic Manor and Gleneagles.

“Their level of support and standard of equipment is second to none and we look forward to continuing the relationship across what I am sure will be another decade of memorable Ryder Cup action.”

For more information about the Ryder Cup, visit or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.



[Covid-19] - Sima 2021 unfortunately canceled

The Sima is unfortunately a victim in turn of the health crisis linked to Covid-19. The next edition, which was scheduled for February 2021, is definitely canceled.

Faced with the evolution of the health crisis, the organizers of Sima, Axema and Comexposium, had no other choice but to cancel the edition scheduled from Sunday 21 to Thursday 25 February 2021. Remember that the show had initially to be held in November 2020 and in April, due to the health situation, it had been exceptionally postponed for four months.

Temasek signs agreement to acquire a majority stake in Rivulis

September 15, 2020 – Gvat, Israel – Temasek has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Rivulis. The completion of the acquisition is subject to all government authorizations and is expected to occur during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Incorporated in 1974, Temasek is a Singapore-headquartered global investment company, which owns a US$214 billion portfolio. Its portfolio includes significant exposure to the agribusiness space, as well as a focus on sustainable living, which is core to Rivulis’ business.

Rivulis is a global micro irrigation leader innovating and deploying smart micro and drip irrigation solutions to help growers achieve higher yields, higher quality and great profitability while safeguarding the sustainability of grower land and livelihood. With the industry’s most comprehensive product portfolio, Rivulis is leading the adoption of micro irrigation globally. With 2,000 employees, 16 factories in 14 countries, 3 R&D centers in agricultural hot spots and 5 design centers globally, Rivulis is able to be close to the market, within reach of the growers. Rivulis represents the successful integration of 4 leading industry pioneers and veterans: Plastro, T-Systems, Roberts Irrigation and Eurodrip.

Richard Klapholz, Rivulis CEO, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Temasek to our register as our largest shareholder. They are a forward-looking, generational investor focused on investments addressing global sustainability challenges. As we all know, micro irrigation is a transformative technology, which offers the only viable solution to water scarcity and to the resulting global food constraints. Temasek’s investment in Rivulis should be welcomed by our employees, our business partners and the growers, who are our customers.”

Gillon Beck, the outgoing Chairman of Rivulis, and Senior Partner, FIMI Opportunity Funds, said: “The investment by Temasek is a major milestone for Rivulis. We are proud of what the company has achieved in the past few years. The Board, together with the company’s management, did an incredible job in turning the company around. This team has enabled the company to build a world recognized brand, achieve rapid growth, and expand to new geographies while innovating new breakthrough technologies. We are excited for the company’s next chapter. Thank you management and all employees for such tremendous and relentless efforts, and wish you good luck.”

About Temasek

Temasek is an investment company with a net portfolio value of S$306 billion (US$214 billion) as at 31 March 2020. Its three roles as an Investor, Institution and Steward, as defined in the Temasek Charter, shape Temasek’s ethos to do well, do right and do good.

Temasek’s investment direction is shaped by structural trends: longer lifespans, rising affluence and sustainable living drive social progress, enabled by technological solutions for sharing economies, smarter systems and a more connected world. It actively seeks sustainable solutions to address present and future challenges, as we capture investment and other opportunities that help to bring about a better, smarter and more sustainable world.

Headquartered in Singapore, Temasek has a global portfolio, and offices in 8 countries. For more information on Temasek, please visit


About Rivulis

Rivulis is a global micro irrigation solutions visionary offering the broadest portfolio in the market featuring the industry’s most recognized product brands, including T-Tape, Ro-Drip, D5000 PC, Supertif and Eurodrip Eolos and Eolos Compact. Established in 1966, Rivulis is headquartered in Israel and has 16 manufacturing and distribution facilities, 2,000 employees, 3 R&D Centers (Israel, California, and Greece) and multiple Design Centers around the globe.

We work with over 3,300 business partners worldwide to provide full turnkey micro irrigation solutions for any, and all, grower needs from individual growers to large corporate plantations in the agriculture, horticulture, greenhouse, landscape and mining industries. Leading the mass adoption of micro irrigation globally, Rivulis is committed to increasing accessibility to all growers everywhere through simple, affordable and smart technology for a more sustainable future for all. To learn how Rivulis can help you GROW BEYOND your highest expectations season after season, visit






Plastic-Puglia is the only italian company to be able to use the IIP-UNI brand according to UNI EN ISO 9261:2010

The Italian Plastics Institute has granted to some Plastic-Puglia products the IIP-UNI Certificate of Conformity (n° 1890/2020) according to the UNI EN ISO 9261: 2010 standard, and setting strict requirements for drip lines used in agriculture. The certified products are: AQUADROP®, thin or heavy wall drip line with flat dripper (Micro, Mega and Plus version); GOLD-DRIP®, heavy wall drip line with cylindricaldripper (Super, F6 and Pc version); AQUATAPE®, drip tape with double continuous labyrinth.

«In the field of precision irrigation, we are the only Italian company – says the Managing Director of the Plastic-Puglia Group, Dr. Emiliano Colucci – to have obtained this certificate. It is a further gratification for our work, and to the excellence attained of our products in the world and is an further guarantee for our customers.»

The Toro Company Remembers Ken Melrose, Legendary Former Chairman and CEO

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Kendrick “Ken” B. Melrose, legendary former chairman and chief executive officer of The Toro Company, passed away Sunday, May, 3, 2020, at the age of 79.  Ken was an extraordinary person, whose wide-ranging accomplishments were driven by his unwavering commitment to serving others.  Ken’s core values enabled him to positively impact so many throughout his professional career, during his post-retirement mission to advance the principles of Servant Leadership, and in his generous philanthropic efforts.

“Ken was a great man, and the epitome of an exceptional leader,” said Rick Olson, current chairman and chief executive officer of The Toro Company.  “The culture he instilled continues as a positive influence and will guide The Toro Company long into the future.  Ken was passionate about supporting the industries we serve and helping our customers succeed.  The impact of his generous philanthropic initiatives will continue to positively affect many in our industry and our communities.”

Ken joined The Toro Company in 1970, and over the course of the following decade served in a number of leadership roles with increasing responsibility.  In 1981, as the company faced extremely challenging times, Ken was named president.  Ken’s belief in and ability to connect with people, his fortitude while making tough decisions, and his commitment to quality and innovation, all helped lead the organization through financial difficulty to record results at the time.  His intelligence and determination empowered him to see the job through and guide the enterprise not only through difficult times, but to ever-greater heights of success.  Ken did so without seeking recognition or accolades, rather he always pointed to employees as the key to what was accomplished during his tenure.

Ken outlined his business philosophy in his book published in 1995, Making the Grass Greener on Your Side: A CEO’s Journey to Leading by Serving.  As Ken wrote, “Everyone has the potential to contribute to achieving the goals of the company.  If you unleash that potential, market leadership and financial success will be natural by-products.”

After leading the company for 24 years, Ken retired as CEO in March of 2005.  

“We owe much to Ken’s principled leadership, and his legacy cannot be overstated,” said Olson.  “He was a rare transformational leader who saw the best in people and knew how to inspire them to work together and exceed their own expectations in order to achieve great things.”


Valmont Acquires Majority Stake in Brazil-Based Solar Energy Company

Valley, NE, and Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil: Valmont® Industries, Inc., a leading global provider of engineered products and services for infrastructure development and irrigation equipment and services for agriculture, today announced the purchase of a majority stake in Energia Solar do Brasil (Solbras), a leader in the photovoltaic (PV) energy sector. Effective immediately, the company will go to market under the Valley® brand.

“As the irrigation industry’s worldwide leader, Valmont supplies products that support critical infrastructure, and the Valley brand is the market innovator in irrigation technology,” said Len Adams, President of Valley Irrigation. “This acquisition allows us to expand our product offerings to include not only the most durable and advanced pivots available, but also a sustainable, low-cost energy source to provide power to them, with Valmont SolarTM Solutions.”

Solbras was founded in 2013, with locations in São João da Boa Vista (SP) and Goiânia (GO). Geraldo Afonso Dezena da Silva, president of Solbras, believes the acquisition marks an important new phase in their history. “Combining the global strength of Valmont with the market leadership of Solbras, we will be able to expand the presence of solar energy in agri-business and all sectors of the economy.”

Solbras operates throughout Brazil; with the acquisition, their services will expand globally through the strength of the industry-leading Valley dealer network. They offer the most advanced solution in photovoltaic solar energy, efficiently converting the sun’s rays to clean electric power. Their services include distributed or centralized generation of photovoltaic energy; approval, design, and engineering of detailed technical projects; and consulting on new PV plants focusing on agri-business. In addition, every Valmont Solar installation includes remote monitoring and control capabilities.

“Solar energy is already a fundamental strategy for projects that seek to maximize efficiency and sustainability,” said João Rebequi, Vice President of Valmont Irrigation – Latin America. “Combined with the strong presence of Valley equipment in fields around the world and our industry-best dealer network, we will leverage the expertise of Solbras beyond Brazil. This will further our leadership position in all facets of irrigation and agricultural technology.”

According to the Brazilian Solar Photovoltaic Energy Association (ABSOLAR), the installed power of solar photovoltaic generation in Brazil grew by around 1 GW between January and May this year. The country's total volume reached 5.5 GW. 

Renato Silva, General Manager of Valmont Irrigation – Brazil, adds that photovoltaic energy has several benefits for the automation of irrigation systems, in addition to an important role in reducing environmental impacts. “Growers can optimize the efficiency of their operation, saving on energy expenses and reducing water usage.”

Both the positive environmental impacts and the potential to contribute toward developing local economies are exciting, says Adams. “Our market-leading technology is furthering our mission of delivering a complete package of solutions to help growers make smarter decisions and produce greater yields while using fewer resources. Valley, the brand trusted by generations of farmers, is helping reduce their environmental footprint for generations to come.”



Irritec : Emergency mask for hospital ventilators

Irritec, in collaboration with University of Messina, provides know-how and technologies to manufacture the necessary components for the transformation of Decathlon sub masks, in accordance with Isinnova projects.

Isinnova, located in Brescia, Italy, has been using 3D printers to build desperately needed respirator parts that are keeping many coronavirus patients alive. We commend them for their important, lifesaving work. If you would like to reach them, their website is:  

Agricultural machinery: Italian industry does not stop

The risks associated with the spread of Covid-19 impose special prevention rules, but agricultural machinery companies are maintaining good production rates, also to satisfy foreign demand, which accounts for 70% of the sector's turnover. The organization of EIMA International, the world exhibition to be held in Bologna from 11 to 15 November, is running at full capacity.

The emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19 imposed safety restrictions and procedures, but did not stop the manufacturing sectors from operating. The Italian agricultural machinery industries have their own production lines in operation to meet the demand, mostly from foreign countries, for "made in Italy" machinery and components.

The association of Italian manufacturers FederUnacoma highlights the international scope of this mechanical sector, which exports over 70% of its production (the total turnover is around 11 billion euros) with very substantial shares in valuable markets such as those of Germany, France and the United States. The association also warns of the risk that incorrect information relating to an alleged suspension of production and a difficulty in the movement of goods may damage normal commercial relations.

The factories - FederUnacoma reassures - continue their activity, albeit on the basis of new organizational criteria and scrupulous compliance with the prevention rules established by the Government and the scientific community.  

Once the critical phase is over, specialized international exhibitions will return to the foreground, with all the product innovations and futuristic technologies that this sector of the industry is able to achieve. First among them, EIMA International, the great agricultural machinery exhibition that FederUnacoma organizes in Bologna, which will celebrate its 44th edition from 11 to 15 November. The Federation announces that the organizational machine is running at full speed, so that EIMA 2020 will be a formidable event, to be experienced by everyone as a symbol of rebirth for the economy and for the communities of citizens.


Palaplast provides a fully equipped Intensive Care Unit to the hospitals of Thessaloniki

During this challenging period it is crucial that we remain united, supporting our heroes of the day, our nation’s doctors and nursing staff.  Now that our health care system is being tried is the time to step up.

PALAPLAST declares present and involved in the common effort to meet the needs for medical equipment of G. Papanikolaou General Hospital of Thessaloniki and AHEPA University General Hospital of Thessaloniki.

With the primary objective for intensive monitoring and treatment of the virus Covid-19 we undertake to provide an advanced, fully equipped Intensive Care Unit, comprised of a specialized electronic nursing bed, monitor of vital organs and a high-tech electronic respiratory station.

Palaplast has and will always strive for social solidarity even more so now that not only nationally but internationally we are dealing with a crisis. Not afraid, nor complacent, protecting ourselves and each other we must stand united to secure a better future for all.

Assistance in this effort is provided by the Network of Social Solidarity and Assistance which will handle the distribution of equipment for the ICU stations to the hospitals of Thessaloniki.

Life time Achievement Award for the late Dr. Bhavarlal Jain.

A lifetime achievement award was given to Dr. Bhawarlal Jain on the 22nd Feb 2020 posthumously, at a well-attended inaugural ceremony of the International Conference on Banana at Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, organised by ICAR-National Research Centre for Banana. The award was received by senior associates of the company. The function was attended by Deputy Director General Horticultural Sciences, ICAR, Dr. A. K. Singh, who gave away the award.

The function was also attended by Dr. K. Alagu Sundaram, Deputy Director General Agricultural Engineering, ICAR, Dr. N. Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore Dr. N. K. Krishnakumar, Biodiversity International, New Delhi, Dr. W. S. Dhillon, Assistant Director General, Horticultural Sciences, ICAR and Dr. S. Uma, Director NRCB, Trichy.

The award comprised of a plaque, a certificate and a citation describing - Padmashree Dr. Bhavarlal Jain’s contribution to the Banana industry in India

‘Farmer First’ was the underlying theme with which Dr. Bhavarlal Jain has been working all these years that transformed Banana industry into an economically viable avocation for millions of farmers in the country.

Hailing from a sleepy village Wakod in Maharashtra, Dr. Jain felt that the banana growing techniques needed to be revamped urgently for its very survival in the country. This led to the introduction of tissue culture technology and internationally acclaimed Grand Naine variety into India, by him.

Scaling up the technology, taking it to the farmers’ fields and standardizing the package of practices with drip irrigation and fertilization, a silent revolution was in the making. Farmers incomes trebled and India soon featured as an important player on the World Banana map.

Every third banana fruit consumed in the country today is a tissue cultured banana thanks to Jain Irrigation founded by Dr. Bhavarlal Jain. Amazingly, over 80 million plantlets are annually delivered across the country bringing smiles to the faces of millions of banana farmers.


New IA president

As the Irrigation Show closed, the IA transitioned to new leadership. 2019 IA President Ed Santalone Jr. completed his term, and Jon Topham, CAIS, CID, became the 2020 IA president. Topham is the COO of Irrigation Design and Construction LLC in Patterson, California.

Topham and the other 11 current directors will be joined by the following newly appointed members of the IA Board of Directors:

• Richard Arias, vice president of sales for the southwest United States and Mexico for RDO Water and RDO Equipment Co. (San Diego, CA)

• Julie Bushell, director of sales and marketing for the ag division of Paige Electric Co. (Union, NJ) and president of Paige Wireless (Union, NJ)

• Eric Santos, CAIS, CGIA, CIC, CID, CIT, CLIA, CLWM, vice president of irrigation services for the landscape maintenance division of BrightView Landscape Services (Pleasanton, CA)

Climate change and AGTech are two of the themes covered at the 2020 Sival show

The organisers of Sival gave a very positive review of the 34th agri-horticultural show, which took place on 15th, 16th and 17th January 2020 in Angers, France. The threshold of 700 exhibitors was reached for the first time, thanks to an extension, which increased the surface area of the show by 4000 m2. The number of visitors also increased from 24,000 in 2019 to 26,000 this year. Finally, a new international milestone was reached with 55 nationalities being present (compared with 45 in 2019).

Climate change was a major topic at the show, featured mainly at the conferences of the second Fruit 2050 event. Twenty-one prizes were awarded to the winners of this year’s Sival Innovation competition, at an evening event held at the Angers congress centre on the theme of Agricultural Technology (AGTech). Two inspiring conferences were specifically dedicated to the irrigation professionals. “Optimising the irrigation practices used on vegetable crops” and “Fertilisation and Irrigation: the secrets of successfully growing organic tomatoes”.

As far as the irrigators are concerned, the three main manufacturers of drip irrigation systems were present: Rivulis, Netafim and NaandanJain. There were also several distributors and dealers and manufacturers of sensors, meteorological stations and irrigation management software. The exhibitors were satisfied that the show was well-attended; but on the other hand, they were unhappy about the inconsistent layout of the booths. In fact, the irrigation exhibitors were scattered across different exhibition halls and sometimes they were difficult to locate.

Aqua4D : Rising to global challenges through water-efficient irrigation

Swiss cleantech firm Aqua4D is bringing its water-smart irrigation solution to ever more growers in 2020:

A brand-new HQ in Valais, Switzerland, gives the company a solid base from which to grow – and assemble all its products in-house. Meanwhile, a new office in California’s Central Valley, headed up by David Clay and co-founder Walter Thut, is the ideal launching pad to serve a growing interest, notably from almond, pistachio, grape, and avo­cado producers in the region.

The company are also buoyed by an expanding list of institutional support. Official backing from the Swiss Climate Foundation and the EU’s Horizon 2020 fund now sit alongside recognition from the Solar Impulse Foundation, CleanTech Alps, and the Swiss Confederation. Thus, Aqua4D is now widely recognized as crucial for improving the efficiency of irrigation systems while contributing to several of the UN's SDGs.

This clean technology allows irrigation water savings of up to 30%, restoring saline soils, and keeping irrigation pipes and systems clean in a fully sustainable way. The technology is efficient, operational, scalable worldwide, and is fully complementary to existing irrigation infrastructure and e-monitoring.


Henric Andersson appointed as new President & CEO of Husqvarna Group

The Board of Directors of Husqvarna AB has appointed Henric Andersson to succeed Kai Wärn as the President & CEO of the Husqvarna Group effective as of April 2, 2020, following the closing of the 2020 AGM. Kai Wärn will retire from his role as CEO and Board Member as of such date, but will continue as a senior advisor to the Board during 2020.
“I am delighted that the new President & CEO of Husqvarna Group, Henric Andersson, has been developed within the Group, where he has worked for the last 22 years. Henric is a strong and well-appreciated leader with a very good business and technology focus. He has a very broad experience within the Group having worked in various roles in Commercial Lawn and Garden, the Construction Division and for Group Technology before taking up the role as President of the Construction Division in 2015” says Tom Johnstone, Chairman of Husqvarna AB.
“We are entering the next phase of the development for the Group building on the foundation developed over the last few years. The Group's new Strategy was presented recently at the Capital Markets Day, and Henric, as a member of Group Management, played a key role in the development of that strategy” Henric Andersson is currently President of the Construction Division of Husqvarna and has been a member of Group Management since 2012. He was born in 1973 and has a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from Linköping Institute of Technology.
“I am proud over what we have achieved during these years in respect of strengthening our competitiveness, especially in areas such as robotics, the petrol-to battery transition and technology including connected solutions such as Smart Garden. We have also made important transformative changes in the organization to increase focus on our end-customers and core brands, achieved through the Divisional structure”, says Kai Wärn, President and CEO of Husqvarna Group.

The technical director Anton Hoppenreijs is retiring

The technical director Anton Hoppenreijs is retiring after 37 years’ service with Aquaco B.V. Over these last few years Mr. Hoppenreijs has been available 24/7 and he has always been ready to assist his colleagues and the customers with advice and useful hints about their goods, for which Aquaco is extremely grateful. Anton Hoppenreijs will still be involved with Aquaco as a consultant. Aquaco will continue to be run by Hans Kamphuis, who has been the managing director since 2014.

AGROTICA 2020 – A Palaplast Milestone

From the 30th of January to the 2nd of February Palaplast participated as always in an exhibition of significant importance AGROTICA 2020.
AGROTICA 2020 an exhibition of substance for the agricultural sector not only in Greece but also the Balkan State and the Mediterranean offered the opportunity to a multitude of exhibiting companies and guests to come together.
For Palaplast this year’s participation was of even greater importance and was enhanced with an event held on Saturday to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Palaplast.  Present the company’s founders with the now very active and involved second generation celebrated with partners, associates and customers.  
The 4 day exhibition offered to everyone visiting the Palaplast stand the opportunity to catch up and be informed of the vast range of products, from the items exhibited and the screening of videos projecting the development and milestones of Palaplast since 1980.
Always motivated and with a deep interest in development and evolution of innovative products Palaplast continues its path forward.


Rivulis opens new Mexico and Russia factories and expands India factory, increasing global footprint to 16 factories

Rivulis recently marked three major milestones in regards to its global manufacturing footprint; the opening ceremony of the Rivulis factory in Leon, Mexico; the inauguration of the Polyplastic Rivulis factory in Volzhsky, Russia; and the opening of a new manufacturing building at the current Rivulis India factory.  
While the company has been selling in all three countries for years, these new manufacturing facilities represent the realization of Rivulis’ mission - We Make Micro Irrigation Accessible.  The new facilities will enable Rivulis to better service growers not only in India, Mexico and Russia but also throughout the respective regions with greater local production capacity and shorter lead times.  
Rivulis CEO, Richard Klapholz remarks of this significant expansion, “In India, we have almost doubled our production capacity. The Mexico factory is truly a state-of-the-art facility with 15 lines and an annual capacity of over half a billion meters of drip line/tape with room for future expansion.  In Russia, we are the first international drip irrigation player to invest in building a local manufacturing presence. We partnered with the POLYPLASTIC Group, the CIS’s largest plastic pipe manufacturer for the infrastructure and agriculture sectors. The purpose of the Joint Venture is to bring high quality micro irrigation solutions to Russia to improve farm productivity and drive higher yields.  This Joint Venture reflects our core value of We Cultivate Sustainable Partnerships.”
The Rivulis global manufacturing footprint now consists of 16 factories: 8 in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), 3 in North America, 3 in South America, 1 in India and 1 in Australia.


EU : Minimum requirements for water reuse:

On 2 December, following three rounds of inter-institutional “trilogue” negotiations, the Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on the final text of the Regulation on minimum requirements for water reuse (also enclosed). This agreement allows for greater flexibility to adapt to national and regional requirements.


  • The agreement provides flexibility for Member States and regions to decide on the viability of water re-use in their country or in parts of their country, considering environmental and climatic conditions;
  • The agreement focuses mainly on the re-use conditions of water for agricultural purposes, but allows Member States to also use reclaimed water for industrial uses and other amenity purposes (such as landscape irrigation);
  • It contains requirements on the quality of water and monitoring conditions, with the objective of protecting human health and the environment;
  • It contains clauses on the need of raising awareness in countries where reclaimed water is being used;
  • It empowers the Commission to review the minimum requirements and the power to adopt implementing acts in view of scientific and technological progress.
  • It leaves three years to the Member States to apply it (once the EU adoption procedure has formally been completed)


Further information can be found in the press release issued by the EU Council.

Id Verde has signed a contract with the Toro Company

Europe’s largest provider of grounds maintenance and landscape construction services, id verde, has signed a contract with The Toro Company. The contract establishes a three-year partnership with Toro as a preferred supplier to idVerde’s network of locations throughout France, the UK and the Netherlands.

Through this contract, all idVerde branches will have access to the full range of Toro products, including reel mowers, rotary mowers, flail mowers, and small-area and wide-area mowers, as well as landscape contractor equipment. Toro’s extensive product portfolio also includes irrigation and snow removal products, and its equipment is widely used at notable sports venues and historic sites around the world.

The decision to work with Toro complements id verde’s ongoing strategic expansion plans, aimed at adding to the company’s capabilities and geographical coverage.

Recently, Valmont opened a brand new state-of-theart manufacturing facility in Poland

Valmont is proud to expand its presence in the European market and set an example for its peers as a “Center of Excellence” with industry-leading technology. With 10,000+ employees and operations in over 100 countries, Valmont continue to grow in markets and countries across the world and is excited to see the incredible things that the team in Poland does at this spectacular facility.

Valmont Announces Appointment of Richard “Rick” Lanoha to its Board of Directors

Mr. Lanoha is currently President and Chief Operating Officer of Kiewit Corporation, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Omaha, NE and one of the largest construction and engineering organizations in North America. Since joining Kiewit in 1986, Mr. Lanoha has held several progressive leadership roles, including executive vice president of Kiewit Industrial Group, with responsibilities for the Kiewit Energy, Cherne Contracting Corporation, Kiewit Power and The Industrial Company (TIC) divisions. He became president of Kiewit Energy Group in 2012, and was promoted to his current role in 2016. Mr. Lanoha will assume the role of Kiewit's chief executive officer in January 2020.

NELSON NIC : Welcome Jim King

We are pleased to announce that Jim King has joined the sales and marketing team at Nelson Irrigation. Jim has started October 1, 2019 as a Territory Manager focused on the Central Valley of California. Jim brings 20 years of experience in the irrigation industry as well as a solid background in farm management. He knows and understands both the dealer and grower, bringing tremendous insight and strength to Nelson’s full coverage products and application. He will work closely with Craig Stafford, our new VP of Global Rotator® Solutions. Jim, his wife Melissa, daughter Mckenzie and son Caiden live in Clovis, California.

Jim can be contacted at +1 559.470.4038 and

Please join us in welcoming Jim to the team.

Indagra (Romania) attracts more than 60,000 visitors

In Romania, ROMEXPO organised, from 30th October to 3rd November, the largest series of exhibitions of the autumn season: INDAGRA, INDAGRA FOOD & CARNEXPO, PACK SHOW and EXPO DRINK. More than 60,000 people visited the exhibition centre. For five days, ROMEXPO was the platform that brought together all the suppliers in the agriculture, food, packaging and drinks industries, i.e. more than 950 companies form 25 different countries, exhibiting their latest products, solutions and services over a surface area of 54,500 m².
There were many exhibitors from the irrigation sector: some familiar manufacturers (Agrodrip, Scarabelli, Plastic Puglia, Palaplast, Adritec, ATP srl, …) were present, as well as Romanian subsidiaries of major manufacturers such as Netafim, NaandanJain or Irritec, and there were even manufacturers from Eastern Europe or Turkey (Gerovit, Poliext, Iridex Group, Optimut, Luxky Drip…).
Agriculture is becoming increasingly vibrant in Eastern Europe. The population and the landscape are real “assets” for the agricultural market. Some countries enjoy a mild climate, such as Romania, which has practically no cloudy periods from April onwards without being affected by the phenomenon of drought.

The EIA helds its general Assembly in Lyon, France on December 3th during the Paysalia exhibition

The General Assembly of the European Irrigation Association took place on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 in Lyons. It was held from 16 h to 18 h in the meeting rooms of the Eurexpo Convention Centre, which, every two years, is the venue for the Paysalia show. The General Assembly opened with the presentation of the new Internet site of the European Irrigation Association. The more accessible and diversified content forms a part of the educational and informative approach required by the EIA. The irrigation professionals will now be able to access our site with ease and find a reliable source of information for issues such as the European legislation currently in force or even the different means available for saving on water. The members present have agreed to maintain this momentum and expand their physical and digital presence in 2020.

Has also been evoqued the EIA participation to the CEN, the standardization committee in Bruxelles. EIA recently joined two committees: the TC 234 and TC 144. So from now, EIA members will be aware of existing standards which are developed by the standardization committees. The EIA invites agricultural irrigation manufacturers and key players in pivot industry to join the association. We will put basic informations on the website, and send the details to the members by email.

The next day, The EIA presented for the first time an examination aimed at those professionals who wish to test their knowledge on the subject of automatic irrigation in Europe. The successful participants received an official diploma with the wording “EIA automatic irrigation proficiency label”. For this first round, thirty or so participants answered the questionnaire.

The Director of Engineering and Services at the SCP (Provence Canal Company) has been Elected President of AFEID

On 28th June 2019, Bruno Grawitz, Director of Engineering and Services at the SCP, has been elected president of the AFEID, an association that pools all the French expertise in matters relating to water used in agriculture for food production and the development of rural areas, SCP being one of the founder members.
An important player in the field of irrigation and agriculture, the SCP thus continues to be at the heart of the future challenges facing the world of agriculture and to participate in the development and implementation of innovative solutions aimed at sustaining production, both in terms of quantity and quality, especially in the light of climate change.
The French Association for Water, Irrigation and Drainage is a nonprofitmaking organisation established in 1952. It has since concentrated on obtaining a hub of knowledge, methodologies and technologies related to agricultural water and environmental issues, both at national and international level. It also encourages the dissemination of French know-how and expertise and contributes towards cooperation efforts. AFEID is, in fact, a member of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) and, in this respect, explains the French position vis-à-vis its area of expertise, in collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Before taking up the presidency of the association, Bruno Grawitz had already, since early-2013, created a road map aimed at accelerating his dynamic policy of opening-up and exchanging ideas. Today he wishes to position AFEID more as a veritable laboratory of ideas, allowing it to strengthen the pooling of knowledge and new solutions. In fact, in a world where the effects of climate change require rapid adaptation to and the sharing of good practices, it has become essential for AFEID to be even more at the heart of an ecosystem of collective knowledge and expertise.

France : About 60 water reservoirs authorized by 2022

The French government will authorize the establishment of a "Sixty" water reservoirs on the territory between 2019 and 2022 for irrigation, said the Minister of Agriculture, Didier Guillaume, on Thursday, August 29, 2019. "We're not going to watch the rain fall from the sky for six months and to look for the other six months of the year ", defended Didier Guillaume. "It's about capturing water rain, to hold it in hollows, to be able to restore it afterwards in the soil when there is drought. " The remedies of associations while these projects are regularly attacked in front of administrative tribunals by the defense associations of the environment, the minister recalled having, together with the Ministry of Ecological transition, "got an instruction arbitrated by the Premier Minister "to" again make water reservoirs ". The document signed in June at the Assises de l'eau, but never really mediated so far, sets the goal of achieving 60 reservoirs "by 2022", and "project instructions start in 2019, "said the minister's office Agriculture in the morning.

Eighteen disputed projects

Thirteen projects of "basins" in the department of Deux-Sèvres, two in Charente-Maritime and one in Vienne are notably challenged by environmental activists. They denounce a system pumping mainly groundwater resources and supporting agriculture as "intensive". The deductions will "be made on territorial projects discussed" with environmentalists, said Didier Guillaume, calling for Pragmatism". "If we want to continue to have an agriculture French, and not to import [agricultural products, Ed] whose we do not want to, so French agriculture has to be resilient, "he said.




Inauguration of new NDJ premises in France

The new facilities of NaanDanJain France SAS at 12 Bis rue Seveso – 31150 Fenouillet were inaugurated on 2nd and 3rd October 2019. This coincided with a two-day technical seminar in which a large number of French irrigation system installers participated.

The seminar was a great success.

Nelson NIC : We are pleased to announce the promotion of Gene Ross to Vice-President, Global Irrigation

Gene has been a part of the Nelson Irrigation team for 17 years now as a territory manager based out of Fremont, Nebraska. He is a Professional Agricultural Engineer (PE) and Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) and is active within the Irrigation Association including two terms on the Certification Board and a current position on the Board of Directors. He has also been a longtime member of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). Gene’s 24 years of experience in the center pivot industry and focused approach on providing the best solutions for customers will help lead us in our mission to maintain our industry leadership – From Pivot Point to End Gun™.  Gene will remain based out of Nebraska.

Nebraska’s T-L Irrigation Co. Pivot Featured At President Trump’s 2019 ‘Made In America’ Showcase

Erecting a T-L Irrigation Co. pivot on the famed White House South Lawn was a crowning moment for the Thom family of Hastings, Neb. The three-generation-strong family business was one of the only production agricultural businesses to be featured in the 3rd annual Made In America Showcase hosted by President Trump on the White House lawn Monday.

“We’ll be celebrating 65 years manufacturing irrigation pivots in Nebraska this January. I’ve seen T-L pivots in just about every situation—in corn fields, vegetable fields, irrigating tree crops, with mountains in the background, in other countries—but seeing one with the White House in the background, well that’s pretty much it, isn’t it,” says Dave Thom, president of T-L Irrigation Co.

John Thom, T-L Irrigation Co. vice president, got a call from the White House just 10 days prior to the event. One business was selected to participate from each state.

“We’re very honored to represent Nebraska and we feel it makes a lot of sense that we were the choice,” John says. “Our state has more irrigated acres than any other state and all our pivots are exclusively manufactured right here in Nebraska — even those that end up at the White House.”

Despite short notice, they made some test builds at their Hastings facility before loading the pivot on a truck with Craig Oswald and sending it down the road to Washington, D.C. John and fellow company vice president, Chase Crawford, met the truck there and were surprised to find they were given a prime spot right next to the south White House Portico and the event stage.

“It was a super proud moment for me personally,” John says. “My grand parents just passed, but they would have been so exceptionally honored that a company they built, that their family members still run, was recognized on that level. Everyone at the company was very excited.”

President Trump stopped by the display and visited with John, Crawford and Oswald for several minutes. They explained to him how irrigation works, how T-L pivots help farmers conserve water and increase yields and various specifics about their products.



K-Rain : Irrigation Association names Carl Kah Jr. as 2019 Board of Directors Award recipient

Carl Kah Jr, founder and CEO of K-Rain Manufacturing, is being recognized by the IA for his lifelong contributions to the advancement of the irrigation industry.

With more than 100 patents to his name, Mr. Kah began his innovation in irrigation technologies in his garage in West Palm Beach, Florida in the 1940s.  Since then, he has built

K-Rain to be the company it is today:  an “engineering first” company that employs more than 400 people worldwide. Kah’s lifelong commitment to developing new irrigation technologies helped advance the industry into the 21st century.

Carl Kah’s continued passion with his work is evident in his continued work in developing new patents.  “What I’ve always loved throughout my career is being able to increase water effectiveness and efficiency as well as bring benefits like increased productivity and competitive differentiation to market,” said Kah.

The Irrigation Association is kicking off July Smart Irrigation Month by announcing the recipients of its annual awards.  Each recipient recognized is a true changemaker who has made unique and meaningful accomplishments toward furthering the industry and promoting efficient irrigation.


KULKER : The groups’ strategies of refocusing on their core business also provide opportunities for the management teams of their subsidiary companies

An MBO transaction (a Management Buy-Out is a form of acquisition where a company is bought by its senior managers or by its employees) initiated by Alban RASSAU, CEO of the company KULKER, with 3 of the firm’s executives, was completed in December 2017. Formerly a part of the RYB Group (manufacturer of polyethylene pipes based in Isère), the company KULKER is the market leader in France in the distribution of supplies for agricultural irrigation and the irrigation of green spaces.

Previously having 3 branches in Metropolitan France, the company is now running the whole business from its premises in Cheval Blanc, in the Vaucluse region, so as to establish a logistics centre suitable for the demands of today’s clients and so as to have better control over its flow of goods. It has kept open its old Corsican office, located south of Bastia.

It then entered a new phase of development, particularly in the international field, which already represented 15% of the company’s turnover. In fact, the aim of the company’s strategy of creating an entire range of products that allows the water to be taken from the pumping station right to the base of the agricultural crops, as well as complete irrigation installations for green spaces, is to increase its share of the French market and develop its export markets.

By undertaking its projects aimed at improving customer care and broadening its range of products, the company KULKER is in pole position for expanding on the French market and increasing exports.

The CEO stated: “By achieving our independence while at the same time maintaining a commercial partnership with the RYB group following this transaction, together with my colleagues and partners, we look forward to making KULKER more vibrant and dynamic.”

Irrigation Association : Jake LaRue named IA’s 2019 Industry Achievement Award recipient

The Irrigation Association is excited to announce that Jake LaRue of Omaha, Nebraska, has been named the recipient of the 2019 Industry Achievement Award. This award is the IA’s highest honor and recognizes an individual whose career demonstrates outstanding contributions to the advancement of the irrigation industry, as well as its products and programs.

As head of the research and development department of Valley Irrigation, LaRue’s career has been devoted to the technological advancements of the irrigation industry. Through his leadership in the IA and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, LaRue is now a sought-after expert in center pivot and linear move irrigation and regularly advises national and international government and nongovernmental organizations regarding education, standards development and adoption of efficient irrigation technologies.

In addition to his leadership and involvement in international irrigation technology standards, LaRue also holds numerous patents and was integral in the development of several irrigation technologies, including variable rate irrigation, scheduling, telemetry and sensors.

“I am honored to be named the Industry Achievement Award recipient for 2019. I love this industry and I’m excited about the direction it’s heading,” LaRue said. “I thank Valmont Industries, the Irrigation Association, and all of my friends and colleagues with whom I have worked over the years. We’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg; I look forward to our industry continuing with even more technology advancements for years to come.”

Jain Irrigation has been awarded the ‘Star Performer’ Trophy by EEPC India

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (JISL) has received the Star Performer Award for 2016–2017 from the Engineering Export Promotion Council - India (EEPC). The State Minister for Finance and Planning, Sudhir Munguntiwar, presented the award on 3rd February 2019 to Mr. Babarao Misal, Senior Manager (R&D) during a grand ceremony held at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai.

A ceremony was held for the presentation of the 2017-2018 EEPC India Western Region Exports awards. Dignitaries from all over Maharashtra State attended the grand ceremony that took place in Mumbai on Sunday 3rd February 2019 at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. The President of EEPC India, K L Dhingra, gave the introduction and the Chairman of EEPC India, Ravi Sehgal, read out the results.

Senninger Welcomes its New Area Manager for Australasia

We are proud to announce the recent hire of Martin Porter, who joins our International Depart­ment as Senninger’s new Area Manager for Australasia. Martin’s hiring reinforces our appre­ciation and continued commit­ment to the territories in Australasia by providing a better support to their growing irrigation market segments.

Martin holds a certificate in Business and Admi­nis­tration from the Griffith Univer­sity in Queensland, Australia. He’s been in the irrigation industry for over 25 years and has a great experience in the overhead irrigation market in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.

Senninger is pleased to share several changes at their Grand Island, Nebraska location

Ray Glaser retires in March after more than 28 years as the area manager. Over the years, Ray has demonstrated a dedication to customer support and service to dealers and growers throughout Nebraska and surrounding areas. We are grateful for his contribution and wish him the best in this new chapter of life. Donna Groenke has agreed to take on the role of area manager of the North Central US. She brings an extensive sales background coupled with almost nine years with Senninger as both warehouse and customer service manager of the Grand Island location. Donna shared, “I have learned so much over the years helping customers with specific needs, and I am looking forward to meeting them where they are to help them achieve their goals. The quality and value of Senninger products backed by the strength of the Hunter brand offer many of the tools they need to be more successful.”
Senninger also welcomes Michelle Polski as the new warehouse supervisor in Grand Island. Michelle brings more than six years in the irrigation industry working in dealerships and distributors. She also grew up on a Nebraska farm and has a deep appreciation for agriculture and farmers.

Brussels: vote for the reuse of water for irrigation On 12 February 2019 MEPs voted in favor of reuse of treated wastewater for agricultural irrigation in order to avoid water shortages.

With 588 votes in favor (23 against), the European Parliament, meeting in plenary session in Strasbourg, approved a text defining minimum standards of quality for recycled water intended for agricultural irrigation.

"By ensuring that treated wastewater can be reused more widely, especially in agriculture, water extraction from groundwater could be reduced," the European Parliament said in a statement. "Recovered water (that is, urban wastewater that has been processed in a recycling plant) will be used to irrigate food crops, processed food crops and non-food crops," the parliament said. "We have to move towards a circular economy, including the way we use and reuse water," said the rapporteur of the text, Italian MEP Simona Bonafè (S & D, left), worth 6.6 billion number of cubic meters of water that could potentially be recovered by 2025.

The adopted text is the starting position of the European Parliament in negotiations which must now take place with the EU Council, representing the Member States, which has not yet decided its own position

Thierry Haller joins Solem as Director of the Outdoor division


We are pleased to welcome Thierry Haller to Solem as Director of the Outdoor activity, which includes landscape, golf and agricultural irrigation, connected garden, connected swimming pool, smart cities and GPS trackers. Thierry joins Solem with 15 years of experience in sales and general management with industrial leaders in irrigation, garage doors and renewable energies. Its expertise will accelerate the development of Solem in connected solutions for professionals in irrigation and pool. “The technology gives new possibilities and benefits for an end-user, but also brings new opportunities to installers and distributors to invent new value-creating services.” As Thierry Haller recalls, “After being a pioneer with its first Bluetooth and Wifi irrigation controller already in 2014, Solem continues to be the innovator in new technologies roll-out. Indeed, the new Lora long-distance radio allows installations and uses that were previously impossible or very expensive and with optimized management by the free Canopy platform for professionals.” Frédéric Comte, President of Solem: “Solem is now at the forefront of technologies for the garden and connected green spaces, this an essential point for the arrival of Thierry. His coming to Solem is our ambition to structure an international roll-out to his image, professional and efficient, but also the opportunity to build a team around him, with the ‘Solem touch’: simplicity, dynamism and performance at the service of our customers.

Valmont and Prospera Technologies Announce Roadmap to Autonomous Crop Management Technology Through Global Partnership

Valmont® Industries, Inc. (NYSE: VMI), a leading global provider of engineered products and services for infrastructure and irrigation equipment for agriculture and the parent company of Valley® Irrigation, and Prospera Technologies Inc., a leading Israeli machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI) company specializing in ag data, are pleased to announce their global partnership. The collaboration sets the course to provide growers with autonomous crop management solutions generating greater returns, while requiring fewer production inputs and resources.

“Valley Irrigation is transforming the center pivot from solely an irrigation machine to an autonomous crop management tool,” Valmont President and Chief Executive Officer Stephen G. Kaniewski commented. “Water remains our focus, as it is the number one determinant of crop yield. Growers who use pivots have a natural advantage to use them as often as needed, given their constant placement on the field. We can equip the structure to see what a grower may not be able to detect, arming them with critical information that delivers more crop precision, saving time, lowering costs and increasing yield.”

This exclusive global partnership is significant because it integrates artificial intelligence technologies with center pivot irrigation. Valley Irrigation leads the industry with more than 60,000 connected devices globally and carries distribution strength through the industry’s largest network of more than 500 dealers worldwide. The intelligence shared between these connected devices and the pivot, along with the integration of data science, machine-learning and AI, enables the two companies to develop real-time crop diagnoses and irrigation recommendations, resulting in greater returns for the grower.


 Prospera, founded in 2014, is a leading force in ag tech, committed to bringing advanced machine learning (ML) technology to the agriculture sector. Backed by strategic investors including Cisco, Qualcomm and Bessemer, Prospera has developed proven analytics, algorithms and data layering to provide growers with irrigation and crop growth recommendations. Prospera currently monitors over $5 billion of greenhouse production. The partnership between the two companies will build on Prospera’s unique technology, expanding application to large-scale fields.

Autonomous crop management will result in a self-learning machine, using inputs from the field and the grower to deliver proper water, fertigation and chemigation. Launching in the spring of 2019, Anomaly Detection is a fundamental building block for growers entering into AI functionality. Providing visual detection of anomalies or issues, this technology provides essential features to mitigate risks in the field, assisting the grower with their irrigation and crop management practices. It will be available from Valley for all brands of pivots through a subscription-based model.

Kaniewski said launching specific technology products to the market and product adoption are two critical steps on the journey toward autonomous crop management. The joint machine-learning technology is targeted to reach one million acres by 2020. To develop the technology, the two companies collectively plan to invest more than $40 million over the next three years.

“Like Valley, Prospera is committed to giving growers more data-based, actionable insights from the machines that span every inch of their fields, while reducing potential risks that can harm crop production,” said Prospera Chief Executive Officer Daniel Koppel. “We are excited to partner with Valley Irrigation, the industry leader trusted by growers, and their global network of dealers, working together to feed an expanding population.”

Agricultural professionals can find out more about the Valmont/Prospera partnership and resulting technology at World AgriTech in San Francisco, March 19-20, 2019.

Rivulis Expands Global Footprint with New Factory in Leon, Mexico


The new factory reinforces Rivulis’ commitment to making micro irrigation accessible globally by manufacturing the most extensive line of micro irrigation solutions and products in Mexico, for Mexico

Gvat, Israel & Leon, Mexico – Rivulis, a global micro irrigation solutions innovator offering the broadest portfolio in the market featuring the industry’s most recognized product brands, including T-Tape and Ro-Drip, announced today that it is expanding its global footprint with the establishment of a new, state-of-the-art factory in Leon, Mexico.  

Located in the Parque Industrial Advance Puerto Interior in the city of Leon, the new Rivulis factory is set to become the largest drip irrigation factory in the Americas and started manufacturing operations earlier this month.  By the end of 2019, the factory is expected to reach an annual capacity of half a billion meters of drip line and drip tape with room to expand in the future.

“This multi-million dollar investment in the heart of Mexico’s agriculture zone highlights our long term commitment to the Mexican market and allows us to better serve the region we have operated in for the past 25 years,” says Richard Klapholz, CEO of Rivulis. “We have an outstanding business partner ecosystem here and chose this location in the center of Mexico to help our business partners grow beyond their business expectations.”

The new Rivulis factory in Mexico is central to the Rivulis business and global footprint strategy and applies the same high quality standards and manufacturing techniques and processes as Rivulis does for all of its 15 factories around the world.

 “This is an investment in Mexico and for the Mexican grower’s community. I am also particularly proud of the fact that the factory is managed entirely by a local Mexican team,” says Fabien Kelbert, President of the North America Business Unit.  “We provided the team with an intense training program to ensure we continue to provide the same high quality products Rivulis is known for around the world. The Mexican team members who have joined us at the Leon facility are truly outstanding world-class engineers and technicians.”

In addition to the new Mexico facility, Rivulis has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, India, Spain, Turkey and the United States of America.

About Rivulis:  Rivulis is a global micro irrigation solutions innovator offering the broadest portfolio in the market featuring the industry’s most recognized product brands, including T-Tape, Ro-Drip, Hydrogol, D5000 PC,  Supertif and Eurodrip Eolos and Eolos Compact.

Established in 1966, Rivulis is headquartered in Israel and has 15 manufacturing and distribution facilities, 2,000 employees, 3 R&D Centers (Israel, California, and Greece) and multiple Design Centers around the globe.

We work with over 3,300 business partners worldwide to provide full turnkey micro irrigation solutions for any, and all, grower needs from individual growers to large corporate plantations in the agriculture, horticulture, greenhouse, landscape and mining industries.

Leading the mass adoption of micro irrigation globally, Rivulis is committed to increasing accessibility to all growers everywhere through simple, affordable and smart technology for a more sustainable future for all.

Rain Bird is pleased to announce that Christophe Lamoine has joined Rain Bird International, as the General Manager for Rain Bird Europe.


Christophe earned his degree in IT Engineering at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines in France.   Christophe most recently served as Chief Executive Officer with Algeco-Scotsman West and South Europe.  Previously, Christophe held the positions of Senior Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa with Honeywell Safety Products.  He also worked 17 years at Xerox Corporation in France, Belgium and eventually as General Manager in Finland.


He has been appointed on January 7th, 2019.

Hunter brings its FX Luminaire outdoor range of lighting to the European


Finally, Hunter is looking forward to soon bringing our FX Luminaire outdoor lighting brand to the European market. FX Luminaire manufactures landscape and architectural lighting products of the highest quality, with a focus on smart home integration, the advancement of LEDtechnology, and digital lighting control with zoning, dimming, and colour adjustment capabilities. FX Luminaire also offers a full line of elegant lighting fixtures made with premium materials to complement contemporary and classic installations alike. 

2018 New Product Contest winners revealed at Irrigation Show

— The Irrigation Association is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 New Product Contest at the Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Long Beach, California, Dec. 3-7, 2018.


Fifty-eight new products and technologies were entered in five categories. Products were evaluated based on innovation, design quality, increased water/resource-use efficiency, ease of use and product life expectancy. Contest judges were experienced professionals with technical knowledge and industry expertise. The winners were announced Thursday, Dec. 6, during the IA general session.


The winner of the agriculture irrigation category is the S7 Spinner by Nelson Irrigation. The S7 Spinner is the first spinning microsprinkler to use flow-control nozzles. These nozzles deliver the same flow rate over a range of pressure by reducing the orifice size as pressure increases, while also including quick-clean technology and full modularity.


The winner of the agriculture specialty category is the Arable Mark by Arable. The Arable Mark is an “internet of things”-enabled irrigation management tool, weather station and crop monitor all in one. Utilizing a seven-band spectrometer and an acoustic disdrometer, the easy-to-use solar-powered device collects over 40 relevant plant and climate data streams.


The winner of the landscape irrigation category is the FLOMEC QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter by Great Plains Industries. The QS200 has no moving parts and utilizes ultrasonic technology to measure flow instead of simply sensing it. It offers LED indication of power and flow activity and retrofits into Data Industrial PVC tees.


The winner of the landscape specialty category is the TreeDiaper 36" Advanced Hydration Mat by Ecoturf Midwest Inc. The TreeDiaper uses super-absorbent polymers and a unique design to manage and store water more efficiently for new tree, bush and shrub plantings. It also works as a weed barrier and frost protection blanket, while targeting the area away from a tree’s trunk to encourage healthy root growth.


The winner of the landscape lighting category is the WiFi Smart MR-16 and PAR-36 lamps by Brilliance LED. The WiFi Smart lamps are 100 percent controllable from a smart phone, either individually or grouped into zones. Users are able to change colors, dim and set timers from anywhere in the world.



Senninger Welcomes their New Regional Manager for Europe and Northwest Africa


We are pleased to welcomeFrederic Kaptur, who joins our International Department as Senninger’sRegional Manager for Europe and Northwest Africa with a focus on fixed irrigation and nursery/greenhouse installations.

Frederic graduated with a Master I of Energy Management in Water and Electricity from the University of Marseille. He comes to Senninger with over 25 years of experience in landscape irrigation.

Frederic resides in France and is fluent in French and English. He can be reached for product inquiries, technical support, and event questions via email at frederic.kaptur@senninger.comor phone at +33-6-22-07-56-80.




Two Industry Leaders in Water Management Join Forces to Offer Expanded Product Lines 

Weathermatic, a landscape industry leader in smart irrigation technology, has announced the acquisition of certain assets and substantially all of the intellectual property from Signature Control Systems, a well-known irrigation technology innovator and manufacturer of a full line of irrigation components for residential, commercial, golf, and institutional installations.

The announcement was made by Mike Mason, President & CEO of Weathermatic. 

“By joining forces with Signature, customers of both companies will benefit from a broader range of ‘smart irrigation’ products, and world class quality and availability to help meet the increasing demand for more efficient irrigation systems” said Mason.

“We envision outstanding opportunities to further expand product lines, while developing new technologies for professional water managers both here in the U.S. and abroad,”he said.

Under the leadership of owner/founder Brian J. Smith, Signature consolidated key industry brands including Thompson Manufacturing Co., Bear golf rotor and hose-end product lines plus the well known Nelson Turf product line. Additionally, Signature has consistently innovated with new technologies and brings new game-changing intellectual property to the water management industry.

“We are honored to welcome Brian and Justin Smith and the entire Signature family of employees and customers to the Weathermatic family. The alignment of culture and values is tailor made, and the combined team and product offering will propel rapid growth in all three phases of the industry: design, installation, and maintenance,” said Mason.

“We view their transition as a new beginning and continuation of the legacy of Signature and the pioneering brands it represents,” he said.

Brian J. Smith, President & CEO of Signature commented, “Weathermatic uniquely checked all the boxes for us in a partner with their commitment to the industry, financial strength, global presence, and company culture, which is exemplified by their Save Water | Give Life social cause serving those in need with clean water. Our entire team and Family are excited about the future as we capitalize on the growth ahead of us!”

Weathermatic has been a leader in water conservation and irrigation technology for more than 70 years. The company’s SmartLine series of weather-based controllers has won “New Product of the Year” awards from professional associations and SmartLink cloud-based technology controllers are the leading choice of professional contractors and property managers with over 500,000 control systems saving billions of gallons of water. The full line of Weathermatic controllers, Turbo series rotors, Max sprays, and legendary reverse flow valves are sold through a leading network of wholesale distributors in 85 countries worldwide. Weathermatic is aggressively building a network of professionals with a passionate commitment to managing water and saving lives. The Weathermatic social cause Save Water | Give Life includes the “Products with Purpose” campaign whereby every product purchased gives a specific amount of clean water to the world’s thirsty through drilling clean water wells.

Signature was founded by Brian J. Smith, an innovative engineer and entrepreneur with a career going back to his native South Africa before emigrating to the United States in 1995 and joining James Hardie Irrigation in California. While Signature’s roots began in 1907 through Thompson Manufacturing Co. Smith introduced advancement in golf course and commercial satellite control while acquiring key brands to create one of the most comprehensive product lines in the industry. The company also partners with large-scale institutional clients across the nation to provide scalable irrigation solutions for cities, universities, professional sports teams and others. The Signature brand includes golf and commercial satellite control system brands Aurora, Galaxy, Constellation, Signature Share, Signature Reach; EZ Pro control line; SoloRain battery operated controls; and a full line of residential and institutional valves, rotors, and sprays.


For more information on Weathermatic products and services, visit the Web site at See the Signature website at

Senninger Welcomes its New Area Manager for Western Europe and Northwest Africa

We are pleased to announce the recent hire of Christophe Calzada, who joins our International Department as Senninger’s Area Manager for Western Europe and Northwest Africa.

Christophe graduated with a BTS (Brevet de TechnicienSupérieur) in Mastery of Water Management in Agriculture from the Agricultural Lycee of Nimes Rodilhan and holds a license in Water Management for Agriculture from the University of Avignon. He comes to Senninger with over 24 years of experience in the irrigation industry, with a focus on mechanized irrigation.

Christophe resides in France and is fluent in French, Spanish, and English. He can be reached for sales inquiries, technical support and event questions via email at, via Skype at christophe.calzada, or via phone at +33 6-10-29-32-74.







Senninger Welcomes Adam Skolnik as Vice President of Global Sales

Senninger Irrigation is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Skolnik as Vice President of Global Sales. Adam rejoins the Senninger team, as we deepen our commitment to increase our market presence and expand our resources to the agricultural irrigation markets we serve.

Adam is a former President of the Irrigation Association and brings over 40 years of irrigation experience to the Senninger/Hunter Industries family of companies. “This appointment reinforces our industry-leading position as application experts in mechanized and solid set irrigation. We are excited to bring this level of added value and industry expertise to our worldwide network of customers,” said Steve Abernethy, President of Senninger Irrigation.

















James Burks steps down as President of Senninger; Steve Abernethy becomes our new President

It is with mixed feelings that we announce James Burks’ departure as president of Senninger Irrigation, effective September 28.  After 35 years of serving the agricultural irrigation industry, including 22 years with our company, James leaves Senninger to provide support to his immediate family.

During his 12 years as Senninger’s President, James was instrumental in consolidating Senninger as a global leader in the agricultural irrigation industry. We acknowledge his efforts and are grateful for his unconditional commitment and dedication to Senninger’s success throughout the years. James provided exemplary and highly professional service in our company and we wish him the best of luck as he leaves in support of his family endeavors.

While we will miss James, we are excited to announce that Steve Abernethy has agreed to take on the role of President of Senninger Irrigation. Steve has been a member of the Hunter Industries family for over 23 years and has a deep background in irrigation and distribution throughout the world. 

In his time working directly with the Senninger Irrigation team, Steve’s focus has been developing a plan to grow our revenue in alignment with the global agricultural irrigation opportunities. “We are committed to the long-term success of this business unit and are excited to expand our global footprint and teams, consistent with the quality and value of the Senninger Irrigation brand and the Hunter Industries family of companies”, added Abernethy.


Jain Irrigation, Inc. acquires Smart Irrigation Pioneer ETwater

ETwater has been acquired by Jain Irrigation, Inc., world leader in irriga­tion technology who currently does business in over 116 countries. ETwater, the best in weather-based irrigation control now joins the Jain Irrigation family of products and services, the best in class in water delivery, including world renowned drip irrigation systems.

“Jain is an early leader in the IoT (“Internet of Things”) for agriculture. ETwater will improve our position in agriculture and helps us make a bigger impact in reducing water waste in landscape irrigation”.

“The Jain acquisition will expand ETwater efficiencies throughout the U.S. and now worldwide to become a gold standard in sustainable water mana­gement globally.”

Pat McIntyre, CEO of ETwater     

Jain Irrigation shares the same values to water conservation and sustainability as ETwater. Jain Irrigation was named #7 on Fortune Magazine’s first ever list of 50 companies that are doing well by doing good. Founded in 1963, this testament to their success has been a guiding principle that was embodied right from the start in their company’s mission statement “to leave this world better than you found it.”


Rain Bird : 1st Technical Seminar for groundsmen and women who managing sports fields

On 11th October of this year, a technical seminar was held on a fine sunny day, at the Regional Technical Centre for Football in Châteauroux, in association with Equip’Jardin / Babee Jardin / Garden Arrosage / Rain Bird / Compo Expert / FBD / John Deere / Wiedenmann; with the key involvement of the Novarea testing laboratory for sports surfaces.

This seminar represented an opportunity for the fifty or so participants from the sports departments of the local authorities and communities of the Centre region, during a morning session in the classroom, to further their knowledge about the design and rational methods available for maintaining sports surfaces and in the afternoon, in outside workshops, they were able to find out about the latest innovations in areas as varied as marking out, mowing, automatic irrigation, mechanical soil operations and fertilisation.

Pablo Herrera rejoins Senninger as Director of International Sales


We are pleased to announce that Pablo Herrera will be rejoining the Senninger family as Director of International Sales. “Pablo has accepted our offer to return to our team after a brief hiatus of time he dedicated to managing his family needs,” said Steve Abernethy, President of Senninger Irrigation.

“Pablo brings decades of industry knowledge, technical ability and most importantly, an integrity mindset and work ethic in managing his global Senninger team and customer relationships. We will be expanding our investments with our field sales efforts, and there is no better leader to take the reins on this effort,” added Abernethy.

Pablo dedicated 27 years to the growth of Senninger and the well-being of our global customers. He was instrumental in building and strengthening relationships with clients from many regions around the world where he personally took the story of our superior products and outstanding customer service.

We welcome Pablo back and look forward to his contributions to Senninger’s prosperity in alignment with the global opportunities and our strategies to grow with the right mix of field efforts, innovation, and high-quality solutions for agricultural irrigation.

Crop damage mounts for EU farmers after torrid summer

European farmers are counting the cost of a summer heatwave that has shrunk cereal harvests and shrivelled pastures, leaving some farms struggling to survive and shutting the EU out of lucrative export markets.

The severe weather in Europe has coincided with adverse growing conditions in other major grain producing zones such as Russia and Australia, raising the risk that supplies in exporting countries will be eroded to their smallest in years.

The latest harvest estimates have underlined the impact of drought and heatwaves in northern Europe. Germany’s farmers’ association DBV on Wednesday forecast a 22 percent plunge in grain production this year in the European Union’s second-largest cereal grower.

Germany endured its highest summer temperatures in over a century as extreme weather gripped northern Europe from Britain to the Baltic states.

The combination of poor harvest yields and shrivelled grassland has led to spiralling costs for animal feed, putting pressure on livestock farms.

German Agriculture Minister Julia Kloeckner said the government would launch a special aid programme for farmers worth up to 340 million euros following the drought damage. The DBV had called for around 1 billion euros (£898.7 million) in aid.

In Denmark, drought is expected to lead to losses of around 6 billion Danish crowns (£723 million), research institute SEGES, part of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council lobby group said, adding that low pork prices could bring farm losses to almost 8 billion crowns this year.

Danish farm bankruptcies in 2018 have almost reached the level for all of last year.

At the EU level, the European Commission has offered earlier than usual payments of annual subsidies and will allow fallow land to be used to feed livestock.

Position Paper on the European Commission proposal for a Regulation on Minimum Requirements for Water Reuse (COM(2018) 337 final) of 25 May 2018 (Contribution to European Commission public consultation)

The European Irrigation Association (EIA) , which represents all professionals involved with the irrigation industry from the Agriculture, Golf and Turf sectors, fully supports the original multiple objectives of the European Commission for developing a harmonised regulatory framework for water reuse for irrigation at EU level. The EIA also supports that such regulatory framework is set in the legal format of Regulation which stipulates standardized approach to planning, implementation and validation of water reuse projects on equal terms in all Member States.

As contribution to the public consultation launched by the European Commission, the EIA wishes to point out a few observations on provisions set in the Regulation, where minimum requirements for reference values in reclaimed water as presented in Annex 1 to the Regulation present the major concern.

1. The supporting documents to the Regulation proposal, including a Science for Policy report (JRC 2017: Minimum quality requirements for water reuse in agricultural irrigation and aquifer recharge) and earlier Public Consultation Reports, identify public acceptance to be the key barrier for increase in waste water reuse for irrigation. Consequently, it can be observed that the Regulation proposal primarily aims at alleviating public health concerns by imposing stringent quality requirements for irrigation of food crops and mandatory provisions on risk management procedures.

While such focus is partly understandable, it should be noted that the same research shows highest rate of acceptance for the use of reclaimed water for irrigation of urban green spaces. Yet the Regulation proposal leaves this sector, as well as water reuse for irrigation of non-food crops, golf courses and sports turf areas, without any appropriate regulatory framework. Subordinating this type of projects to stern provisions of the Regulation in effect will leave this type of projects to arbitrary level of local requirements in terms of approval and compliance check procedures. Instead of its original intention to facilitate uptake in waste water reuse practice, the Regulation proposal itself - if adopted as such - will thus become a sort of a barrier, even for projects with inherently higher public acceptance.

2. We share the concerns of many stakeholders in countries with existing regulations that the Regulation proposal, based on such stringent water quality demands, will be difficult to enforce and will inevitably impose significant additional costs on existing and future systems.

Definition of only four water reuse categories and explicit prescription of high disinfection standards in this context is in effect more a “one-size-fits-all” approach than the intended “fit-for-purpose” approach.


IA announces a Vanguard Award recipient

The Irrigation Association is honored to announce that the Netafim and Gallo Vineyards Inc. variable rate drip irrigation project has been awarded a prestigious 2018 Vanguard Award.

Beginning in 2012, Gallo embarked on an initiative to address spatial variability through irrigation system design, data mining and response to data. After partnering with Netafim, the resulting concept called variable rate drip irrigation has led to significant improvements in overall production control and reduction in variability.

“I applaud Netafim USA and Gallo Vineyards, along with their partners in this VRDI project, for their leadership and vision,” IA CEO Deborah Hamlin, CAE, FASAE, said. “This project embodies the spirit of the Vanguard Award, and I’m excited to recognize it during the Irrigation Show this December.”

Since its inception, the project has resulted in yields between 10 and 20 percent versus grower standard in the trial period of 2013 through 2015, and water-use efficiency increased 15 to 20 percent. Other partners involved in the project include Bennett and Bennett Irrigation and IBM.

“Netafim is honored to receive a Vanguard Award from the IA and to be recognized together with our project partner, Gallo Vineyards Inc.,” said Netafim USA President and CEO John Vikupitz. “Netafim remains committed to investing in innovation and agricultural technologies in order to create value for our customers. The VRDI concept has been one of the most promising research and development investments we have made.”

Launched in 2017, the IA’s Vanguard Award was created to honor an innovative project in the irrigation industry that was executed by a team of individuals, companies, organizations or other group entities. 

Reinke Announces New Wheel Gearbox Warranty

Reinke today announced a 10 year/16,000 hour warranty on its new Reinke-UMC® 740-U-AD™ 10/16 wheel gearbox. The warranty becomes the longest gearbox warranty available in the industry for electric center pivots and lateral move irrigation systems.

“Giving farmers added peace of mind is something we continually strive for in our product advancements and technologies,” said Reinke President Chris Roth. “We are proud to be able to offer this unprecedented warranty to our customers on our new gearbox.” 

The industry standard on an electric irrigation system gearbox warranty is 8 years/8,000 hours. In 2010, Reinke increased its gearbox warranty to 10 years/10,000 hours.

The Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD 10/16 wheel gearbox features new high torque gears made from materials that enhance gear lubrication. In a recent independent study, the new model was lined up against a competitor gearbox and a current Reinke gearbox model. The Reinke-UMC 740-U-AD 10/16 outper­formed the other models in all testing.

In average gearbox load capacity testing, measuring the amount of load applied to the gearbox before it begins to ‘growl’ or make noise (signaling the start of extreme gear wear), the new Reinke gearbox overpowered the other models by more than 22 percent, averaging more than 26,000 inch pounds. 

Ocmis Celebrates the Third Consecutive Year of Success for its New Pivot Range


During the 2017/2018 season, Ocmis Irrigazione celebrates the third consecutive year of success for its new Pivot line. Ocmis Irrigazione, a world leader in the supply of smart irrigation solutions, has also experienced significant growth in its product sales during this period, on both the domestic and interna­tional markets.

As a result of recent investments made in the production process at the Castelvetro di Modena site, inau­gurated on 17th December 2017, Ocmis Irrigazione has been able to make a leap forward in terms of quality. The outcome has been a 2017/2018 season that has even surpassed the ambitious objectives set by the Group. The record level achieved for the new Pivot line can be added to the sales records established for the traditional products (Hose Reels, Motor Pump Units and Generators). Having entered the market a mere 3 years ago, Ocmis Irrigazione has continuously recorded a double-digit growth in sales and turnover.

The quality of the products and the customer service provided has enabled Ocmis Irrigazione to penetrate new markets in Europe, Africa, Oceania, North America and Asia. The trust placed in the group by its customers world-wide means that Ocmis Irrigazione is able to continue investing in its products so as to be best prepared for the fresh challenges of the 2018/2019 season.


K-Rain Manufacturing names Rick Hall as Director of Sales, North America


Rick Hall, irrigation industry veteran of K-Rain Manufacturing, has assumed the position of Director of Sales North America for the company.

Having successfully held technical manage­ment and leadership sales positions within the company over the past 14 years, Hall brings a deep knowledge of irrigation products to the industry. “Rick’s ability to take our engineering technology and innovation and boil it down to how it truly benefits irrigation professionals and their customers is amazing,” said Chip Kah, President. “In his expanded role, he’ll be able to now provide his leadership to our growing sales organization across the country.” 

Beginning more than two decades ago as an owner of a green industry company, Hall’s continued passion with his work is evident at training seminars he leads. “What I’ve always loved about my job is being able to educate others about how certain features not only increase water effectiveness and efficiency but also bring benefits like increased productivity and competitive differentiation to contractors” said Hall.  “It’s rewarding to be a part of an “aha” moment for those professionals.”

Mr. Hall will be actively promoting the use of K-Rain intelligent flow technology irrigation products throughout North America.

K-Rain : Irrigation innovator Carl Kah to be honored at the Green Industry Award Show


Carl Kah, CEO and founder of K-Rain Manufacturing, was been inducted into the Green Industry Hall of Fame on May 19, 2018.

After serving in a variety of engineering leadership positions in the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Kah started his career as a rocket scientist with Pratt & Whitney.  It was during this time that he patented his first irrigation invention. Leveraging his engineering ex­per­tise, he founded

K-Rain Manufacturing in 1974.

Fast forward 44 years and over 100 patents later – including the most reliable reversing mechanism in the industry used by all gear-driven manufacturers today – the company has expanded distribution to over 60 nations worldwide.

For 26 years, the Green Industry Hall of Fame has been recognizing key individuals who have innovated and changed the irrigation industry with their contributions.  

Nelson NIC : Lanny Ptacek retires

To all our friends and customers in the industry ...


June 1, 2018 marks the retirement date for Lanny Ptacek. He started with Nelson Irrigation Corporation July 1, 1997 and after 20 11/12 years we are sad to say goodbye. Lanny has had a tremendous career in the irrigation industry – and we’ve been lucky to have him on board during some very exciting times. Lanny’s main responsibilities for Nelson Irrigation Corporation have been international sales in regions including Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Lanny’s experiences early in life gave him tremendous insight into farming, irrigation, and international travel. Lanny grew up the oldest of 6 children on a farm in Southeastern North Dakota. His family grew corn, alfalfa, wheat, cattle, pigs and chickens. He graduated from North Dakota State University in 1970 with a BS in Agricultural Engineering. Lanny graduated from Utah State University in 1972 with a MS in Irrigation Engineering. He studied under Dr. Jack Keller and did research in El Salvador. One of his other professors was Dr. J. E. Christiansen – the namesake for (CU) Christiansen Coefficient of Uniformity.

Lanny worked with the Soil Conservation Service in North Dakota from 1973-1974, Hawaiian Agronomics in Iran in 1975, and Reed Irrigation from 1976-1985. Reed took him from California, to Jordan to Costa Rica. He joined Rain Bird in 1986 and worked there until 1994. During that time he met his wife Cindy and numerous friends and colleagues. From 1995-1997 he was the manager of United Pipe and Supply in Wenatchee, Washington. That brought him to Nelson Irrigation’s backyard – and in July of that year he joined our team. Lanny has been involved in the sales and marketing of all Nelson products.

Bob Rupar retired back on April 1st and he wanted to also extend his thanks to Lanny. “Lanny has been a major contributor to the success of Nelson Irrigation, especially in the international markets where he traveled extensively and tirelessly. Lanny not only represented our company extremely well, but also the irrigation industry and our country.”

It has been a pleasure to have Lanny on the Nelson team. His professionalism, technical knowledge of irrigation, sales & marketing expertise and his genuine care and interest in people are truly unique and will be greatly missed. Good luck to you Lanny and Cindy! Enjoy your adventures in the coming years

Senninger IrrigationAnnounces Appointment of Steve Abernethy to VP of Global Sales

Senninger Irrigation, a Hunter Industries Company,is pleased to announce the leadership transition of Steve Abernethy to Vice President of Global Sales. 

Steve served as Hunter’s Vice President of Global Sales for Landscape Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting for more than a decade, and has held various other leadership roles over the past 22 years. 

“We are excited forSteve to join the leadership team here at Senninger as we execute our strategic plans tohelp feed a growing world,” said James Burks, President of Senninger Irrigation. “Steve brings a long track record of building strong partnerships with OEMs and distributors, developing effective sales teams, and connecting customer needs to manufacturing operations.”

“As Hunter Industries continues to grow, I look forward to seeing the investments in all our divisions reach their market potential,” said Greg Hunter, CEO of Hunter Industries. “I know Steve shares our values as a corporation and is committed to supporting a bright future not only for our Agricultural Division, but forour customers around the globe.”

Mazzei Injector Company celebrates 40 years of innovation, collaboration and service

The founders and employees of Mazzei Injector Company celebrated the organization's 40th anniversary with a look at the evolution from its humble beginnings in Angelo and Mary Mazzei's Bakersfield garage to its maturation into a world-renowned leader in fluid processing technology.  Today, the company--still headed by Angelo Mazzei, who has been joined by his daughter Celia "Cece" Cobar as head of research and development--employs more than 28 people and manufactures venturi injectors and other specialized fluid handling equipment in Bakersfield.

"I think the single best attribute of Mazzei Injector, which has helped the company succeed for all these years, is the passion for excellence that Angelo has, and that has permeated throughout the company," said Geoff Whynot, president of Mazzei Injector Company, at a luncheon marking the anniversary of the company's establishment.

Venturi Principle

Mazzei, who grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and worked on his uncle's farm after graduating from Fresno State College, built his first injector to efficiently blend fertilizer with irrigation water from the pressurized supply lines feeding off the California Aqueduct.  He tapped into the venturi principle, using a specially designed configuration that directed water to increase velocity through a chamber, creating a vacuum that pulled fertilizer into the system and mixed it with the flowing water.  With no moving parts and powered by a minimal differential pressure of the water in the line, the system was highly efficient and almost foolproof.  Mazzei received his first patent, and founded the company with Mary, in 1978.

Since its start in agriculture 40 years ago, Mazzei injectors have become highly sought after for fluid processing solutions in a wide range of industries.  Winemakers use Mazzei injectors to improve yeast growth during fermentation of their wines.  Utilities use them to more efficiently purify drinking water.  Food companies and industrial customers use them to reduce odors in their wastewater. Hot tub makers place small Mazzei injectors in their systems to blend ozone into the water for sanitation.  And farmers are still using Mazzei injectors to precisely manage fertilizers and crop protection products in irrigation water, and, increasingly, to aerate the root zone.  Other Mazzei inventions have further enhanced the efficiency of gas/liquid mixing, which has long challenged engineers.

"For 40 years, Angelo has built more than a company, he's built a culture--a culture of innovation, a culture of collaboration, a culture of service," said Jim Lauria, vice president of sales and marketing. 

Collaboration and Commitment

The Mazzei team has collaborated closely with scientists, farmers, industrial engineers and other experts to advance water treatment.  The company has been a strong supporter of Fresno State's Center for Irrigation Technology, a thought leader in water management that is respected worldwide.  That long partnership illustrates the spirit of innovation and collaboration that has marked the company's history, said Lauria.

The family and company are also deeply dedicated to service to customers, industries, educators, students, and to their community, Lauria added.  Angelo Mazzei has donated countless hours as a volunteer for industry organizations, civic groups and the Foundation board of California State University, Bakersfield.  "The past 40 years have been an exciting experience that has given me the opportunity to work with many outstanding people to grow the company," said Angelo. "I'm pleased to see the company positioned for future innovations and positive growth."


Canal de Provence : The Millésime conference was held in Provence for the second time on 19th March 2018

With the accolades it has earned, the Conference has become an annual mee­ting place for the oenologists, wine-gro­wers and property-owners who are aware that they need to have a better under­standing of how the environment affects the nature of the relationship between the plant and the composition of the fruit. Initiated in the Napa Valley in 2010, the conference has been held each year in Napa, Paso Robles, Oregon and Sonoma in California, as well as in Bordeaux, Provence and, this year, in Burgundy. This is a unique event, brin­ging together renowned scientists and oenologists, so that they can bring a scien­tific and practical perspective to the data gathered, as well as analysing the observations made in the course of the season.

In Provence, the 2017 season has been notable for an exceptional drought, not to mention some late frosts which, in just a few hours, ended the hopes of many wine-growers. Wine production in Provence has slumped by 20 to 30%, depending on the variety. Faced with an increase in temperature and the intensity of the droughts, there are a number of possible solutions for adapting to this situation: irrigation and the development of drought-resistant varieties, ideas that have already been discussed at the 2016 Millésime conference.

Furthermore, in the Var region, a number of wine-growers’ associations signed, in December 2017 a framework partnership agreement with the company Canal de Provence (SCP) to develop irrigation in their vineyards. This agreement sets a target of equipping 20,000 ha over a relatively short period of time, which should not exceed twenty years.


Nelson Irrigation : Bob Rupar retires

With a start date on March 1, 1974, Bob Rupar has put in 44 years with Nelson Irrigation Corporation. He was a Vice President of the company, has headed our Sales & Marketing effort, and has been involved with the overall management of the company since the very early days. Bob has been instrumental in upholding Nelson Irrigation’s mission statement – “save water, save energy and do a better job of irrigating,” and has his name on eight US patents and numerous foreign patents. Bob was the 2003 recipient of the Irrigation Association Industry Achievement Award.

When Bob started with Nelson the product line consisted of three series of Big Gun® sprinklers, five impact sprinklers and a base flow control. From that point, with tremendous input from Bob, the product line grew to include pressure regulators, the Rotator® Family of sprinklers and accessories, control valves, the TWIG® Wireless Control System, the MP Rotator® and Pathfinder drip tape. He was instrumental in the sale of the latter two product lines – which allowed the company to sharpen its focus.

Valmont Irrigation has received Technical Novelty Award for Valley X-Tec™ center drive with FastPass™ technology

The award was received in February 2018, during the participation to the fair. The awarded product was exhibited and demonstrated in Valmont Irrigation stand. Valley X-Tec combines an advanced DC motor with a patented new alignment system to deli ver the ultimate combination of speed and power. The new center drive can operate up to 136 rpm with full torque at any speed. This enables a typical 7 tower pivot to complete a full irrigation pass in approximately four hours, half the time of a standard high-speed pivot. Valley has trademarked the FastPass term for setting the standard in high speed pivot irrigation. A constant speed, even on hills, rocks and slopes. Equally distributed amount of fertilizers and no problems with the characteristics of the landscape or the amount of water needed: these are, for short, the advantages of the new Valley system, X-Tec™.
Powerful Features: Full torque at all speeds. Patented, consistent precision alignment. Low inertia rotor. Electric braking technology. Robust design provides lasting durability. Soft starts allow for smooth acceleration of the motor. FastPass Application Features: Frequent, light application maintains surface moisture during germination. Applying a light mist creates a cooling canopy for high-value crops during the heat of the day. Proper moisture prevents blowing sand from damaging early stage crop growth and minimizes erosion. Provides the opportunity for foliar application of crop protection products, reducing ground and aerial trips, and potential cross-contamination. Increased speeds in low spots prevents over-watering in areas that need little to no water. Allows for more effective split crop management.

London will be responsible for the CAP subsidies

After Brexit until a new national system is put in place, the British government will be held responsible over a number of years for paying the farmers’ subsidies that have been paid up to now by the EU, confirmed the Minister of Agriculture on Thursday. Each year, the British farmers receive almost 3 billion pounds (3.34 billion euros) under the common agricultural policy (CAP), according to the figures provided by the NFU (National Farmers Union). This amount is basically paid according to the number of hectares farmed. The Minister, Michael Gove, during a speech delivered in Oxford, criticised the CAP, considering the way it operates to be “unjust, inefficient and drives perverse outcomes”. He, nevertheless, promised that the Government will continue to pay the subsidies “for a number of years” in order “to give the farmers time to adapt to the new economic model, thus helping them to make the necessary investments and prepare for the future”. The United Kingdom will no longer receive CAP aid after it leaves the European Union, planned for March 2019. London wants to establish a transition period, the terms of which will have to be negotiated with Brussels.

Agritech Israel will hold its 20th International Agro Technology Exhibition & Conference May 8-10 in Tel Aviv

One of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies, Agritech Israel will hold its 20th International Agro Technology Exhibition & Conference May 8-10 at the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center in Tel Aviv. With more than 35,000 visitors and 250 exhibitors anticipated, this year’s event is slated to emphasize agriculture in arid and semi-arid regions.

The International Agro Technology Exhibition & Conference is expected to draw leaders and policy makers from the worldwide sectors of business, industry and academia. Participants will be able to view some of today’s advanced techniques aimed at increasing the productivity of agricultural industries and share ideas on solutions to national and multi-national agricultural challenges in desert areas.

Featured among these challenges will be water conservation, an area in which Israel has become a world leader due to its many years of experience in managing scarce water resources combined with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Promising Israeli startups will present novel technologies including innovations in precision agriculture, which enable farmers to better understand and respond to the terrain and to crop variability; solar energy; and natural pest-control. Additio­nally, leading international decision-makers will debate timely issues such as the global rice crisis, the California drought, and alternatives to surface irrigation.

The concurrent exhibition and conference are open to those in the field who are involved in manufacturing, marketing, R&D, or the various agricultural sectors. We invite you to join participants from around the world to learn how they are working to overcome desert barriers, expand food sources, and “push the envelope” of agricultural limits.


For information and to coordinate your attendance please contact Kenes Exhibitions: 


Kulker becomes independent

In December 2017, the company Kulker, which has been part of the RYB Group since 2011, became an independent company through a buy-out (BO) by four of its managers. Kulker is a company that specialises in agricultural and green space irrigation in France, the French overseas departments and territories and West Africa. It has been offering complete irrigation solutions, from the design stage to the supply of the equipment, for more than 50 years and it has a turnover of almost 20 million euros.

The company operates at 4 locations: Sully, Bourg les Valence, Borgo in Corsica and, more recently, the town of Cheval-Blanc in the Vaucluse departement, where the company now has its head office.

In order to be able to meet the growing demands of its clients more effectively, Kulker currently has a 2,500 m2 warehouse at Cheval-Blanc as well as an outside storage area of 20 000m² for stockpiling more than 3,500 products and parts.

For the company’s 30 employees, the key word is - and always has been - “Quality”: quality service, product quality, quality installations…

The new President, the former Managing Director of Kulker, stated: “we are starting a new adventure, but the company has a solid base, with attentive and responsive partners and loyal and ambitious customers. Not only the success of the past, but also and above all the results of tomorrow, are due to the efforts of Kulker’s personnel, with their tireless commitment and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Read about us on our website: or find us on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo and LinkedIn)!


UMC celebrates its 40-year anniversary

Alors qu'UMC fête ses 40 ans, nous sommes fiers de nos relations de longue date avec la clientèle, la qualité et de la fiabilité de nos produits, nos innovations de pointe et le fait d’être, depuis 40 ans, resté une entreprise familiale.

Depuis ses débuts modestes dans un petit entrepôt de l'est de Los Angeles, UMC est devenue une multinationale qui fournit des systèmes d’entraînement utilisés sur 95 % des systèmes d'irrigation mécanisés dans le monde. UMC a gagné sa réputation dans l'industrie en fabriquant des systèmes d’entraînement des plus innovants et de très haute qualité. Depuis 1978, nos produits, de par leur innovation, ont remis en question, à maintes et maintes reprises, les systèmes d'entraînement mécanisé utilisés en irrigation.

Aujourd'hui, UMC est,  au niveau industriel, comme depuis toujours, grâce à une recherche constante pour améliorer la qualité et les performances de ses produits, le catalyseur du changement. Nos dernières innovations telles que le réducteur 740-U-AD et celles des séries 755 et 765 en témoignent. Ces nouveaux produits, dont les objectifs sont identiques à deux de leurs prédécesseurs, possèdent des performances et des durées de vie inégalées. Les améliorations, apportées à ces nouveaux modèles, garantissent une augmentation de leur durée de vie, avec moins de perte de temps, d’où un intérêt accru par rapport aux autres produits concurrents.

Au cours de ces 40 dernières années, nous avons créé un organisme capable de fournir à nos clients des produits et des services de haute qualité. Nos équipes internationales de conception, d'ingénierie et de vente disposent d’une expérience des plus complète dans le domaine de l'irrigation mécanisée, donnant à UMC la possibilité unique de proposer des solutions optimales dans le domaine de la transmission répondant à  toutes les conditions de fonctionnement, de créer des produits plus performants et de rechercher et de développer de nouvelles technologies visant à améliorer l'efficacité et la polyvalence des systèmes d'irrigation mécanisés.

Ces 40 années ont été incroyables pour UMC. Nous remercions tous nos amis et clients qui nous ont fait confiance et nous attendons avec impatience les 40 prochaines années !



Maize harvest: an abundance of grain but the prices are low (AGPM)

The average yield for the maize harvest was estimated at 103 quintals per hectare (1 metric quintal = 100 kgs), according to the estimates of the Arvalis Institute of Plant Research.  This is a good, even very good, yield, 15% higher than last year.

Overall, there has been a lack of rainfall but the rains have arrived at key moments, allowing for good yields to be produced, even on non-irrigated land. “The progress made in genetics has played an important part”, explained Gilles Espagnol, a maize specialist at Arvalis - Plant Research Institute. The sector has made significant progress in the field of plant selection, particularly with regard to their tolerance to water stress.

These performances should delight the maize (corn) producers, but they have to face up to “price pressure”, explained the General Association of Maize Producers (AGPM). There have been record harvests in South America, with large quantities now being available for export. The yields have also been very good in the United States. Consequently, there is fierce competition on the world market.

“The drop in prices will eat up almost all of the profits gained from increased yields”, concluded Matthieu Çaldumbide. We can, therefore, expect an increase in the average turnover of around 5%, providing that prices do not drop any further.

The maize producers are thus “for the fourth consecutive year in a difficult financial situation”, insists Anne-Claire Vial. This year, once again we have “tonnes of maize produced without receiving decent prices”.


Jain Irrigation conferred CBIP Award 2018 for ‘Optimumand Efficient utilization of Water’

New Delhi-headquartered institution Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) every year gives away awards on excellent performance in water conservation, power and renewable power sector from 1927. This year CBIP gave away the award to Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., for optimum and efficient use of water. The award consists of a plaque and a citation. Senior Asso­ciate of CBIP Varun Kumar Singh accepted this award on behalf of the Company.

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., has been conferred with CBIP Award 2018 for the “Optimum and Efficient Utilization of Water Re­sources.” Jain Irrigation has always contributed to development by efficient utilization of water and other natural resources by developing innovative solutions and pioneering work done to promote the concept of drip irrigation systems and sprinklers as well as for increasing the productivity of small land holder farmers. CBIP Day is celebrated every year at New Delhi in January. CBIP confers awards on this occasion.

Rain Spa : 2nd International Meeting

Building on the success of the previous meeting of its international distributers, Rain Spa is pleased to present a report on the 2nd international meeting that took place last October on the island of Elba.

This international summit brought together all of Rain’s global distributers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

It was with pleasure that we were able to present new innovative products to those attending the meeting, such as web-based and Bluetooth controllers, the super Jumbo valve box and others, thus becoming part of the company’s vision. The beauty of the island, excellent food and wine and the leisure activities on offer created a wonderful atmosphere among all those attending the event, who were also able to enjoy networking among themselves.


K-Rain Appoints New European and Middle East Manager

K-Rain announced the promotion of Alvaro Iturriaga to European and Middle East Manager. Alvaro has been integral in the expansion of the K-Rain brand in Europe andwill broaden his scope of work to include the Middle East Territory. “The promotion of Alvaro to our management team is part of our aggressive and ongoing effort to add market support and valuable resources to

K-Rain and thus accelerate our growth,” commented Chip Kah, President of K-Rain. 

Dr. Michael G. Vale To Join The Toro Company Board of Directors

The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) today announced that Michael G. Vale, Ph.D., will join its board of directors on January 1, 2018. The addition of Dr. Vale will bring the Toro board to 11 members.

Vale, 51, currently serves as the executive vice president, Health Care Business Group of 3M Company (NYSE: MMM), a global diversified technology company based in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has served as executive vice president, Health Care Business Group of 3M Company since July 2016. Previously, he served as 3M Company’s executive vice president, Consumer Business Group fromAugust 2011 to July 2016. Vale joined 3M Company in 1992 and has served in a variety of domestic and international roles, including product development engineer, manufacturing director, managing director of 3M Spain and managing director of 3M Brazil.

“We are pleased to welcome Mike to The Toro Company board of directors. His extensive background and global business experience will bring fresh insight to the enterprise,” said Richard M. Olson, Toro’s chairman, president and chief executive officer. “Mike’s demonstrated leadership and expertise will prove valuable as we continue to focus on providing innovative solutions to the customers we serve around the world.”

Vale holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Yale University and a Ph.D. in chemistry from M.I.T.


Lincoln Agritech inks IRRICAD distribution partnership with Netafim in China

Lincoln Agritech Limited announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Netafim (Guangzhou) Agricultural Technology Co Ltd based in China. It is one of the subsidiaries of Israel-based Netafim. Netafim will distribute and support Lincoln Agritech’s irrigation design software IRRICAD™ in the Chinese market.

This agreement comes on the back of a ten-year relationship with Netafim who switched to using IRRICAD in their own design offices globally in 2007. The agreement is aimed at strengthening Lincoln Agritech’s local presence in the emerging Chinese market, where increasing investment in irrigation has been largely driven by government policy towards efficient irrigation in agricultural production.


Earth will become a DESERT by 2050 if global warming isn't stopped, claims latest study

The globe is set to start drying out dramatically if global warming isn't stopped.

That's the message from a new environmental study published by the journal Nature Climate Change.

Over 25% of Earth will start experiencing the effects of "aridificaiton" by the year 2050 if humans don't meet the changes proposed by the Paris climate agreement .

The study claims that if the Earth's average temperature goes up by two degrees Celsius over the next 32 years, the planet will start to become a desert.

Our research predicts that aridification would emerge over about 20-30 percent of the world’s land surface by the time the global mean temperature change reaches 2ºC," said Manoj Joshi, the lead researcher of the study.

"But two-thirds of the affected regions could avoid significant aridification if warming is limited to 1.5ºC (34.7 degrees Fahrenheit)."

The study goes on to point out that reducing greenhouse gas emissions will keep global warming under the 2 degree threshold and reduce the likelihood of aridification.

An annual U.N. audit of progress towards that goal showed emissions are likely to be 53.0-55.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year by 2030, far above the 42 billion tonne threshold for averting the 2 degree rise.

Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace International, said climate-fuelled hurricanes, floods and drought would rapidly worsen unless ministers committed to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

"Paris was just the starting point," she said.

The Nature Climate Change study predicts the regions that will be most affected by an average temperature increase are those located in Central America, Southeast Asia, Southern Europe, Southern Africa and Southern Australia.


EIA elects Damir Čizmek as new President and refines its work plan for 2018 and beyond

The European Irrigation Association (EIA) elected Damir Čizmek as its new President at the recent EIA General Assembly in Lyon on 4 December. As owner of the irrigation distribution firm IN-AQUA in Croatia, Damir Cizmek has a wealth of expe­rience with 20 years of activity in the irrigation industry and over 10 years of involvement in the EIA including several EIA training sessions and irrigation forums over the years. Further, the EIA elected three Vice Presidents, each representing key strategic priorities of the irrigation industry: Agriculture, Turf and Education.

EIA Board member Michel Histel, is elected as VP for Agriculture, whereas past EIA President Carlo Fontana is now VP for Turf/ Landscape/ Sport/ Golf. Pierre-Alain Madelaine, President of the French association SYNAA is welcomed as VP for Education matters into the fold. SYNAA has vast experience providing targeted training measures at national level which should help the EIA develop their educational and vocational training activities further.  In addition to these three new positions, EIA can rely on its Communication Office establi­shed in Montpellier since June, to support the association activities.

Mr Cizmek said: “Truly professional irrigation is no mean feat: It requires a multidisciplinary understanding of water engineering, irrigation design and management, including control systems, communications and turf & landscape management practices. I’m pleased by the EIA’s decision to put in place adequate resources and support with our new Vice-Presidency to tackle this challenge.”


Jain Irrigation Announces Completion of Investment in United States Two of The Largest Micro Irrigation Dealers - AVI & IDC

Update to our announcement dated April 18, 2017. We hereby inform that Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (“JISL”) through its multi generation wholly owned subsidiary in the United States of America (“USA”) has completed acquisition of 80% stake in two of the United States’ largest micro-irrigation dealers - Agri-Valley Irrigation, LLC. (“AVI”) and Irrigation Design and Construction, LLC (“IDC”).

This promotes JISL’s USA business to become an un-paralleled leader in design, construction, service, and innovative Ag Technology providing a unique platform to help growers implement state-of-the-art irrigation technology and achieve “More Crop Per Drop™”.

Anil Jain, CEO of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. said, “We are delighted to inform about the completion of our investment in AVI and IDC and welcome all their associates into the JISL group. We look forward to working with all the stakeholders of AVI and IDC to deliver on the vision and high growth trajectory of their businesses and reaching out to newer horizons. The food production industry has undergone a lot of consolidation both globally and in the USA. We look at the diversification of Jain’s investment in irrigation distribution to be following a model that mirrors the industry trend”.

Nelson : Welcome Ignacio del Campo

We are pleased to announce that Ignacio del Campo Tagle has joined the Nelson team. As of September 1, 2017 he is the Sales Engineer for Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. Ignacio has 15 years of experience in pivot, solid set, and drip irrigation, 11 years working with a dealership in Chile, and 4 years as an independent consultant. Ignacio has a passion for water application technology and is an excellent addition to our team.


K-Rain announces sales appointment

K-Rain is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Cato to the position of district sales manager for K-Rain. “The addition of Chris to our team is part of our aggressive and ongoing effort to add market support and valuable resources to the K-Rain Brand and to accelerate its growth,” commented Chip Kah, President of K-Rain.

Chris brings over 20 years of diversified experience in the irri­gation industry. He has owned a contracting company, worked in distribution management and in manufacturer sales and support.

Chris will work with distribution and contractors in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. 

King Innovation Acquires Blazing Products

Brothers Herb King (CEO of King Innovation) and Tom King (former CEO of Blazing Products) have a long history in the irrigation industry. During this time both parties have focused their efforts on a common goal – to develop innovative products that help make the irrigation professional’s job easier. King Innovation is excited to continue in this tradition as the company expands, and is eager to use this opportunity to improve the customer experience.

During their twenty-one years in business, Blazing Products developed several key irrigation brands in saddles, pipe fittings, wire connectors pipe cutters, and more.

It is King Innovation’s in­ten­tion to make this transi­tion as smooth as possible for custo­mers. Over the cour­se of the next few months customers will continue to be informed with more details.

King Innovation speciali­zes in the development, design, and manufacture of innovative products to meet customer needs in the irrigation, electrical and utility markets. King’s wide product offering includes DryConn® Waterproof Connectors, SnapTap® Saddles, Siphon King® Utility Pumps, King Drains®, King Grips®, Comfort Squeeze® Ergonomic Hand Tools, and a variety of accessories.


Senninger : IA’s Vanguard Award Selected Close-Spaced LEPA Installations


Close-Spaced LEPA Installations: Saving Water and Energy and Increasing Yields, was selected in the Agriculture category of the Irrigation Association’s new Vanguard Award. The Vanguard Award was established in 2017 to honor a team of individuals, companies, organizations or other group entities that have spear­headed or been involved with a completed, inno­vative ins­tallation project in the irri­gation industry.

Close Spacing LEPA (Low Energy Precision Applica­tion) takes tech­nology that began in the 1980’s and adds product innovations which alter the appli­cation pattern. Then it reduces the spacing bet­ween the hose drops to 40 inches or less to distribute water over most of the soil sur­face. These LEPA sys­tems gently deliver water from a height of 8 to 18 inches above the ground to combat wind drift and prevent evaporation loss. Conservation tillage practices further help prevent evaporation loss, and run-off by holding the water in the rows until the soil can absorb it. As a result, Close Spacing LEPA achieves application efficiencies typically exceeding 95 percent.


David Preston Ransburg, 78, of Peoria passed away Saturday, November 11, 2017, surrounded by his family

Dave is survived by his wife, Zan; his son, David Preston Ransburg Jr. (Jennifer) of Deerfield, Illinois; his daughter, Emily Ransburg Cittadine (Andrew) of Winnetka, Illinois; his four grandchildren, Cecilia Ransburg, Harper Ransburg, Eric Cittadine and Alexander Cittadine; and his brother, Thomas Ransburg of Santa Fe, NM.

Dave was a successful businessman, a tireless advocate for the community and an incredibly loving and generous husband, father, grandfather and friend. Anyone who had the fortune to know Dave personally knows that he was loyal, generous, caring, warm and witty.

As a young man, Dave became an Eagle Scout, and he continued to support Boy Scouts of America throughout his life.

Dave earned his B.S. from Purdue University and his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. In 1972, Dave ventured out on his own, buying a small sprinkler company, L. R. Nelson. Dave and his family relocated to Peoria, and for several decades, L. R. Nelson grew and prospered under Dave’s leadership, becoming one of the worlds’ leading manufacturers of lawn and garden sprinklers. Although headquar­tered in Peoria, L. R. Nelson had offices and distribution facilities all over the world. In 2008, the company was sold, and Dave retired. Dave was Mayor of Peoria from 2001-2005 and served as councilman for the City of Peoria from District 5.

Dave enjoyed reading, traveling, flying, photography, skiing, nature and, most of all, being with family. Unbeknownst to most, he was a writer of poetry and song lyrics, and he designed jewelry. He had great admiration for his grandfather, Harper J. Ransburg, and authored the book “The Ransburg Collection” in his honor (a story about his grandfather’s entrepre­neurial spirit). His grandfather instilled in him the philosophy to “leave everything better than when you got there.”


Fifteen thousand scientists have issued a warning about the state of the planet

This is the solemn message published on 13th November by 15,000 scientists from 184 countries, including biologists, physicians, astronomers, chemists, even agronomists, specialists in the climate or oceans, the authors expressing words of caution about the rapid destruction of the natural world and the danger of seeing humanity pushing “the ecosystems beyond their capacity to support life”.

Their text calls on decision-makers and policy-makers to do everything possible to “halt the destruction of the environment” and prevent the depletion of the resources provided by nature for the human race.

The level of support for this warning reflects an unease felt by all of the disciplines.

This is the second time that the “world’s scientists” have issued a warning to humanity. The first call of this type, published in 1992, following the Earth Summit in Rio (Brazil), was endorsed by some 1,700 leading scientists, including a hundred or so Nobel Price laureates. It was already highlighting a distur­bing state of affairs. This call for action has not been followed up. A quarter of a century has elapsed since then and the situation remains the same.

When he realised just how little progress has been made since 1992, the biologist William Ripple, professor emeritus at the University of the State of Oregon, took the initiative to remind us of the alarming indicators that were mentioned at the time. Together with seven other main authors, he has produced an overview, which outlines these developments, showing - with the aid of a few simple charts and graphs - the disastrous state of health of our planet at the present time.

Therefore, the scientists’ warning now makes even more sense. The problem is not so much demographic growth, rather it is the way our resources are managed and changes in lifestyles. Humanity must adopt an alternative that is more environmentally sustainable than the path being taken today.

A new President and CEO for Lindsay Corp.

Lindsay Corp. has announced the appointment of Timothy Hassinger as president and CEO and a member of its board of directors, effective October 16, 2017. Hassinger will succeed President and CEO Rick Parod, who previously announced he is retiring later this year after 17 years of service to the company. “The board unanimously agrees that Tim is the right choice to lead this great company into the future,” said Michael C. Nahl, Lindsay’s Chairman of the Board. “He brings global business experience with an exceptional track record of business lea­der­ship and creating profitable growth. This, combined with his people and customer focused operating style, has fueled his ability to exceed customer expectations and consistently deliver strong financial results.”

Hassinger, 55, currently serves as President and CEO of Dow AgroSciences, head­quar­tered in Indianapolis, IN. Dow AgroSciences, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Co., is a leader in seeds and crop protection chemicals with more than $6 billion of sales in 120 countries and 8,000 employees. “I look forward to working with the board and management team at Lindsay to build on the strong Lindsay brand and innovative products to provide new solutions to customers around the world,” said Hassinger.

Hassinger received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois and grew up on a family farm in Central Illinois. He is also active in a number of industry associations, as well as civic and charitable causes.

Nahl concluded, “On behalf of our shareholders, board and executive team, I want to thank Rick Parod for his many contributions over the past 17 years. Under his leadership, Lindsay has grown from a single plant generating approximately $100 million in revenues to an international leader in irrigation solutions, water management and infrastructure products with revenues of over $500 million..”


Mexichem agreed to acquire an 80 percent stake in Netafim in August

Mexichem, a piping and chemical com­pany headquartered in Mexico with 2016 revenue of $5.3 billion, agreed to acquire an 80 percent stake in Netafim in August.

Kibbutz Hatzerim, an Israeli-based co-founder of Netafim, will retain a 20 percent share, with the deal expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The deal valued Netafim, founded in 1965 and a pioneer of drip-irrigation technolo­gy, at $1.895 billion. Much of the stake, about 60 percent, being acquired by Mexichem will come from private equity and buyout firm Permira, which bought into Netafim in 2011.

“By combining our current irrigation portfolio with Netfim’s busi­ness, we will create a formidable growth platform to drive syner­gies,” said Antonio Carrillo Rule, Mexichem’s chief executive officer.

Netafim has operations in 30 countries, 17 manufacturing plants and more than 4,300 employees and sells its products in more than 110 countries.

Fresno-based Netafim USA’s operations were expanded in 2015 to include a 102,000-square-foot distribution center at 1550 N. Peach Ave. The company moved its North American subsidiary from New York to Fresno in 1992.

“The company will remain independent. The management team and myself will keep running the company,” Netafim Chief Executive Ran Maidan told Reuters in August. “We will be able come with all the advantages of being a part of a group, and on the other hand we will maintain Netafim’s independent character and identity.”


Apply for your Paysalia visitors badge and take part in the specially organised Wellgreen day!

The next Paysalia event, the trade show for the professionals involved in the Landscaping, Garden and Sports Fields sector, will be held at the Eurexpo site in Lyons, on 5-6-7 December 2017.

Come and walk around the lanes and paths of the showground and meet more than 600 exhibitors. Save time and find all the exhibitors offering the products that interest you by visiting the show’s « irrigation » area as well as the exhibits relating to sports fields at the “Wellgreen” area.

You can now apply for your free visitor’s badge at using the invitation code PPRRG

Are you the manager of a sports field, stadium of golf course? Make your visit worthwhile and take part in the Wellgreen Day, dedicated to sports equipment and soils. The programme includes: a technical visit to the Groupama Stadium, the home of Olympique Lyonnais, thematic conferences… Register when you apply for your badge - participation is free!

Houston Landscapers Discuss Effects from Huricane Harvey

The Texas Nursery and Landscape Association reported that many of its members have not yet been able to get into their offices and locations to inspect damage yet.

“Everyone is simply shut down,” said Jason Mathers, owner of Houston-based Monarch Land­scape Management. “You only need to spend a few minutes wat­ching the local news or Twitter feeds to get a grasp of the severity of Harvey’s might. Right now, Texans and Houstonians are standing tall, helping each other to safety and protecting property.”

Monarch took some precautions with its employees and assets prior to the storm, he says. The week before the storm, the company performed jobs ahead of time, bought additional equipment as a precaution and sent notification to customers. Monarch’s management also hosted several staff meetings before the weekend, and managers have been regularly communicating with team members via email.

“We prepared for what we thought may happen, but this is Texas weather and everyone is awe,” he says. “The timeline [for being closed] is not determinable and may last through the week because of high water and unsafe conditions for my team. At the moment, our people are first, and in the coming days we will finalize how we service our customers moving forward. We are blessed thus far.”


Metzer Establishes Its First Factory in China

In keeping with its strategy to sell dripline production technology and develop new markets worldwide, Metzer decides in January 2014 to establish its first production factory in China. The site chosen for the factory is the town of Shenyang, the largest town in North East China and a main transportation and commercial center.

In October 2015 Metzer and CNYD sign a contract and esta­blish a joint ven­ture – Shenyang Yuanda Metzer Irri­gation Indus­tries Co. Ltd. (YDMZ). In February 2016, while CNYD begins building the factory, Metzer manufactures the drip­line produc­tion lines and trans­ports them to China.

The factory in China began dripline pro­duction in January 2017 so that the Chi­nese farmers start using drip irrigation technology  this season.


Rain Bird : Technical Seminar for Landscape Architects


On 27th June of this year, in the exceptional setting of the École du Breuil (Horticultural College), in the Bois de Vincennes city park (Paris), the company Rain Bird® brought more than forty landscape architects together for a technical seminar that took place in a convivial and friendly atmosphere. This session consisted of two stages, a video presentation in the morning that highlighted the benefits for a landscape architect of an efficient and water-saving irrigation system, offering the high-performance products of Rain Bird® and, in the afternoon, entertaining and creative workshops were organised, enabling the participants to discover the latest innovations in the fields of micro-irrigation, sprinkling and programming.


Valley Irrigation promotes Andrew Carritt to vice president of product development

Carritt will lead the product development department, overseeing dealer experience, IT operations and product development. Carritt previously managed the creation and implementation of Valley BaseStation3™, and played a key role in the acquisition of AgSense®, a leading agricultural techno­logy company.

“Andy’s depth and breadth of experience make him uniquely qualified to continue our company’s momentum,” says Len Adams, group president Valley Irrigation. “Through a combination of product insight, under­standing of the customer, and his unique perspective on management, Andy is poised to help propel Valley forward.”

Since joining Valmont Industries in 1996, Carritt has played an integral role in redefining the product development methodology within Valley. As senior systems analyst, Carritt was a member of the first team to implement the Agile project management within the Valley IT department. Soon after, as director IT and software applications, he facilitated a company-wide shift to bring the voice of the customer to the forefront of product development.

“I believe utilizing the voice of the customer has translated into products and solutions that were well received by dealers and growers in the marketplace,” states Carritt. “In this new role, I would like to continue this development and aid Valley as it progresses into an interconnected, information-driven irrigation technology company.”

The EIA (European Irrigation Association) and SYNAA (Syndicat National de l’Arrosage Automatique) have decided to join forces during Paysalia

The European Irrigation Asso­ciation (EIA) is a non-profit asso­ciation with the mission to promote and improve products, practices and services in managing water resources for urban and agriculture irrigation.

The SYNAA supports the irrigation professionals that provide high quality work in France like the installers, the engineering offices and providers for the park and sports areas.

Paysalia - Landscape, Gardena & Sport fair - is the main landscape show in France and the 2nd biggest one in Europe. The next one will occur in Lyon, France on the 5, 6 and 7 of December of 2017.

As a partner of Paysalia, Synaa has offered a platform to EIA, within the fair, to conjointly organize a roundtable conference about education in irrigation.

The lack of homogenous regulatory frameworks and languages within Europe has been one of the biggest challenges in the development of education in irrigation. Nothing really exists regarding irrigation certifications in developed markets

With full acknowledgement of such challenges, companies, agencies and associations willing to contribute in developing common education and certification platform for improvement of professional skills essential for the sound planning, design, installation and management of irrigation systems have been contacted to join this common effort.

Several irrigation education providers, from Europe and the United States (where a certifi­ca­tion of competences is operated), have been invited to share their experience during the conference.

By combining their knowledge, expertise and the providers’ proficiency, the EIA and SYNAA will be able to shape the next steps of uniformed  and standardized procedures in education and certification of irrigation professionals at European level.

The EIA/ SYNAA roundtable conference on education in irrigation will happen on December the 5th.


The birth of Irrigants d’Europe

During the Portuguese National Agricultural Show, on 14th June Irrigants de France participated in the launching of the new European Association of Irrigation Professionals, Irrigants d’Europe. The aim will be to represent the European Union’s irrigation sector and create an awareness of all the challenges facing irrigated agriculture in Europe.

Therefore, the association constituted in this way will have three main objectives: promoting and representing irrigation and the management of water in Europe, encouraging the cooperation of the main players in this sector and developing European expertise in irrigation and water management for the main European institutions.

Éric Frétillère, President of Irrigants de France, will hold the post of vice-president of this new body, alongside Massimo Gargano from Italy and Andrés Del Campo Garcia from Spain, the presidency being held by José Nuncio from Portugal, all three being presidents of their national associations and responsible for issues relating to irrigation and water management in their respective countries. The formal signing of the statutes took place in the presence of Mr. Capoulas Santos, former MEP and Portuguese Minister of Agriculture.

 “At the time when the emphasis of the European issues is focusing more and more on the use of water, the creation of Irrigants d’Europe is good news: in terms of exchanging information with our counterparts and benefitting from their experience, particularly in matters concerning water storage and also with regard to the European institutions who must make a greater effort to face up to the challenges posed by the quantitative management of water within the context of climate change”, stated Éric Frétillère, President of Irrigants de France.


The Toro Company Announces Michael J. Hoffman's Retirement from the Board and the Election of Richard M. Olson as Chairman

 “My 40-year Toro career has been rewarding beyond imagination, from the richness of the relationships I share with employees, customers and other colleagues, to the totality of all the different career experiences on my Toro journey,” commented Hoffman. “Most recently, it has been an honor to lead this company following Ken Melrose, my mentor, who taught me the true meaning of leadership. I want to thank the board, distributors, customers, and especially our great employees, for their sup­port and friendship. I am confident that Toro’s future will remain bright, under the leadership of Rick Olson. His broad-based experience, intelligence, and passion for our culture, have prepared him well to serve all of our stakeholders. Rick will help ensure that the Company holds true to our mission of delivering superior innovation and superior customer care.”

Hoffman joined The Toro Company in 1977 and spent several years in service, sales, and marketing roles for the professional and residential businesses. He went on to serve in a number of top executive positions throughout the Company. He was elected president in October 2004 and served as chief executive officer from March 2005 through October 2016. He was first elected chairman of the board in March 2006.

Olson joined Toro in 1986 and served in various positions of increasing responsibility in engineering and operations for several years, before being named general manager of Exmark in 2010. Olson subsequently held a series of executive leadership roles across businesses. Olson was elected president and chief operating officer in September 2015 and to the board of directors in January 2016. In November 2016 he became president and chief executive officer.


Plastic-Puglia : 50 years in service of agriculture in the world

The company has been established in 1967 by Mr. Vitantonio Colucci who, with his innovative ideas has developed new irri­ga­tion products and systems, nowadays among the most advanced to increase productivity and efficiency in agriculture.

Today Plastic-Puglia is a solid and growing group, covering a 100.000 sqm area where are located all the machineries.

This guarantees the full control of all whole productive process, from raw material up to the final product.

To consolidate its leading position into the national and international markets, during the celebrations for the 50th anniversary from the foundation, the company has inaugurated a new 3.000 sqm building, that will be used for installing new production lines in 2018.

Standing before a large crowd of workers, suppliers and customers coming from all around the world, the board of management introduced the strategic plan for the up-coming years, plan targeting the consolidation of Plastic-Puglia’s leading position on the irrigation market.

Today the attention is focused on emerging markets that are facing water shortage and increasing awareness toward this problem.

Gold-Drip©, Aquadrop©, Aquatape©, Aquapress© – chosen by far­mers in more than 40 countries worldwide – are patented micro­fertirrigation solutions that maximise the yield minimising wastes.

Innovations and professionalism give Plastic-Puglia the possibility to also work both on governmental projects and on large private installations.

Jain irrigation announces investment in United States’ largest micro irrigation dealers – AVI & IDC


Jain Irrigation Systems Limited thru its multi generation Wholly Owned Subsidiary in United States of America (USA) agreed to acquire 80% stake in 2 US entities. Two of the United States’ largest micro-irrigation dealers - Agri-Valley Irrigation, Inc. (AVI) and Irrigation Design and Construction, Inc. (IDC), have entered into an agreement to merge ownership of their businesses into a newly formed distribution company. The new organization is an un-paralleled leader in design, construction, service, and innovative Ag Technology. This entity will provide a unique platform to help growers implement state-of-the-art irrigation technology and achieve “More Crop Per Drop™”. AVI and IDC have been long tenured stable companies with operations in United States of America.

This is a key strategic investment by Jain Irrigation Systems Limited into one of the largest irrigation markets in the world. Jain Irrigation Systems Limited already has a presence in U.S. micro irrigation market through its wholly owned subsidiary Jain Irrigation, Inc., which is headquartered in Fresno, California. California drought has now eroded with significant rains over the last few months. Therefore, now there is strong irrigation business opportunity in the next 18-24 months for the merged distribution company as well as Jain Irrigation, Inc.

Lama. Recognition of the company’s 70 years of business activity

FEDEME (Association of Companies involved in the Metal­lur­gical Industry) has recognised the business achievements of Lama since its foundation in 1948.

For 69 years, we have been specialising in the evolution of hydraulic applications, always placing an emphasis on inno­vation and product develop­ment. Our main goal is to be at the vanguard of the filtration sec­tor. The association also drew atten­tion to the efforts made by Lama in developing the business and main­tai­ning jobs for almost 7 decades.

For these and many other rea­sons, FEDEME has chosen to reward Lama in 2017 for its entire career path, as its seven­tieth anni­versary approaches in October next year.

On the part of Lama, we would like to thank the association for this amazing award, which fills us with pride, and, in particular, we wish to acknowledge our very special team of employees from 11 different departments, who have striven to achieve our common objectives, every single day.

In the same way, an important part of this success is the contribution made by our dedicated suppliers and, of course, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our customers, who have always been willing to help us improve. Lama thanks them for their loyalty over so many years of placing their trust in our products.


Reinke Announces retirement of Jim Grewe, promotes Jim Snyder

Reinke today announced the retirement of Jim Grewe, Reinke vice president of international sales, effective June 30. Jim Snyder, current Reinke director, interna­tional business development, has been selected to replace Grewe in this position and will fill the role following his retirement.

“I want to thank Jim [Grewe] for his tremendous leadership and dedication to Reinke over the past 13 years,” said Reinke President Chris Roth. “On behalf of all Reinke employees, I wish him all the best in retirement.”

Grewe joined Reinke in 2004 as vice president of international sales and carries more than 40 years in the irrigation business. During his tenure with Reinke, he has played a crucial role in the company’s expansion to international markets.

Snyder joined Reinke in 2013 as director, international business development. Prior, he was with Valley Irrigation where he worked in their international sales division. In his new role, Snyder will oversee business operations and growth initiatives to further the company’s global presence in international agriculture irrigation markets.

“Jim [Snyder] is a great fit for this position, and we congratulate him on his promotion,” said Roth. “Jim shares in Reinke’s vision and our commitment to serving growers around the world. His business expertise and industry leadership will guide him well in his new role.”


Bauer : Complete self-sufficiency in electricity at Voitsberg

Over the past four years, the Styrian agricultural machinery ma­nu­­facturer Bauer has completely re­no­vated the company headquarters in Voitsberg from a thermal energy perspective and has also installed a 2.3-megawatt photovoltaic solar-energy system. Bauer is now com­pletely self-sufficient in electricity at the Voitsberg site. There are obvious benefits: The company is lowering its energy needs and there­by reducing CO2 emis­sions. The lower energy consumption has a positive impact on production costs, which also benefits the customers as selling prices have increased only minimally since 2014.

Technologically, Bauer is the world leader in irrigation systems: with more than 2.5 million hectares worldwide irrigated with its systems. The slurry and environment sector is another main component of the turnover and represents 50% of global sales. The Bauer group currently supplies its products to around 100 countries. With some 675 employees globally, the company has been able to generate a turnover of 106.5 million euros during the 2015/2016 financial year. Exports account for 90%. The principal markets are Germany, France, the EEC countries, China, USA, South America and Australia.

The Bauer group currently has 17 subsidiary companies worldwide, including well-known German brands such as BSA, Eckart, FAN and SGT.


Israeli Icon Netafim, World’s Leader in Drip Irrigation Tech, Sold to Mexican Firm for $1.5 Billion

An iconic Israeli company is changing hands: Netafim, the kibbutz-founded manufacturer of drip irrigation products, is being bought by Mexichem at a company value of nearly $2 billion. Mexichem vowed to keep manufacturing in Israel for 20 years.

Altogether Mexichem is buying 80% of Netafim, the world's biggest manufac­turer of drip irrigation sys­tems, for $1.5 billion, a deal that values the company at $1.9 billion.

The Permira in­ves­tment fund, which acquired a con­trolling inte­rest in Netafim six years ago, will be getting $1.16 bil­lion for its entire 61.3%5 interest. Mexichem is also buying 12.7% from Kibbutz Hatzerim (which will be keeping a 20% interest) for $240 million. Kibbutz Magal is selling all its shares for $114 million.

Mexichem, which makes pipes from PVC, closed trading on the NYSE at a market cap of $5.8 billion.

The auction for the controlling interest in Netafim had been run by Wall Street giants Merrill Lynch Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, which beat out five other contenders, including Fortive and Stanley of the U.S., the Chinese investment funds Ningxia and Primavera Xinlong, and the Singapore government's Temasek fund.

Netafim manufactures at three plants in Israel, in Kibbutz Hatzerim, kibbutz Magal and Yiftach. Mexichem undertook to maintain manufacturing at its present level for 20 years.

Permira bought the controlling interest in Netafim in September 2011 according to a company value of $850 million. (Since then, the MSCI World index has risen 78% and the S&P-500 index of blue chips has gained 118%.) Netafim's first years under Permira were marked by sluggish growth, but subsequently Netafim, run by Ran Maidan, stepped up investments and boosted sales and profits.

For 2017 Netafim is expected to achieve EBITDA of $135 million on turnover of $950 million, compared with EBITDA of $115 million on turnover of $875 million in 2016. Its growth in sales was boosted by increasing sales to China and India, and increasing sales into Africa, including to Kenya, Tanzania, the Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.


Dispensing Dynamics International Joins the Hunter Industries Family of Companies

International (DDI), launching an exciting new chapter in the future of both companies.

Headquartered in City of Industry, California, DDI specializes in the development of unique dispensing solutions for towel, tissue, wiper, napkin, and air care products. DDI’s strengths in design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing lead to customer solutions unsurpassed in performance, quality, and ease of use.

Hunter is an established global leader in the development of residential, commercial, and golf course irrigation solutions, as well as the landscape lighting and custom manufacturing sectors. The acquisition will allow Hunter to expand into a new market that will diversify its business operations and grow its customer base while working with familiar materials and processes. Like Hunter, DDI differentiates itself by creating innovative products and solutions that minimize the use of natural resources.

“The acquisition of DDI allows Hunter Industries to leverage its global manufacturing and logistics expertise in a new and exciting market,” said Greg Hunter, President of Hunter Industries. “We look forward to building on DDI’s legacy of innovation in the dispensing category as we embrace this opportunity to diversify Hunter Industries.”

Much of Hunter’s success has come from living its core values of customer satisfaction, innovation, family, and social responsibi­lity. DDI shares the same values and is a welcome addition to the Hunter family of companies, joining landscape lighting company FX Luminaire; commercial architectural lighting company Holm; molding and manufacturing company Hunter Custom Manufac­turing; and agricultural irrigation company Senninger.


Irrigation Association Acquires Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine

The Irrigation Association Board of Directors and CEO Deborah Hamlin, in conjunction with Denne Goldstein, publisher, and Ira Goldstein, president, ISG Communications, Inc., have announced that the Irrigation Association has purchased all of the assets of Irrigation & Green Industry magazine.

The purchase includes Irrigation & Green Industry magazine, its website, all of its newsletters and its intellectual property. The sale became effective February 28, 2017.

“Many landscape contractors already either install irrigation systems or repair them. The Irrigation Association has been exploring ways to expand its reach to all landscape contractors,” Hamlin said. “The publication will remain as it is with the same editorial focus.”

“We are excited,” said Greg Hunter, president of the association. “Irrigation & Green Industry magazine has been the official publication of the IA for many years. It seems to be a natural fit and another benefit for not only our members, but the industry at large.”

Goldstein said, “The Irrigation Association just seemed to be the perfect fit. We both envisioned the same goals — that is to help inform and educate the landscape and irrigation contractor. I know the association is committed to achieving those goals.”

“Business will continue as usual,” stated Hamlin. “We have no intention of making any changes presently. Denne Goldstein will continue on as publisher, and Ira and Stacey Goldstein and the entire staff will continue in their current positions. Its offices will remain in California.”

Senninger Hires New Regional Manager for Western Europe and Northwest Africa


Senninger is pleased to announce the recent hire of Ignacio Robredo, who joins the companyas Senninger’s Regional Manager for Western Europe and Northwest Africa.Ignacio is an agricultural engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He comes to Senninger with more than 12 years of experience in agricultural irrigation and experience in the animal production sector. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for the design and installation of complete pivot, solid set, and drip projects. He was also involved in the design and implementation of pumping stations, piping networks, power supply and accessories for irrigation systems in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Comecap changes its identity and becomes Fitt France

Fitt SpA, a pioneering company in the development of thermoplastic fluid conveyance systems for the consumer and professional markets, announced, during the Journées des Collections 2017 trade fair (held in Marseilles from 4th to 6th April), the incorporation of the commercial subsidiary COMECAP, thus changing its name to FITT France. This operation is an integral part of the process of reclassifying and extending the Group’s Brand, which proposes a structured and ambitious growth plan for 2023, enabling the group to consolidate its international presence, by moving into new markets and targeting the United States, in particular.

Being an established trading and distribution concern with a presence on the French market for more than twenty years, Comecap, from now on renamed Fitt France, has always provided the Group’s cutting edge in a key market such as France, which is why it is now become Fitt’s Gardening Division.

To confirm the new thinking behind the Trademark adopted by the Italian company, at the show Fitt will be presenting the new trademark that will replace, in the course of 2017, the one currently used at all our outlets.

The new logo consists of a wavy and dynamic graphic line, conveying an image of pipes, which displays simultaneously the initial F and a human figure, representing, on the one hand, the core value and central role of the individual as portrayed by Fitt and, on the other, the Group’s creative and rational approach.


Jain Irrigation announces investment in United States' largest micro irrigation leaders - AVI & IDC


Mumbai, April 19, 2017: Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (“JISL”) thru its multi generation Wholly Owned Subsidiary in United States of America (“USA”) agreed to acquire 80% stake in 2 US entities. Two of the United States’ largest micro-irrigation dealers - Agri-Valley Irrigation, Inc. (“AVI”) and Irrigation Design and Construction, Inc. (“IDC”), have entered into an agreement to merge ownership of their businesses into a newly formed distribution company. The new organization is an un-paralleled leader in design, construction, service, and innovative Ag Technology. This entity will provide a unique platform to help growers implement state-of-the-art irrigation technology and achieve “More Crop Per DropTM”. AVI and IDC have been long tenured stable companies with operations in United States of America.

Key Highlights:

 Vertical Integration Merger by Consolidation of 2 largest dealers in California with 13 locations and more than 225 employees.
 Emerging as one of the largest companies in Irrigation business in the USA along with Jain Irrigation, Inc. (JII).
 AVI and IDC combined revenue for 12 months ended December 2016 is ~USD 113Mn
 Major push to deploy our leading Agriculture Technology portfolio: Observant, Puresense, Gavish amongst other JISL product offerings
 Existing management of AVI and IDC to drive future growth

Rivulis and Eurodrip Announce Merger to Create a World Leader in Micro Irrigation

Rivulis Irrigation Ltd. of Israel and Eurodrip S.A. of Greece announced that the two companies have entered into a definitive merger agreement in an all-share transaction, creating a global leader in micro irrigation. Transaction closing is subject to satisfaction of certain conditions including, but not limited to, regulatory approvals.

All current shareholders of the two companies – FIMI Opportunity Funds, Israel’s leading private equity fund (FIMI), U.S. based Paine & Partners, LLC (Paine & Partners) and Dhanna Engineering of India – will remain shareholders of the merged company and will remain active on the Board of Directors, ensuring continuity and providing strong support for the success of the merged company. FIMI will maintain a majority stake and Gillon Beck, the current Chairman of Rivulis Irrigation and Senior Partner at FIMI, will serve as the Chairman of the merged entity. The company will continue to support both the Rivulis and Eurodrip brands, and will remain strongly committed to its mission of providing continuous innovation, and strong service to help growers to optimize yields sustainably and economically while addressing water and land scarcity.

The Toro Company Completes Previously Announced Acquisition of German-Based Regnerbau Calw GmbH

The Toro Company today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Regnerbau Calw GmbH, a privately held manufacturer of professional irrigation equipment. Toro previously announced that it entered into an agreement for the acquisition on November 3, 2016.

Headquartered in Althengstett, Germany, Regnerbau Calw GmbH manufactures a variety of irrigation products under the Perrot brand, including retractable sprinklers for sports fields, impact sprinklers and coupling systems for agricultural fields, and rain guns for industrial applications. The long-distance casting range and fast rotation of Perrot’s sports field sprinklers make them an ideal choice for maintaining both natural and synthetic turf on soccer, tennis, rugby, cricket, golf and equine venues.

The Toro Company is a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment including turf, snow and ground engaging equipment, and irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions. With sales of $2.4 billion in fiscal 2016, Toro’s global presence extends to more than 90 countries. Through constant innovation and caring relationships built on trust and integrity, Toro and its family of brands have built a legacy of excellence by helping customers care for golf courses, landscapes, sports fields, public green spaces, commercial and residential properties and agricultural fields. 

GRUPO CHAMARTIN : A new manager

After having obtained a BTS technician certificate (National Diploma of Higher Education) leading to a BSc in Irrigation, Christophe Calzada worked at Otech for 18 years, firstly in France at regional level in the south-west and then nationally, becoming commercial manager for northern France before moving into exports at Otech 40, where he developed new markets for the company. He paved the way for significant development in sales in West and North Africa, Canada, Eastern Europe… He thus travelled to some thirty countries in different parts of the world.

He then worked for 4 years at Irrifrance as Export Director, managing a team of sales representatives, which involved even more trips abroad.

Since 1st December 2016, Christophe Calzada has worked at Chamsa as regional sales director, his task being to develop Chamsa’s sales worldwide and in France, where his more than 23 years of experience in irrigation will be a definite plus. His knowledge of pivots and agricultural irrigation in general will certainly be a significant asset for Chamsa.


The group Descours & Cabaud, which includes the companies Irrigaronne, Posjet and Somair Gervat, has decided to change the structure of its different organisations

Since the 1st January 2017, the organisation and core business of the different companies are as follows:


• Somair Gervat, under the brand name Hydralians, will also now incorporate the agencies Irrigaronne de Pontault Combault, Villenave, d’Ornon, Chassieu and Aix en Provence. This company is led by Didier Hotte. Trading through its corporate name via its 52 local retail outlets, Hydralians aims to target professional installers involved in landscaping and green space management, swimming pools, well drilling, plumbing, Prosjet service companies, local authorities, golf and the outdoor accommodation sector through its offer of local products and services.


• The other companies and Irrigaronne have joined forces, becoming Prosjet Irrigaronne. This company will be led by Luc Armand. Through its agencies Aimargues (30), Boé (47), Lespinasse (31), Étoile sur Rhône (26) and Ghisonaccia (20), Prosjet Irrigaronne will be targeting the specialised dealers of irrigation equipment for green spaces, agricultural irrigation, pumps, fountains, swimming pool equipment, connection pieces and piped water networks, as well as spare parts for the different products distributed. It also has a polyethylene pipe manufacturing unit for sprinkler and irrigation applications located in Castries (34). The sales and technical teams will be strengthened to provide a greater presence and efficiency.


• The company Hydralians Logistique is a logistics platform, which will provide bulk purchasing with different listed partners and suppliers, preparing orders for supplying stock to the group’s sales outlets and preparing orders for the end clients. This company will be led by Luc Armand. Through its performance and evolving stock plan, the company will support the commercial development of the group’s subsidiaries. This platform specifically dedicated to our areas of activity, both within our internal organisation and in the handling of the seasonal flow of merchandise, will ensure outstanding delivery quality, by expanding its stocking plan and increasing the immediate availability of some 14,000 units in stock, managed over a covered area of 9,000 m2. It is fully committed to continually improving its performance and showing respect for the environment, whether through the collection and disposal or waste products or the optimisation of transport flows during the purchase or delivery of the products.

Bauer : Austrian Bauer Group builds new plant in Brazil

The Austrian Bauer Group has built a modern factory for the production of irrigation systems 200 kilometers north of Sao Paulo. The global company from Voitsberg, Styria, has already been active in Brazil for 20 years, and the new location of Sao Joao da Boa Vista with 37,000 square meters will produce Pivot systems for the irrigation of 14,000 ha/year as well as Rainstar drum irrigation systems for 5,000 ha/year.

In order to meet the ever growing demand for irrigation systems in Brazil, a new production site was built in Sao Jao da Boa Vista. Starting immediately, Pivot systems for the irrigation of a total area of 14,000 ha/ year as well as Rainstar drum irrigation systems for 5,000 ha/year will be produced here. Already 20 years ago, Bauer put a small production unit into operation in southern Brazil for Pivots and drum machines. With the new manufacturing plant in Sao Joa da Boa Vista, the Styrian company has now laid the foundation for the comprehensive supply of modern irrigation systems in Brazil.

The 37,000 m2 production site is designed to allow for a doubling of the output at short notice. Plans also exist for producing equipment for the waste water sector (separation, pumping / stirring technology) in a subsequent expansion stage. For the time being, these products will still be imported from Austria. Bauer expects this production site to also provide exports to the neighboring countries of the Mercosur region.

Plastic-Puglia : Fifty years of innovation in agriculture

The company was the first manufacturer to develop polyethylene pipes and is known worldwide for its advanced drip irrigation systems.

Established in 1967 through the vision, foresight and perceptiveness of its founder, Baron Vitantonio Colucci, the company now operates on a 100,000 m2 site, exporting to more than 40 countries.

Over the years, Plastic-Puglia has improved existing technologies and developed new systems for agriculture, thus revolutionising traditional irrigation techniques.

The company is built on the principles of respect for the environment, energy saving and maximum efficiency.

For these reasons, it has developed new microfertigation products that deliver precise amounts of water directly to the root zone.

Plastic-Puglia has now become one of the world leaders on the international and national markets with its patented drip lines, Aquadrop, Gold-Drip, Aquatape and Aquapress, products that reduce water consumption considerably by increasing the efficiency.


The Toro Company Completes Previously Announced Acquisition of German-Based Regnerbau Calw GmbH

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 3, 2017-- The Toro Company (NYSE:TTC) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Regnerbau Calw GmbH, a privately held manufacturer of professional irrigation equipment. Toro previously announced that it entered into an agreement for the acquisition on November 3, 2016, and a copy of that news release can be found at Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Headquartered in Althengstett, Germany, Regnerbau Calw GmbH manufactures a variety of irrigation products under the Perrot brand, including retractable sprinklers for sports fields, impact sprinklers and coupling systems for agricultural fields, and rain guns for industrial applications. The long-distance casting range and fast rotation of Perrot’s sports field sprinklers make them an ideal choice for maintaining both natural and synthetic turf on soccer, tennis, rugby, cricket, golf and equine venues.

Rivulis and Eurodrip Announce Merger to Create a World Leader in Micro Irrigation

Tel Aviv, Israel and Athens, Greece, 10 January 2017 – Rivulis Irrigation Ltd. of Israel and Eurodrip S.A. of Greece announced today that the two companies have entered into a definitive merger agreement in an all-share transaction, creating a global leader in micro irrigation. Transaction closing is subject to satisfaction of certain conditions including, but not limited to, regulatory approvals. The merged company will have unparalleled market coverage with 18 factories around the world and 1,800 employees across 5 continents and 30 countries. Growers around the world will benefit from an extensive product and solution offering, consisting of trusted industry brands such as T-Tape™, Ro-Drip™, Hydrogol™, D5000, Eolos™, Compact™, PC2™ and Olympos™. The merged company will be headquartered in Gvat, Israel and will be named Rivulis Irrigation, Ltd. Richard Klapholz, the current CEO of Rivulis Irrigation, will lead the merged company.

All current shareholders of the two companies – FIMI Opportunity Funds, Israel’s leading private equity fund (FIMI), U.S. based Paine & Partners, LLC (Paine & Partners) and Dhanna Engineering of India – will remain shareholders of the merged company and will remain active on the Board of Directors, ensuring continuity and providing strong support for the success of the merged company. FIMI will maintain a majority stake and Gillon Beck, the current Chairman of Rivulis Irrigation and Senior Partner at FIMI, will serve as the Chairman of the merged entity. The company will continue to support both the Rivulis and Eurodrip brands, and will remain strongly committed to its mission of providing continuous innovation, and strong service to help growers to optimize yields sustainably and economically while addressing water and land scarcity.

Richard Klapholz, Rivulis Irrigation CEO, commented on the merger: “We are thrilled to have these two leading companies join forces to better serve the growing needs of the irrigation markets around the world. While benefitting from significant operational economies of scale, we will ensure that all commitments to our distribution business partners are maintained and further strengthened. Our goal is to ensure that our business partners will continue to be successful with the products and solutions of both companies – but now with a wider offering and stronger manufacturing base. I am looking forward to working closely with the Eurodrip teams around the world and I am certain that we will all benefit from their vast experience and their continued commitment and dedication.”

Peter Berweger, Eurodrip Group CEO, added: “It has been a great honor for me to lead the Eurodrip Group over the past years and into this merger. With this transaction, we bring together two excellent micro irrigation businesses with complementary capabilities, and we are offering growers more choice and a wider product range to save water and enhance yield. The combined entity will have a truly global presence in all relevant irrigation markets, enabling strategic global growth and innovation that will benefit all stakeholders.”

David Buckeridge, Eurodrip Chairman and Partner at Paine & Partners, said: “This merger reflects our continued belief in the potential for improving agricultural productivity around the globe. It has been a sincere pleasure to see how both companies share the same commitment to leading the transformation and development of drip irrigation globally. Paine & Partners remains fully committed to the success of the merged company and is excited to partner with FIMI to support that success.”

Gillon Beck, the merged company’s chairman, summarized: “The Rivulis management team has proven its turnaround skills in an astounding manner in the last two and a half years. Strengthened by the talent of the Eurodrip management, employees and owners, the joint team can now focus on a different type of development: merging the two companies into one efficient, market oriented, innovative and profitable global entity. With the help and long-time experience of our co-owners, I am confident in the company’s success in this new phase and in its ability to assume a leadership role in the industry.”

FIMI Rivulis in advanced negotiations to acquire the company Eurodrip

Rivulis, a drip irrigation manufacturing company, controlled by FIMI (80%) and the Indian investment company DEL (20%), is in negotiations to acquire Eurodrip, a private equity investment company owned by Paine.

The acquisition of Eurodrip will involve the allocation of 25% of the shares of the Rivulis Paine equity fund, so that at the end of the transaction FIMI will hold a 60% stake in the merged company and DEL will hold a 15% stake.

This deal will create the second largest drip irrigation company in the world after Netafim, which is controlled by Permira and local groups. The turnover of the merged company in 2016 was 330 million dollars, while the cash flow and operating earnings (EBITDA) was 25 million dollars.

The acquisition of Eurodrip will increase the geographical coverage of Rivulis in regions where its presence is relatively weak, such as Turkey, Greece and the United States.

Rivulis (formerly John Deere Water) was acquired by FIMI for 43 million in June 2014. The acquired company is made up of the three firms bought by John Deere during the years 2006-2013 representing a total investment of 500 million dollars, including the acquisition of the drip irrigation firm Plastro, controlled by Gvat, for 120 million dollars.

Hunter Industries recently completed the joining of efforts with Hydrawise of Australia.

Hydrawise is an internet-based irrigation software solution with Wi-Fi controllers designed for the irrigation contractor. This acquisition marks a significant step by Hunter into the internet of things space for control, management and optimization of residential and commercial landscape irrigation.

Many new and exciting products will evolve from this strategic move, bringing simplicity to irrigation control and information on water savings impact. This acquisition allows Hunter to enter the Wi-Fi enabled controller market with its new HC irrigation controller. The HC offers contractors internet accessibility enabling them to efficiently manage all of their sites from anywhere they are connected.

The HC controller is offered in either 6 or 12 station fixed indoor units. The 12 station controller can be increased to 36 stations in increments of 12 stations using the 12 station expansion unit. The HC offers easy configuration using a standard web browser or smart device app and all that’s needed is a wireless password. The controller allows users to select a local weather station and set watering triggers for predictive watering adjustments. These adjustments offer significant water savings since they are made based on local weather conditions.

The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) announced today that its board of directors has elected Richard M. Olson to the position of president and chief executive officer, effective November 1, 2016.

Olson, a 30-year veteran of the company, has served as Toro’s president and chief ope­ra­ting officer since September 2015 and was elected to the company’s board of directors in January of this year. Toro’s current chair­man and chief executive officer, Michael J. Hoffman, will continue to serve as chairman of the board.

Olson joined Toro in 1986 as a manufac­turing process engineer. He has held various positions in operations and engineering in­cluding mana­ger of advanced manufac­tu­ring, commercial engineering program ma­na­ger, director of Shakopee plant operations, and managing director of northern manufac­turing operations. In 2010, he was named general manager of Exmark and was appointed vice president, Exmark in 2012. The following year Olson was named vice president, international business before being elected group vice president, international business, micro-irrigation business and distributor development in June 2014.

Hoffman joined Toro in 1977 and served the company in various service, sales and marketing roles before holding a series of key executive positions across the company’s commercial and residential businesses. He was elected president in October 2004, chief executive officer in March 2005 and chairman of the board in March 2006. Hoffman has served on the board of directors of Donaldson Company, Inc. since 2005. Mike also currently serves on the board of overseers of the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

The Toro Company to Acquire German-Based Regnerbau Calw GmbH

The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Regnerbau Calw GmbH, a privately held manufacturer of professional irrigation equipment. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approvals, and currently is expected to close during Toro’s fiscal 2017 first quarter. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Headquartered in Althengstett, Germany, and founded in 1925, Regnerbau Calw GmbH manufactures a variety of irrigation products under the Perrot brand including retractable sprinklers for sports fields, impact sprinklers and coupling systems for agricultural fields, and rain guns for industrial applications. The long-distance casting range and fast rotation of Perrot’s sports field sprinklers make them an ideal choice for maintaining both natural and synthetic turf on soccer, tennis, rugby, cricket, golf and equine venues across the globe.

“The addition of the Perrot portfolio helps expand Toro’s presence in the sports field and agricultural industries, while also growing our position in adjacencies to our core businesses,” said Rick Olson, Toro’s president and chief executive officer. “This acquisition is consistent with our strategy to grow in the professional, water and global markets, and provides an expanded offering of professional irrigation solutions to better serve our customers.”

Netafim™ Acquires Leading Central American Irrigation Firm RyM

announced today the acquisition of a majority share in RyM, a leading Central American irrigation solutions provider. As a result of the acquisition, Netafim will establish a new subsidiary, Netafim Central America. The deal opens up new opportunities for Netafim, and further strengthens its regional leadership position, while helping Central American farmers grow more with less and increase their profitability.

Founded in 1989, RyM has served as Netafim’s representative in Central America for 25 years. The company has 100 em­ployees and branches in six countries – Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica. RyM focuses on irrigation projects mainly for sugarcane, pine­apples, vegetables, coffee and bananas – Central America’s leading crops that are enjoying growing global demand.

According to the deal, Netafim will own 60% of RyM and subsequently establish Netafim Central America, making it the company’s 29th subsidiary. The global smart irrigation leader will jointly hold the subsidiary with RyM co-owners Alberto Arguello and Carlos Enrique Gonzalez.

“This deal is yet another important milestone in our ongoing, fruitful and special collaboration with Netafim,” said Alberto Arguello, RyM founder. “For 50 years, Netafim has set the standard for irrigation worldwide. We’re pleased to become a more integral part of that legacy as we create a great foundation for even further success in the future.”

EIA hosts first European Irrigation Industry Forum to tackle upcoming challenges for the sector

Irrigation professionals gathered in Bologna, Italy on 8 November to discuss upcoming challenges and opportunities for the sector. Topics for discussion included regulatory, research-related as well as commercial developments. As one of the outcomes, the EIA envisages enhanced cooperation with the US Irrigation Association, whose CEO Deborah Hamlin spoke at the Forum.

Participants received an overview of recent market developments in Europe and how data analytics and automation trends could drive growth in the irrigation business. In this context, “irrigation as a service” is expected to emerge as a new trend which will bring about new business models and require more investment in education and developing interdisciplinary skills of irrigation professionals.

Regarding current developments in R&D and standardisation activities for the irrigation industry in Europe, more eminence should be given to relevant R&D projects as many results seem to be poorly disseminated within the industry. In this regard, the EIA will increase the effort to consolidate relevant research and information on adopted industry standards. These should be communicated to irrigation professionals in a more practical manner to help improve the real-life application of appropriate technologies and practices in the irrigation of crops and landscapes.

In view of an upcoming EU legislative proposal on waste water reuse later next year, Nicolas Condom, CEO of Ecofilae and member of the EU/ISO working group on regulations summarised the potential implications for our industry. Consequently, the EIA will follow this topic more closely. Furthermore, speakers from partner organisations such as the landscape architects and the golf and greenkeepers’ industry gave their input, which was highly appreciated.

EIA President Carlo Fontana concluded: “This very first European Irrigation Industry Forum should be regarded as only a starting point for how the association can further support the industry and provide a regular discussion platform for our sector. I am confident the EIA can make this an annual event and welcome numerous irrigation professionals at a next Forum in 2017”.

A new regional sales manager for Galcon

Mr. Solomon was appointed as Galcon’s new regional sales manager for Asia, Pacific, Africa and France.

Mr. Solomon brings more than 10 years of international sales management in and around the high-tech and the medical device industries in Israel.

He is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew and is a native French speaker.

Mr. Solomon says: “I am excited to join Galcon team and look forward to bringing my experience in International sales”.

Galcon is a leading manufacturer of smart monitoring and control irrigation solutions for home owners, professionals and agriculture.

Galcon offer a wide range product line from single standalone battery operated controller to multi stations, wireless, web based irrigation and Fertigation system.

The products are designed to increase yield by optimal irrigation while conserving the valuable water resources and reducing the energy consumption.

Their smart irrigation solution were certified by the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as Water Sense approved products.

Established in 1983, Galcon is headquartered in Kfar Blum, Israel. It is owned by Kibbutz Kfar Blum.

Galcon currently sells its products in over 60 countries around the world.

Yakel Joins Reinke as West Central Territory Manager

Reinke welcomes Scott Yakel as the new West Central Territory Manager. In this role, Yakel will manage dealerships in Colorado, Wyoming, Southern Nebraska and Western Kansas, focused on customer engagement and sales growth.

“We are excited to have Scott join the Reinke team,” said Reinke President Chris Roth. “His more than two decades of experience will help position his teams throughout four states for growth and future success.”

Additional responsibilities will include working with Reinke management and West Central Territory dealers to ensure customer needs are met, sales goals are set and achieved, and new dealership recruitment opportunities are identified. Yakel will work in partnership with dealers in his territory to maintain sales growth through the company’s dealer excellence program, Reinke Pride, and through national and regional farm shows.

Yakel has more than 20 years of sales management experience. He recently served as regional sales manager for Bermad, Inc., covering 10 western and northwestern states, including Alaska and four Canadian provinces.


Rain Bird Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Frewin to the position of National Sales and Marketing Manager for its Golf activities

Frewin arrives at Rain Bird following a successful tenure of almost five years as the C.E.O. of Australia’s leading member organisation for turf managers the Australian Golf Course Super­intendents’ Association.

Peter’s career in the turf industry has spanned 35+ years and he was one of the industry's most respected practitioners and winner of the 2009 AGCSA Distinguished Service Award winner.

Peter has a long association with Rain Bird which commenced at Barwon Heads where the club was one of the first courses in the world to use the Rain Bird “hybrid” central control.

Peter was also one of the original members of the Rain Bird Irrigation Advisory Council.

“Peter will be a great asset to Rain Bird and the irrigation sector in general. He brings a wealth of experience to the role and we look forward to him representing Rain Bird’s Golf systems and solutions at a time where The Intelligent Use of Water™ is a growing challenge and opportunity in our industry” said Tony Irvine (Rain Bird Australia General Manager).

Peter Frewin assumes the newly created position of National Sales and Marketing Manager for Rain Bird on Thursday, 1 September 2016.


Bauer and the new sales trio in France

The Bauer Group, a specialist in irrigation and slurry handling, provides the best possible service to all its customers, whether in Australia, Brazil, China or even France. Following an increase in demand, the aim now is to develop its market presence in this country. From now on, three new sales executives will be responsible for achieving this objective: Maarten Tromp for the western region, Francois-Xavier Sailly for the Centre and North of the country and Florian Lutz for eastern France.

Their diversified professional experience makes these three

a formidable force

Practical experience is an important prerequisite for an internationally active company such as the Bauer Group. The same applies for the new sales executives appointed for France: Maarten Tromp, Dutch by birth but resident in France for more than 2 decades, he has already worked in the agricultural sector for many years and, therefore, he has significant expertise in this sector.

The same applies to Florian Lutz, born in Alsace, who has already acquired a lot of professional expertise in agriculture as a result of his long experience in the distribution of materials and equipment used in tree crop production, wine growing and livestock farming.

The third sales executives appointed in France is Francois-Xavier Sailly: Born and raised on a farm in the north of France, he had already acquired considerable practical experience in agriculture by working on his parents’ farm. He then joined working with a major local dealer selling agricultural machinery and irrigation systems, particularly hose reels.


Perrot : we are pleased to announce the arrival of the latest member of our team, Kneale Diamond, who will be based in the U.K.

He joined us on 1st September to help promote, increase and support the Perrot range in the UK market and further afield. Kneale started out in the golf industry as a greenkeeper at Ramsey Golf Club in the Isle of Man and spent over 16 years in the industry. His final position was Golf Course & Estates Manager at the Marriott Hanbury Manor Hotel & Country Club, where he managed a large irrigation system installation. He then worked with Rain Bird for 10 years before leaving the company in 2015 to join the Perrot family.

Kneale has a good knowledge of the golf and sports field market, both in the UK and throughout Europe. He has profound technical and practical experience with installation works and techniques and he is also an Irrigation Association qualified auditor for the irrigation of golf courses.

His main task will be developing the Perrot brand within the UK market and helping customers understand the irrigation requirements of golf courses and sports fields. He will be pleased to show that, when choosing the Perrot range, the  customer will have a product of the highest quality.

Rivulis’s new D1000 with ActiveFlex™ technology has been awarded the Gold Medal Innovation Prize at the Smagua trade fair in Spain and the company received the Silver Medal Innovation Award at Macfrut in Italy

Rivulis has used all of its expertise and experience in drip tapes and drip lines to create the new D1000 ActiveFlex™ driplines, which repre­sent the next generation of thin walled drip lines with moulded drippers.

With just the right amount of flexibility, the compact moulded dripper adapts perfectly to the slit design outlet, with its self-closing mechanism. As the slit outlet opens under pressure and closes when pressure is released, there is a reduced risk of particle ingestion during installa­tion, system shutdowns and when retrie­ving the pipes and tubes. One added bene­fit is the increased reusability of the D1000. The build-up of mineral deposits around the slit outlet is also minimized.

This state-of-the-art ActiveFlex™ dripper skilfully combines three key dripper elements (filtration, labyrinths and outlets) with parallel design functions to produce an ideal layout and optimum dimensions. Further­more, the product has all the benefits of thick walled drip lines with moul­ded drippers, including resistance to clogging, precise and uniform appli­cation of the irrigation water, consistency and accuracy of watering, low CV, durability and good stress-cracking resistance and bursting strength.

The new D1000 with ActiveFlex™ technology is available with the following features: nominal flow rates of 1.0 and 1.5 lph (at 1 bar); nominal diameters of 16 and 22 mm; and wall thicknesses of 6 and 8 mil (0.15 and 0.2 mm). This ActiveFlex™ product is ideal for SDI, sandy soils and longer lateral runs.


Henri De Los Rios has taken over the commercial management of the Solem Group’s Irrigation department

The Solem Group specialises in the manufacture of products known as “Connected Objects” (BL-IP, WF-IP, BL-NR etc.), i.e. products that are not computer systems but rather devices that, with an Internet or Bluetooth connection, allow their users to benefit from new functionalities or interact with their environment and even other connected objects. Solem has its own web platform, which can be used free of charge by all its customers for the remote management of all its peripheral devices.

Henri De Los Rios, aged 53, has worked in Computer Technology (IT), Robotics and Digital Industrial Vision, operating and developing greenhouse and field applications for the major groups of seed producers. Within the context of connected objects dedicated to Swimming pools, Parks and Gardens and agriculture, Henri de los Rios has been in charge of the commercial development of this sector for the Solem group, since September.

Under his responsibility, the salesmen and technical advisers will provide the distributers, local authorities, farmers and private individuals with innovative solutions in the field.

Palaplast : Greek companies have been nominated for the RSM-sponsored European Business Awards on account of their high level of quality, innovation and entrepreneurship

Having produced plastic pipes and fittings for the Agricultural Industry for forty years and then branching out into plumbing and heating, three brothers, including Konstantino Palatiana, its CEO respon­sible for the development of the domestic and inter­national markets, have built up the company from very modest begin­nings through sheer dili­gen­ce, perseverance and deter­m­ination, going on to achie­ve national as well as inter­national recognition with a growing portfolio of custo­mers to add to those who ha­ve loyally stayed with them from the very begin­ning.

The head office of Palaplast S.A. is situated at the Sindos Industrial Zone in Thessaloniki, Greece, where the company possesses its own installations, covering an area of 100,000m2. In order to maintain its competitive edge and provide the best possible service, they have branched out, not only setting up another office in Athens but also establishing three sister companies in Turkey, Romania and Syria respectively.

Palaplast S.A., with a work force of 200 employees, equipped with the most up-to-date production equipment and a continuing research and development programme, has now built a solid foundation for growth and success in the future.

Fluidra invests 5 million euros in its business in the southern hemisphere

Fluidra strengthens its presence in Australia and South Africa following the move to its new facilities.These investments respond to the need to adapt to growing demand.The new worksites will enable the company to increase its production capacity, in line with the road map for the Strategic Plan in this area.

Fluidra, the listed Spanish multinational group dedicated to the development of applications for the sustainable use of water, has opened new facilities of more than 20,000 m2 in Australia and more than 15,000 m2 in South Africa. The investment of around 5 million euros made in 2015 and 2016 was spent on adapting the worksites leased from third parties, as well as on product development for these markets. This spending responds to the need for expansion in order to satisfy the sustained growth in demand recorded in these two areas.

The new worksite in Melbourne involves the move of the current production plant and warehouses to a new space specifically designed to respond to the multinational’s production and distribution needs in a market that is currently led by AstralPool and in which it has forecast organic growth of 8% during 2016.

In South Africa, Fluidra has moved three production plants and a warehouse to a new worksite in Johannesburg in order to better handle its business in South Africa and its area of influence, which it has been forecast will experience organic growth of 10% during 2016.

Eloi Planes, Fluidra’s executive president, explained: “Thanks to these new worksites we will significantly increase our capacity to respond to customers in strategic markets for the group in the southern hemisphere”.

Fluidra’s 2018 Strategic Plan is made up of three fundamental cornerstones: a focus on the Pool and Wellness sector, increased market penetration in markets through its international subsidiaries, and the extension of best practices in key areas (sales, manufacturing and logistics) in all of the countries in which it operates.

On the basis of the Strategic Plan, Fluidra expects to reach 750 million euros in turnover and an EBITDA of 100 million euros in 2018.


1st european irrigation industry Forum in Europe : trends and challenges

8 November 201 6, Bologna (Italy)


Bringing together advanced technology providers, scientists,  association representatives and policy makers to address challenges faced by the Irrigation industry, and explore opportunities to transform and enhance the European irrigation. As a first of its kind, the EIA industry forum will serve as a forum to present and discuss these issues from both a global and a European perspective including challenges related to professional training and certification activities, water policy and water pricing.


Why Attend ?

• Know about the latest advancements and emerging trends in the irrigation sector.

• Hear from US and EU association representatives on their policies and future plans to promote advanced irrigation technologies.

• Brainstorm and network with global players of the irrigation technology world from the industry, users and Academics.

• Identify emerging trends in Research & Innovation.


Practical information

• This event is free of charge. To register for this event, please send you your contact details and affiliation to:

• Simultaneous translation English-Italian will be provided. For further information, please visit:


Hotel Bologna Airport, Via Marco Emilio Lepido, 203/14, 40132 Bologna

Web based remote management of irrigation systems with new Rain Bird IQ-Cloud Solution

Remote real time management of commercial and sports turf irrigation systems has become a practical reality with Rain Bird’s latest IQ-Cloud solution. For the contractor, it facilitates easier management as the installation can now be managed remotely by a computer connected to the internet, rather than just at the place of installation via a wall mounted controller or PC in the pump station.

With its multi-user capability, IQ-Cloud is well suited to use by both irrigation contractors with many sites to manage and by site managers, groundsmen or greenkeepers who can also easily adopt and use it. The complete IQ-Platform represents the most powerful and cost-effective system available to provide complete real time management of any irrigation system. IQ Cloud is FREE, try it now on

For more information, contact Ingrid Olive-Chahinian, Rain Bird Europe, Senior Product Manager, email:,


Lama : New disc tower for the Autosenior and Automaster automatic filters

Lama, a company founded 60 years ago, specialises in the development and manufacture of water filtration systems.

The company recently moved to the city of Gelves (Seville-Spain) from where its products are exported worldwide.

Lama is well-known for being the only manufacturer that produces disc, screen, sand and hydrocyclone filters and microfiltration membranes; as well as 2 backwashing valves.

Lama’s technical department, which is in the process of developing new devices, has

now introduced onto the market a disc tower for the Autosenior and Automaster filters. This new structure vastly improves the hydrodynamics of the filtration and backwashing processes.

It also has new jet sprays and, in particular, the new thread connection at the base of the tower, which makes assembly and disassembly far easier.

India to tap into Israel’s drip irrigation expertise

India will tap into Israel’s globally recognised drip irrigation skills during the coming visit of the Minister of Water Resources, Uma Bharti, to the Mediterranean country. The trip will be aimed at exploring the possibilities of using technological expertise in water management.

A well established leader in water management, desalination and recycling techniques, Israel has set the standard for the reuse of wastewater for irrigation. It treats 80% of its domestic wastewater, which is recycled for agricultural use, representing almost 50% of its total agricultural water consumption.

Israel’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Uri Ariel, had led a delegation of experts in this field to participate in the India Water Week to be held in Delhi in April and during his meeting with Ms Uma Bharti he offered to provide Israel’s assistance in the ambitious “Cleaning the Ganges” project.

Israel’s globally recognised drip irrigation expertise was prominently displayed at the Water Week event with a seminar entitled “More Crop per Drop - Adoption of Precise Irrigation Technologies” intended to familiarise the participants with this technology.

Some of the leading Israeli companies in the field of water technologies have already been active in India, setting up manufacturing units in India to cater for the needs of their local clients.

Ms Bharti’s three-day official engagement in Israel starts on 28th June 28, when she will be meeting Mr. Uriel and the Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources, Yuval Steinitz.

The minister will also be visiting the facilities of a number of Israeli companies specialising in water management and meeting experts in this field.

NDS, Inc. is announcing today that it is rebranding Agrifim and Flo Control products as NDS, effective immediately

Agrifim irrigation products that are now branded as NDS include Dura Flo CV, an all-in-one drip line solution that achieves a higher level of water conservation for a wide variety of applications, all without any root intrusion. NDS acquired Agrifim in 1999 to expand its product offerings to the drip irrigation market.

Flo Control flow management products that are now branded as NDS include the full line of Qwik-Fix and Pro-Span repair couplings for irrigation, plumbing, pool and spa, and industrial applications. Both product lines are made of high-impact, corrosive-free PVC materials and eliminate the need for solvent welding and precise cutting and threading of galvanized or steel pipes. NDS acquired Flo Control in 2000 to expand its presence in the irrigation market with valves and compression fittings.


Rain Spa and Inolve Newtech Forge a Global Alliance

Rain Spa of Italy and Inolve Newtech of Spain are pleased to announce an exclusive global partnership for the design and development of new products, using the latest patented technology in the field of irrigation.

This system has already won four European awards: for the best innovative technological product in Spain, the best irrigation product at the “Iberflora” trade fair in Valencia and at last May’s “Journees des collections” event in Marseilles.

The new products use intelligent sensors to collect and analyze key data taken from the field and relay it via an easy-to-use App on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, using Wi-Fi or 3G technology.

The system uses the latest in technology and software and it is designed to enhance user experience, interaction and usability. This new technology permits optimum crop growth and can also save up to 80% on water consumption.

FLIWER is not only a simple remote control tool, it is also an intelligent system. In fact, FLIWER reads and transmits vital growing parameters to the Cloud such as solar radiation, temperature, humidity, soil moisture and conductivity (which measures fertilizer needs).

The Cloud uses all the information collected by the sensors in order to determine the right amount of water to be applied.

These new products will be launched later this year at the EIMA and supplied through Rain’s new and existing worldwide distribution networks.

Hunter Industries Acquires Hydrawise

Hunter Industries is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hydrawise, a manufacturer of Wi-Fi based irrigation controllers and web-based software. This acquisition marks a significant step by Hunter into the internet of things space for control, management and optimization of residential and commercial landscape irrigation.

Many new and exciting products will evolve from this strategic move, bringing simplicity to irrigation control and information on water savings impact. We believe this an important step as we continue to evolve our products to meet the growing need for water management and resource conservation. This acquisition allows Hunter to enter the Wi-Fi enabled controller market with its new HC irrigation controller. The HC offers contractors internet accessibility enabling them to efficiently manage all of their sites from anywhere they are connected.

"We're excited about bringing this technology to professionals and end users around the world. This fills an important niche and helps our contractor customers efficiently manage all their sites remotely. It also allows their customer, the homeowner, an easy way to operate their own system," said Greg Hunter, president of Hunter Industries.

The HC Controller offers easy configuration using a standard web browser or smart device app. All that’s needed is a wireless password. With the HC Controller, users can select a local weather station and set watering triggers for predictive watering adjustments. These adjustments offer significant water savings since they are made based on the local weather conditions.

Fluidra acquires Somhidros, Spain’s leading fountain manufacturer

The operation, worth approximately 1 million euros, forms part of Fluidra’s strategy to expand in the commercial pool sector, within the framework of its 2018 Strategic Plan, and will allow Fluidra to take advantage of the firm’s stock, machinery and know-how.

Founded in 1997, Somhidros is a company based in Mataró (Barcelona) with longstanding experience in the design, technolo­gical development and installation of ornamental fountains, water features and artificial lakes and ponds, amongst others.

With a clear focus on sustainable innovation, the company’s projects offer low power consumption, as well as the complete recycling of the water used.

Amongst Somhidros’ latest creations, it is worth highlighting the complete renovation of Barcelona’s Montjuïc fountains and the installations at the Puerto Venecia shopping resort (Zaragoza), in addition to numerous international projects in cities such as Moscow, Jakarta, Sochi and Baku, where the company installed the world’s third tallest geyser-type fountain, lifting water to a height of 140 metres. Fluidra has extensive experience in the world of fountains and has worked alongside Somhidros as a strategic partner on many of its projects, such as a number of shopping malls in Russia, for example.

The acquisition of Somhidros’s ornamental fountain business is an operation that falls within the framework of Fluidra’s recently presented 2018 Strategic Plan. In line with this plan, Fluidra anticipates a turnover of 750 million euros as a result of this ambitious growth.


Éric Frétillère, the new Chairman of Irrigants de France

The Board of Directors of IRRIGANTS de France, which met in Paris on 8th March 2016, has elected Eric Frétillère (Dordogne) as its Chairman.

Eric Frétillère operates an irrigation system on the 100 ha farm he has run in the Dordogne region for 17 years. He is married with two children and grows maize on his farm.

Aged 55 years, Eric Frétillère is actively involved in local trade union, economic and political associations. In particular he is director of the La Périgourdine co-operative, President of the Association of Irrigation Operators and the Single Collective Management Body of the Dordogne region and Treasurer of the DFSEA - French Farmers’ Union (24).

At national level, Éric Frétillère is on the committee of the French Maize Producers Association (AGPM). A Director of IRRIGANTS de France since 2011, he was elected as Assistant General Secretary in 2015.

The Board of Directors of IRRIGANTS de France has paid tribute to the commitment shown by Daniel Martin in the course of his 13 years of presidency, particularly on the issue of water and irrigation management. Daniel Martin knew how to make his skills and expertise available to all irrigation professionals with a view to promote an ambitious and well-proportioned water policy in France.

Freshly elected, Eric Frétillère outlined the approach that he intends to follow: “In the light of the predicted climate changes, there are very significant challenges that we have to overcome in the area of water and irrigation management. There is an urgent need to implement pragmatic measures, reconciling the protection of aquatic environ­ments, the competitiveness of the farms and agricultural sector in general and public acceptance. IRRIGANTS de France will play a key role in this respect.”

K-Rain Announces New Partnership

K-Rain is pleased to announce a new partnership with EU-based Solem Group in North and South America. K-Rain is named the sole distributor for the Bluetooth Smart™ product line throughout the region. The products will be sold exclusively under the K-Rain brand.

The new products include an innovative Bluetooth battery operated timer that is available in 1, 2, 4 and 6 zones and line of 110 volt, 24 volt output Bluetooth operated irrigation controllers available in 4, 6, 9 and 12 zones. All programming is done throught an intuitive app that is available for both IOS and Android devices.

Bluetooth technology is rapidly gaining popularity in many markets and K-Rain is excited to be on the forefront of introducing this convenient and time-saving application to the irrigation industry.

K-Rain will provide full training and technical support.

T-L Irrigation Co. Awarded Two Patents For Their GPS Navigation Corner System

T-L Irrigation Co., the exclusive world manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot irrigation systems, is pleased to announce they have been awar­ded two patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their GPS Navigation Corner System. These patents demonstrate the com­mit­ment by T-L Irrigation Co. to make technology easy to use while maximi­zing performance for growers around the world.

These patents present the unique method of waypoint navigation that T-L Irrigation Co. has implemented for their GPS Navigation Corner System. Also included is the addition of a Wheel Angle Sensor, exclu­sively offered by T-L Irrigation, for improved track on track accuracy, pass after pass, year after year.

Combined with T-L’s continuous movement, low maintenance and reliability of T-L’s universal hydrostatic design, the GPS Navigation Corner System represents the optimum in simplicity and pivot Corner System performance.

The Toro Company Neptune PC

Neptune PC is Toro’s new Pressure Compen­sating drip line available with Anti-Siphon emitter with flow rates 3.8 - 2.4 and 1.6 l/h between 0.5 and 3.5 bar.

Its innovative features ma­ke Neptune PC an advan­ced choice for irri­gating permanent or sea­sonal crops in any topo­graphical environ­ment in­cluding hilly and undula­ting terrains.

Neptune PC provides high emission uniformity, high resistance to clogging and multiyear durability. Neptune PC is particularly suitable for irrigating orchards, vineyards, olive groves and protected crops in general.

Neptune PC is available in 16 and 20 mm diameters with a choice of 3 different wall thicknesses per diameter: 0,9-1,0-1,1 mm and 0,9-1,0-1,2 mm for 16 mm and 20 mm respectively (see data sheet).

Neptune PC family includes a wide range of spacing, from 25 to 100 cm, and the possibility to have customized grouped spacing to meet the most demanding requests.

A fourth emitter with a flow rate of 1,0 l/h as well as the No-Drain models, will be available starting from end of May ’16.


New Rain Bird IQ™ Platform To mobility!

Irrigation professionals can now use IQ to manage systems from smartphone or tablet.

Rain Bird Corporation announces that its industry-leading IQ Platform can now be used with smartphones and tablets to meet demand for mobile compatible water management tools. The new platform is accessible from

Irrigation professionals who manage systems for homeowner’s associations, school districts or municipal properties can now mange their system on the go from their smartphone and tablet using IQ-Cloud v. 3.0.  There are no recurring annual fees to use IQ-Cloud. IQ-Cloud access can be shared with authorized personnel who perform maintenance and to alert them to problems in the field. 

For organizations with strict IT security protocols, such as military bases, financial institutions or government properties, IQ-Enterprise v. 3.0 allows implementation of IQ-Cloud on private servers. Current IQ users can continue to use the IQ-Desktop v. 3.0, or can easily upgrade to IQ-Cloud or IQ-Enterprise for mobile compatibility. 

Weather-based management isquickly becoming a necessity in certain parts of the world and is built into the IQ Platform.  IQ will automatically adjust schedules based on weather data and apply water only when the landscape needs it.  Further, using IQ’s Flow Watch™ users have added security that the system will monitor flow conditions and react appropriately to leaks and pipe breaks.

Senninger Pivot Placer: ready access for customer support

Senninger announces their new Pivot Placer, a cloud-based portal that helps dealers improve their customer support and ove­rall business through easy access to information on custo­mers’ irrigation equipment - geogra­phical location, field characteristics, equipment manufac­turer, model, and date of installation.

Senninger’s Pivot Placer is a free program designed to regis­ter unlimited contacts, growers and data. It allows dealers to easily populate the database and color-code information. With just a few keystrokes, they can conveniently track maintenance and service needs from computer, tablet, or smart phone, in the office, the field or even at home.  

Reinke Introduces ReinCloud™ New data service customized for growers

Reinke announces ReinCloud™, a better way to collect and display field and irrigation data for improved irri­gation mana­gement. ReinCloudallows growers to manage and monitor their irrigation system, analyze soil moisture data, check the weather and more from a single mobile web application.

Growers have access to Reinke irriga­tion system data, as well as data from connected in-field hardware and indus­try leading data partners through the application. Data is collected, stored, and can be analyzed and presented through an easy-to-use dashboard.

“The goal of ReinCloud is to give growers worldwide the ability to access and use data that is crucial to their operation. Whether it’s remotely monitoring and controlling a center pivot, collec­ting soil moisture information to adjust irrigation schedules or a per­sonalized weather forecast for day-to-day planning, ReinCloud can help growers make informed decisions quickly and effectively.”

ReinCloud provides growers with a unique and productive experience on their everyday devices including smart phones, tablets or laptops with internet connectivity. ReinCloud also makes it easy for growers to customize their dashboard and add widgets that are most important to them in their daily field management and monitoring operations.

ReinCloud is priced according to the data collection device and is offered through a number of subscription bases, including an annual-only subscription and period-based subscription fees.


The Caprari group is one of the leading international manufacturers of pumps and centrifugal electric pumps, as well as developer of advanced solutions for managing the integrated water cycle. With more than 70 years of experience, the company has always been considered an ideal partner by both customers and suppliers thanks to the principles and values it seeks to uphold, and its trustworthy and professional approach to relationships.


Taking a look at the company’s Equity Ratio, it is immediately clear that Caprari has a particularly high level of financial solidity. International rating agencies use this ratio to evaluate the financial stability of a company. A ratio of 0.80, like Caprari has had for many years, means that Caprari is 30% more solid than the average value of companies already considered “well-balanced”.


Caprari is proud to announce that, once again, it has earned the maximum rating awarded by CRIBIS D&B, a member of the CRIF Group specialized in gathering business intelligence about Italian and foreign companies. In fact, Caprari was found to be so financially sound that it received an official TOP RATING equal to 1.


“This rating,” notes Alberto Caprari, CEO of the Group, “provides an internationally recognized reference that certainly helps to reinforce the company’s image with customers, suppliers and business partners, in addition to supporting growth programs in markets worldwide. Furthermore it confirms the success of Caprari’s way of doing business, and for this reason the company will continue with the same commitment, constantly improving technologically, and maintaining the professional organizational, administrative, and financial management that has characterized it for years.”


Caprari’s development program aims to reinforce tools and actions for growth in industrial, mining, power, and marine businesses, as well as consolidate its leadership in its more traditional areas of integrated water cycle management and irrigation.


Padma Shri Dr. Bhavarlal H Jain, Founder of Jain Group, Jalgaon, passes away

With immense grief, we inform you of the passing away of our beloved founder Chairman Shri BhavarlalHiralal Jain (Age 79) on 25th Feb 2016 after a brief illness, at a hospital in Mumbai.

A man of small ideas which created big revolutions, he practiced what he preached and built his entire business on a foundation of inclusiveness and sustainability over the last five decades.

He believed every small farmer is an entrepreneur and must earn a higher income with dignity. He toiled hard to ensure this to over five million farmers. He was a visionary and karmayogi. The company takes a pledge to walk on the path envisaged by him forever. The state funeral and cremation ceremony took place at Jain Hills, Jalgaon at 3 pm on Saturday, the 27th February 2016.


The Toro Company

The Toro Company elects Richard M. Olson to its Board of Directors

The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) today announced that its Board of Directors has elected Richard M. Olson to the Board of Directors, effective immediately. The addition of Mr. Olson brings the Toro Board of Directors to 10 members.

Mr. Olson has served as Toro’s President and Chief Operating Officer since September 2015. He joined Toro in 1986 and spent his first 14 years in increasing leadership roles in operations, including as a Commercial Engineering Program Manager, Director of Plant Operations at Toro’s facility in Shakopee, Minnesota, and Managing Director of Northern Manufacturing Operations. Mr. Olson has held a number of executive positions in Toro’s businesses, including as Vice President, Exmark, Vice President, International Business, and Group Vice President, International Business, Micro-Irrigation Business and Distributor Development. Mr. Olson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial technology from Iowa State University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

“The rich company knowledge and broad experience that Rick has gained through his leadership of our businesses and manufacturing operations provide him with a unique strategic perspective and we are pleased to have him join the Board,” said Michael J. Hoffman, Toro’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.


Palaplast : New microsprinkler Pal Mist 3030

The new Pal Mist atomiser is designed and produced to provide a very fine mist using compressed air or an installation with very high water pressure. The Pal Mist atomizer has a check valve that eliminates leaks at low pressures (closing at 1.0 bar and opening at 1.7 bar) with a flow rate of 6.2 lh at 4 bar. The minimum filtration requirement is 120 mesh.

The Pal Mist atomizer produ­ces a hollow cone of very fine droplets. Easy installation in different irrigation sys­tems networks and easy to use with LDPE piping, providing ideal solutions for improved growing con­ditions and increased yields by maintaining constant tempera­tures.

Joan Planes hands over the Presidency of Fluidra to Eloi Planes

Joan Planes Vila will step down as Chairman of Fluidra’s Board of Directors on 1st January 2016 and become the company’s Honorary Chairman. Joan Planes (Estamariu, 1941) founded the Fluidra group’s first company, “Astral Construc­ciones Metálicas”, in Barcelona in 1969 together with three partners (the Serra, Corbera and Garrigós families). For 37 years, he ran the group, leading its growth and overseeing its national and international expansion until 2006 when he became the Chairman of the Board.

As Honorary Chairman, Joan Planes will continue to have ties with Fluidra and bring to bear his considerable business experience on matters of corporate social responsibility as well as initiatives to support entrepreneurs.

Eloi Planes (Barcelona, 1969), Fluidra’s CEO since 2006, has been appointed as the company’s Executive President, which will further add to his current responsibilities. Eloi Planes is taking on this role at a key moment in the expansion of the company, which has just presented its 2018 strategic plan, setting its sights on a turnover of 750 million euros.

The Board also approved the appointment of Óscar Serra, currently a propietory director, as Vice-Chairman of Fluidra’s Board of Directors. Likewise, Gabriel López, currently an independent director, has been appointed Co-ordinator for the outside directors.


Senninger announces the new Xcel-Wobbler® UP3 TOP

Senninger Irrigation is pleased to an­nounce the new Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP sprinkler. With the release of this inno­vative top-of-pipe product featu­ring the convenient UP3 nozzle, Senninger is expanding its patented Wobbler techno­logy, known for its abilities to operate at lower pressures and provide outstan­ding unifor­mity over a large area.

The new Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP can be instal­led along the entire length of the center pivot using nozzles from #6 through #24. It is desi­gned specifically for low pressure (10 psi) to promote energy savings and produce a wind-resistant large droplet. The gentle rain-like application is suitable for all soil types and various terrains

Netafim™ Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Dorot

Netafim, the global leader in smart irrigation solutions for sustainable productivity, an­noun­ced today the signing of an exclusive global distribu­tion agreement with Dorot Control Valves, a leading pro­ducer of control valves. Un­der the terms of the agreement, Netafim will exclusively mar­ket Dorot's control valves for the agriculture, greenhouse, landscape and mining markets in numerous countries outside of Israel. This agreement enables Netafim to boost its range of irrigation products, helping farmers grow more with less as well as improving their profitability.

The agreement is another milestone in the ongoing partnership between the two companies. By adding Dorot's cutting-edge control valves to its comprehensive offer, Netafim further enhances its position as the smart irrigation solution leader. Dorot, meanwhile, is now ideally positioned to benefit from Netafim’s extensive global distribution network covering over 110 countries worldwide.


Jain Irrigation awarded Rs 220 Crs. Water Project in Africa

Jain Irrigation has announced that it has been awarded a $32.98 Million (Approx. Rs.2.2 Billion) contract by the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (Dawasa), Tanzania for the Supply and Installation of a Water Distribution Network in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Dar es Salaam is the country’s financial capital.

The project is financed by the EXIM Bank of India as part of a Government of India Line Of Credit (LOC) program.

The $32.98 Million project is an integrated water supply project with the principal objective of reducing water distribution losses across the entire network. This project will help supply water to a considera­ble number of the country’s citizens. Jain irrigation is responsible for the study, design and implementation of various parts of the Project.

This project represents another important milestone in the company’s strategy of participating in the development of the Irrigation/water/ agricultural sector in the vast African continent. The company intends to complete the project within the next 15-18 months or so. This will significantly increase the Company’s growth in exports next year

Bauer : Sales Director Heimo Wiesinger and Area Sales Manager Olivier André killed in a traffic accident in South Africa

With his over 40 years of service, the name of Heimo Wiesinger was inseparably linked to the Bauer company in Voitsberg for thousands of cus­tomers and sales partners in over 95 countries around the world. Exactly 12 years after he founded the office in South Africa, he was also to end his life there: On Saturday, February 20th, 2016, Heimo Wiesinger and Olivier André, Area Sales Manager for France and Africa, lost their lives in a traffic accident near Port Elizabeth.

Heimo Wiesinger, born on November 9th, 1954, in Voitsberg, began his career at Röhren- und Pumpenwerk Rudolf Bauer GmbH immediately after graduating the Polytechnic for Mechanical Engineering in Graz in 1974. Already by 1977, he managed the first major project in Tunisia. In 1992, he was granted authority to represent the company in official matters. In 1993, he received the title of Sales Director. The management buyout in the year 2003 marked an important step. Since then, Wiesinger also held a stake in the company and worked to advance its international expansion: in addition to South Africa, the markets of Australia, the USA, China and Brazil were also added. Thanks in no small part to his dedication, Bauer has been considered for many years a world market leader in the area of irrigation machinery and waste water management. Wiesinger was a father of three daughters.

Olivier André was an Area Sales Manager responsible for the markets of Africa and France. He was 47 years old and is survived by his life companion.

GreenIQ: Smarter irrigation, based on Weather Data and Local Data

GreenIQ  introduced the innovative Smart Hub Garden (an IoT device). 

The Smart Hub Garden controls irrigation scheduling based on current and forecasted weather data, and saves up to 50% on the outdoor water consumption.

The device connects to the Internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or 3G and is easy to install and setup (via smartphones, computers, or tablets). The Smart Garden Hub can be controlled from anywhere, at any time, using an App. The Smart Garden Hub can also connect to a wide variety of smart devices and sensors. For example, it connects to soil moisture sensors (Parrot, Koubatchi, PlantLink and more), weather station (like Netatmo) as well as flow meters, so as to save even more water.

Toro : Precision™ Rotating Nozzle

The 2016 PRN-nozzle will make water-saving even more robust. A more advanced design of this gear-driven rotating nozzle will give any owner more piece of mind as they know they will be saving water and will not have to worry about any rotation stops. Only 2 models are required to cover a radius range from 4,3 – 7,9m and an arc range from 45°-360°. Bringing world-leading technology from Golf applications and mixing it with Toro’s high-end water saving technology, the 2016 PRN-nozzles will become the robust rotating nozzle solution for a wide variety of applications.

T.H.E. Machines presents the «NEXT GENERATION» of drip irrigation pipe

T.H.E. MACHINES has extended its product range with the revolutionary LIS line. This new patented technology provides the drip tube manufacturer with significant added value both in the production process as well as in the end-product performances in the field. The new LIS 106 and LIS 212 production lines manufacture the ultimate drip irrigation pipes with slotted drippers for surface and subsurface irrigation, with tube diameters of 16 to 32 mm and wall thicknesses of 0.15 to 1.2 mm.

Seo Won presents Blue drip

High clogging resistance with double internal filters.

  • Same price for different spacings (10~20 cm),
  • Superior  CV & EU with linear type (not emitter type). 

Senninger’s Quick Connect Coupling

Senninger Irrigation, Inc announces the release of the Quick Connect Coupling, a light weight connector that easily joins small diameter PVC pipes.

The Quick Connect Coupling lets growers build the solid system of their choice and transport it wherever they need it. All it takes is a twist to connect and disconnect the tubing.

The coupling connects small diameter pipes together to create easily collapsible lateral lines, making it ideal for high rotation crops that require growers to remove the irrigation system every few months as they prepare the soil. It was designed to reduce the material costs of an entire irrigation system while making management easier for growers. The Quick Connect is Available in four models: 1-inch, 1 1Ž4”-inch, 32mm and 40mm diameter sizes.

Senninger’s Flow Control

Senninger Irrigation, Inc.  announces the release of the Flow Control, specifically designed for growers who have longer lateral lines and those irrigating over undulating terrains.

The device works with their mini-Wobblers and Xcel-Wobbler sprinklers. It allows the discharge flow at the head to remain relatively constant regardless of pressure fluctuations. This helps provides a more consistent wetted pattern and greater uniformity.

The Flow Control is available in five flows (0.5 to 2.5 GPM or 1.9 to 8.5 LPM) color-coded to correspond with specific nozzle sizes. It is designed for operating pressures ranging between 25 and 50.

SAB presents the new Plug-in insert for Layflat

Innovation will only be successful when it can make life easier for the product user. SAB presents the new Plug-in insert for Layflat, designed to simplify and speed up the installation and retrieval of the Layflat pipe. It is of common knowledge that a drip irrigation scheme has a main pipeline that increasingly adopts the soft flattened pipe concept, Layflat, and a succession of drip tapes running off laterally from the layflat pipe, at set distances, using appropriate compression fittings. At the end of the season, however, while the tape is picked up and recycled, Layflat must be retrieved and rolled up to be reused the following season. This is a difficult operation because the off-take fittings have to be removed. The Sab Plug-In insert definitively solves this problem because it is constructed in two main parts, the "nut" that is fitted to the lay-flat, and the “plug-in” that is fitted to the tape. The two pieces are connected by simply inserting one part into the other (the watertight joint is achieved on account of the friction of the conical connection of the walls, without the need for glue or threads). 


Rain spa launches ELITE controller

ELITE is a unique new controller with 4-6-8-10 stations based on Independent

Zone Settings. Each station has independent start times, durations, frequencies and

FERTILIZER settings. The user can also decide which station can be linked to the Rain Sensor. If activated, the FERTILIZER function generates an extra command for managing the fertilizing system, working on the basis of a percentage (0% to 90%) of the irrigation time set for each zone. Fertilisation will start 1 minute after watering and automatically stop 1 minute before the end so that the pipes can be cleaned. Each zone has 4 start times with independently programmed durations and frequencies.

Rain spa : new controller AMICO PRO

One of the novelties that Rain SpA is pleased to present for 2016 is Amico PRO, the easiest to use, waterproof IP68 controller for installation in valve boxes. As with all the controllers made by Rain, it follows the 3-STEP programming philosophy: start time, duration and frequency. In fact, Amico PRO has been designed to be both user-friendly and a high quality product. Programming has never been easier. The large 3-inch display screen allows the user to see all the data at a single glance and the backlighting display with large characters allows programming to be carried out in poor light conditions. Main features: 2 independent programmes; run time 1-240 min.; irrigation starts ranging from 4 times a day to once every 15 days; fully waterproof body; 9 V DC output (for latching solenoids). RAIN SPA

Toro : EVOLUTION Series Controller with integrated backlight LCD

Adding this additional feature to this highly innovative and trendsetting controller will make it applicable for an even broader use. With the new illuminated LCD panel the EVOLUTION® Series controller can be used on locations where light is scarce. There are no limitations anymore to use the EVOLUTION® Series, with or without the Smart Connect® options, in shady garages or dark corners of sportfield complexes. With the high contrast and illuminated LCD panel, one can enjoy the unique feature set of the EVOLUTION® Series controller and the Smart Connect® options any place you like. Launch foreseen Q2 of 2016

VAF : new SH-200 Filter Skid w/Enclosure

The SH-200 Skid with enclosure has been specifically designed to provide optimum service accessibility, while providing the filter assembly with vandal resistant housing. The SH-200 is offered in two configurations : 1 – totally enclosed with side air vents and 2- is open mesh as shown above. The compact design along with the vandal resistant features makes it the perfect choice for small irrigation systems with flow rates of 50 m3/hr (220 gpm) or less. 

Valmont® Irrigation and AgSense® Launch New Remote Monitoring and Control Solution - Pivots

Valmont® Irrigation, the manufacturer of the Valley® brand of irrigation equipment, and AgSense® announces the release of the CommanderVP™, a new remote monitoring and control solution for Valley control panels. This is the first AgSense telemetry product to completely integrate into Valley digital control panels.  Adding CommanderVP to the Valley Pro2 and Select2 panels extends existing Valley digital technology to the grower’s computer, smartphone or tablet.  The CommanderVP replaces the now discontinued Tracker SP. It includes many product enhancements, such as remote end gun control and programming, optional wire theft monitoring, comprehensive historical reporting, and communication via the private WagNet® wireless network for quicker command response times. Growers will be able to view pivots equipped with this CommanderVP on the same WagNet web or app login as their other AgSense devices, including other pivots, soil moisture probes, flow meters, weather stations and grain bins. Like the other AgSense products, CommanderVPalso includes easily replaceable modems for areas that vary greatly from one carrier to another.


Reinke Introduces New Pivoting Lateral Move System

 Reinke announces its new Pivoting Lateral Move System designed to combine the benefits of a center pivot with those of a lateral move irrigation system. The Reinke Pivoting Lateral Move System with integrated GPS guidance technology is ideal for irregular-shaped fields, allowing growers to increase irrigated acreage and put under-utilized land to work. The system can be readily programmed to perform a multitude of designs including common path configurations such as outward and inward swings (180 degrees and 90 degrees), and can be setup to autonomously move between a pivot mode and a lateral mode. Programming of the system is designed for a grower-friendly approach using the industry’s only Pivoting Lateral Field Designer program and ready setup through Reinke’s Touch Screen Control Panel. The panel has been customized specifically for the Pivoting Lateral Move System allowing growers to import an image of their field and program the stages to cover every available acre. With no limit on the number of possible stages to configure and with visual confirmation of what has been programmed, growers have complete control of how their system moves throughout the field.


Toro : T5P-RS with Stainless Steel Riser

Building further on the successful introduction of the new ¾” T5 rotor, Toro will be presenting a Stainless Steel Riser version of this great rotor. The new rotor will be ideal for harsh highly demanding environments where, apart from the highly performing that are so popular with the RapidSet®, more robustness is required.

The combination of a 127mm (5”) Pop-Up height, Airfoil™ Technology Nozzles, time- saving RapidSet® feature and a Stainless Steel Riser makes this the perfect specification solution for different sportsfield applications or any harsh sandy area where small particles can damage your conventional rotor. Due to be launched in Q2 of 2016. 

Rain spa : new C-DIAL controller

Rain SpA is very proud to present its brand new C-DIAL: a unique 4- to 6-station electronic indoor controller for residential application. With its strong and compact ABS body and hard plastic cover protecting the display screen and buttons, the C-DIAL can be installed anywhere except under direct rainfall. Its user-friendliness and simplicity mean that practically anyone can quickly learn to use it. In fact, C-DIAL follows Rain’s simple 3-STEP irrigation programming philosophy: start time, duration and frequency. The C-dial family is available at the same price for 24 V AC or 9 V DC models for impact solenoids. Main features: 2 independent programmes; run time 1-240 min.; visual display of next start time; weekly calendar; water budgeting from 10% to 200%; rain sensor intake; permanent memory; very compact (15 x 14 x 4.3cm). 

NaandDanJain : MagicDrive

The MagicDrive is a maintenance-free sprinkler with no wear and tear and a special long term warranty. It is also patented worldwide by NAANDANJAIN. The MagicDrive can be used for the following applications: • Irrigation and germination of vegetables and field crops. • Corn and sugar cane irrigation on high risers of 2-3 m due to its stable vibration-free operation. • Overhead cooling system in orchards and plantations. • Special low angle version for orchards and plantations, particularly bananas and table grapes. The MagicDrive’s main features and advantages are: • Hermetically sealed silicone chamber protecting against leakage. • Magnetic silicone function ensures constant rotation speed and prevents wear and tear. • Special synchronized diffuser mechanism ensures high resistance to wind and maintains excellent uniformity of water distribution in spacing up to 14 m. • Smooth operation without any vibration facilitates working with high risers, especially in corn and sugar cane irrigation. • Available with three jet trajectories: 9° and 14° models: for under-tree irrigation; 24° model: for open field irrigation and plantations • Flow rate range: 310–730 lph. NAANDANJAIN

Valley VRI individual Sprinker (VRI iS)

The new Valley® Variable Rate Irrigation individual Sprinkler (VRI iS) for center pivots gives growers the highest level of sprinkler control. Growers can change application rates or simply turn off individual sprinklers over non-irrigated areas, allowing them to fine-tune water application more accurately than in a zoned area. Fields with many soil types, topography variations and non-irrigated areas can benefit from VRI iS.Growers with high value crops can use VRI iS to maximize yields and crop quality while minimizing water and fertilizer usage. VRI iS also can be used to accurately irrigate all field areas around odd-shaped, non-irrigated areas such as ditches or dairy paddocks. It is ideal for growing multiple crops under one machine, or growing the same crop with staggered planting dates for different harvest dates. Valley VRI iS works with all sprinkler types and drop pipe materials.

Jain USA : Puresense


The Unified Remote Platform is a telemetry system designed to allow monitoring of soil moisture and environmental conditions in areas with limited cellular connection. The platform consists of a base station that can support up to 8 remote units with a range up to 1 mile. Able to accommodate myriad sensors from multiple manufacturers and transmit data to our secure servers via cellular, radio or Wi-fi. 

Irritrol : Neptune PC-Pressure-Compensating Drip Line, with Anti-Siphon and Anti-Drain features

Neptune PC is Toro’s new Pressure Compensating drip line available with Anti-Siphon and Anti-Drain features. Its innovative features make Neptune PC the most advanced choice for irrigating permanent or seasonal crops in any topographical environment including hilly and undulating terrains. Neptune PC can be installed on the surface, underground or hanged on a wire and it meets irrigation demands of both open field and greenhouse applications.

Neptune PC has a very low coefficient of variation with a precise flow rate in a wide range of pressure that allows a uniform delivery of water to all the plants, even where long lateral lines are required. The emitters are designed to provide Neptune PC with high resistance to clogging thus allowing a very long service life of the irrigation system.

Neptune PC will be available starting from January 2016 in 16 and 20 mm diameters with a choice of 3 different wall thicknesses per diameter: 0.9-1.0-1.1 mm and 0.9-1.0-1.2 for 16 mm and 20 mm respectively. Three flow rates are available for both PC Anti-Siphon and PC Anti-Drain version: 1.6-2.4 and 3.8 l/h.A fourth emitter with a flow rate of 1.0 will be available by beginning of March 2016.

K-Rain : PRO EX 2.0 Controller


The K-Rain Pro EX 2.0 Modular Irrigation Controller can be easily expanded from 4 to 16 stations. The largest backlist display on the market, user friendly programming and responsive touch pad takes the Pro EX 2.0 tp a whole new level for irrigation controllers. A rain sensor and a freeze sensor can be connected to the controller. Wi-fi  application : Irrigation can be controlled with a tablet or smartphone, station by station. 

Hunter : New Dual Model

Hunter re-introduces the Dual-1 and Dual-2 decoders in a slim-line design. Other enhancements include:  Solid copper red-and-blue wire leads, for more positive connections to the two-wire path, slightly reduced standby current draw (2.8 -3 mA), more compact - uses less storage space. There is no change to the Dual decoder operating system (firmware). The new design is completely backward-compatible with all existing Dual components, and may be mixed within the same system with the older models. The Dual-S surge arrester will not be changing shape, but will also get the solid copper wire leads for connection to the two-wire path.

Irriland : Diamant series hose reel

Diamant series hose reel with the special 4-wheel tandem axle option, equipped with a special feature for hydraulically adjusting track width. This option allows the operator to change the track width quickly and easily and increases the stability of the machine when being moved. 

Hunter : Find Additional Installation Flexibility with the New NODE-100-LS

The NODE controller is now offered as a single station version without a DC latching solenoid and is called the NODE-100-LS. The NODE is offered as a single station model with solenoid and as 1, 2, 4 or 6 station model without solenoid. 

Galcon Smart™ Bluetooth Controllers :

Galcon Smart™ brings our line of best-selling residential battery operated controllers to the world of connected devices. Utilizing ultra-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity, we designed Apps for both iOS and Android (smartphones and tablets) that are beautiful, intuitive and very ease to use. With Galcon Smart™ devices, we bring the latest technologies to revolutionize the user interface with simple irrigation controllers. 

Dig : 7X0A range of controller

Control multiple valves in multiple locations with a single controller even where no power is available with the new 720A, 740A, and 760A multi station battery operated controllers.These 2, 4, and 6 station models are the latest additions to the innovative 700A series battery operated controllers from DIG.

The digital, fully waterproof, state of the art controllers contain all the programming features of top of the line AC controllers: 4 programs available for different watering schedules. Monthly budgeting. Sensor connections. Master Valve connections/compatibility. Specific Day, odd/even, or cyclical irrigation frequency options. Large easy to read LCD display.

The controllers can be fitted to a solenoid, placed in a valve box or on a wall by using the multi-purpose swivel adapters or wall-mounted brackets (included). 


Dorot : New Plastic Back Flushing Double Chamber Valve

Dorot Control Valves ("Dorot") presents the new Back Flushing Valve (Model 51P and 52P), an innovative valve specially designed for agricultural and industrial markets for use in the automatic backwashing of filtration systems. The Back Flushing Valve has a plastic body made of corrosion-proof and resistant to chemicals and cavitation

(additional versions available for use in sea-water and aggressive media). It has a sturdy body, made of Glass-Reinforced Polyamide (GRP), making it strong and reliable. The valve is double-chambered, providing control of fluid movement and protection for the diaphragm. It is a 3-directional valve in a "T" configuration that allows straight or angle flow with easy conversion from one model to the other, offering maximum flexibility in system design. It also has Victaulic connections which are quick and easy to dismantle, allowing for the easy replacement of valves. The BackFlushing Valve is light-weight and simple with a compact design and, furthermore, its installation is easy with no special tools or expertise required. DOROT


ELYSEE : new PUSH-FIT fitting

Elysee Push-Fit is a range of innovative push-fit fittings designed to connect to metric Polyethylene pipes as well as their imperial equivalents. The Elysee Push-Fit design is similar to the existing world-class Elysee compression fittings with some vital internal modifications. Such modifications feature a straightforward assembly making things a lot easier and faster. Simply by inserting the pipe until it butts against the fitting, there will be a perfect seal and grip with no leakage and no risk of disconnection. The new range follows a modern ergonomic design with a clear “family” feel to the existing range of Elysee fittings. The Push-Fit range is 16-bar rated, DVGW approved and complies with all relevant international standards related to compression fittings. Due to their special internal design, Push fit fittings are also available as couplers, elbows, tees, reducers or any other forms currently in use.

A.R.I : The NR-010 line of check valves

With its new complete line of 1½” -10” composite material check valves,  A.R.I., in response to customer needs, has expanded the size range of its family of NR-010 “Regev Lite” check valves. The NR-010 line of check valves is optimized and designed for installation in greenhouses, irrigation systems, swimming pools, storage tanks and water transmission systems. They are specially designed for both horizontal and vertical installation downstream of the pumps and booster pumps. Benefits: Compact structure; lightweight; easy to maintain; uninterrupted flow passage; Complete closure in silence. Low head losses. Enhanced sealing system. Components made of corrosion-resistant materials. Reduced installation costs. Available for purchase with reed switch (NR-010LS) or with inlet filter at bottom end (NR-010FV); Check valve in sizes 1½” and 2” - with a removable cover that allows for the cleaning, maintenance and replacement of spare parts to be carried out without having to remove the valve from the line. The NR-10 is currently available: For 10 bar: diameters of 1½” - 10”. For 16 bar: diameters of 3” - 8”.


K-Rain : BL-KR Battery Powered controller

No more crawling around the valve box trying to program or troubleshoot a battery powered timer  - The BL-KR timer puts full programming control in the palm of your hand. With 100 % waterproof and rugged construction, the BL-KR is ideal for isolated sited and powered-restricted areas. Programming is easy with a few taps or a smartphone or tablet through direct Bluetooth communication up to 32 feet away from the valve box. Add multiple controllers (up to 200 timers) and program simply and quickly from 1 free application. Available for 1, 2, 4 and 6 stations. 

K-Rain : BL-24 Bluetooth Smart Irrigation Controller


Programs seamlessly from your smartphone or tablet from up to 32 feet (10 m) away. Easily start/stop from your smartphone or tablet. LED indicator for monitoring operation. Indoor wall mounting, with external transformer (110V/24V). Internal clock maintained for 5 hours in case of power failure. 4, 6, 9, 12 stations configurations. Master valve connection. 3 independent programs with 8 start times. Rain sensor connection. Water budgeting feature. 

Lindsay : FieldNet new pivot control

Upgrade existing pivots to high-performance control technology. By retrofitting an existing system with Pivot Control, you gain the advantage of FieldNET’s web and mobile app capabilities, including real-time alerts and status updates. Features : full remote control of pivots, pumps and injectors. Save time, water, energy and chemicals. Basic VRI with 360 sectors. GPS positioning for precision irrigation. Unlike other remote controllers, Pivot Control is mounted at the pivot point for in-filed control and enhanced features. 

Hendrickson : The new PRC4500 pressure regulator with check valve prevents runoff and erosion

Hendrickson Bros. is proud to introduce their new PRC4500 – an efficient, US-made pressure regulator with a built-in check valve. This ½" low flow unit is engineered to prevent water erosion and puddles due to unwelcome line drainage.

The PRC4500 is offered with flow rates from 0.5 to 6.0 gpm and is available in three popular pressure ratings – 20, 30 and 40 psi.

The design prevents excess flow and wasted water in two ways. First, its internal check valve stays closed until the appropriate pressure has been attained. Once the target pressure has been reached, the valve opens and the sprinkler or watering system operates normally. When the inlet pressure drops during shutdown, the flow stops – and stays stopped without leaking.

Rain Bird: the new WPX Controller

The new WPX controller allows for an efficient automatic sprinkler system to be set up without the need for an electricity supply. Designed to be water- and dust-proof, it can be installed in the most challenging environments, particularly in valve boxes.

Its large LCD screen simultaneously shows all of the programming information for each zone, making it even easier to use.  Large numbers of programming options are available, including a number of hidden functions reserved for the installers.

The WPX programmers are also battery-operated. They can operate for a whole year with only one 9-volt battery, or for more than 2 years with two 9-volt batteries.


Perrot : New HYDRA-M TC pop-up gear drive sprinkler

Precise, safe and invisible! The all-new HYDRA-M TC (Turf Cup) features the same technical genes as the family of HYDRA gear drive sprinklers: superior casting range of up to 32 meters, outstanding distribution uniformity and extreme reliability. As the sprinkler is designed for installation on soccer fields, we place a special emphasis on player safety. The natural sod cup is made of very flexible rubber-type components, which are buried at up to 10 cm below the surface to protect players from injury. Specially drilled holes at the bottom provide watering for the roots of the turf inside the cup. The self-flushing system not only cleans the rotor but also the upper section of the sprinkler head.

When closed, the sprinkler is completely invisible on account of the natural sod inside the cup. The HYDRA-M TC made its first international appearance when it was installed in September 2015 at the new Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg/Russia (World Cup venue in 2018). 


Aries™ 1.5 l/h : Netafim’s Next-Generation Low-Flow Drippers.

The ARIES™ introduces the first TURBUNEXT™ type labyrinth which proves to be the most efficient water passage in the industry. Combining a wider, shorter and deeper labyrinth water passage with a larger filtering area, the new drippers handle flow rates of 0.5 l/h-4.0 l/h with superb clogging resistance.

The ARIES™ works effectively for multiple years regardless of water quality, including harsh water.The ARIES™ gives growers greater control and peace of mind by. The new low flow line drastically reduces the investment required for new system installation, and cuts labor costs by irrigating larger plots while minimizing in-field shifting to further enhance grower profitability.

Streamline Plusby Netafim, The Ultimate Solution for Single Season Crop Growers

The Streamline Plus has unmatched accurate delivery of water and nutrients, allowing uniform quality yields.

The Streamline Plus willoperate in higher pressure and has improved tensile strength, both means less labor costs, less maintenance and higher profits.  The StreamlinePlus high quality material dramatically reducemechanical failure caused in the process of laying and re-coiling the drip system.

The Streamline Plus incorporates two orange stripes which are clear and visible to show the dripper upward location for proper laying of the laterals, thus avoiding potential damage caused by suction of silt and sand.


Nelson Irrigation Corporation announces full, release of R75 end of pivot sprinkler

This versatile, high-uniformity sprinkler is based on Rotator® Technology, nearly 30 years field-proven. The R75 throws up to 70 feet (21 m) past the end of a pivot, helping to   fill in corners and gain added acreage -- up to 13 acres (5.3 ha) irrigating full circle and up to 7 acres (2.8 ha) corners only (on a 1/4 mile pivot). The R75 can operate alone or be combined with the SR100 Big Gun® to maximize uniformity and pick up even more acreage.

Features of the R75 include an easy to access nozzle, dual barrel spray plate for distance & uniformity and adjustable stops to achieve best arc of coverage. The operating range for the standard R75 is 40-60 PSI (2.8-4.0 bar) while the low pressure version should be used within a range of 25-40 PSI (1.7-2.8 bar).


RAIN Spa’s 1st international Distributors meeting

Over 70 people from more than 25 countries have joined to get her at the magnificent site of Lake Maggiore attending RAIN Spa’s 1st international Distributors meeting  

35 Professional Irrigation Distributors from around the world attended the meeting, from Thailand to neighboring Switzerland, India or the Middle East, gathered to participate in two intense days of presentations, seminars and workshops.

All the distributorswere able to learn about the variety of innovative products offered by RAIN for the 2016 season, such as the innovative line of controllers which are based on RAIN’slogical 3-step philosophy or the new ranges of Bluetooth and internet controllersintroduced for the first time.

The B RAIN 6-station battery-operated controller uses Bluetooth smart phones or tablet connections to monitor watering system sused for residential or commercial markets.

This is a revolutionary Cloud-based system that communicates directly with the gardenusing WIFI or 3G internet connections. In this way artificial intelligence isapplied to the irrigation systems, thus allowing a tremendous saving on water.

Managing your own garden, terrace, green area via smartphones, tablets and interactive applications is the reality of today.

RAIN also introduced its patented “Manifold” systems.

During the Gala dinner, following tradition, certain participants, in recognition of their continuing loyalty and significant effort, were rewarded with greatly appreciated gifts.


Irstea, AxLR and SIKA GmbH have signed a model agreement with SITEVI for the transfer of certain specifictechnology

The high point of all the research work carried out by Irstea as part of the Picore project, led by Vincent de Rudnicki at the Montpellier site, was reached at the SITEVI 2015 international exhibition.

«Picore» is the name of the embedded system connected to the monitoring and logging of the hydraulic data related to the spraying of agrochemicals, viewed directly on the Smartphone. It allows the farmer to finetune the sprayer, while checking the quality of the pesticides and herbicides applied and making a saving of 15% to 20% on the product. It also responds to the challenge of reducing the environmental impact of the chemical products used in agriculture, reaffirmed by the Ecophyto2 plan.

This project is the result of the signing today of a patent licence agreement drawn up between SIKA Gmbh, represented by its President, Christian Siebert, and the technology transfer acceleration company AxLR, with Irstea being delegated to coordinate the various aspects of the project, represented respectively by their presidents, Philippe Nérin and Jean-Marc Bournigal.

The Picore project represents a successful collaboration between a public research institute, a commercial industrial enterprise and a technology transfer acceleration company. 

A fresh starting to 2016 – Results of the General Assembly of the European Irrigation Association

On 2nd December, the General Assembly of the European Irrigation Association (EIA) convened in Lyons during the Paysaliatrade show. Over 14 participants togetherwith EIA President Carlo Fontana and Vice-PresidentDamirCizmektook the opportunity to discussextensively the future work and strategy of the association.

The GA clearlydecided to revitalise both the successful EIA Irrigation days and the EIA Award Show in 2016 whileaiming to takeintoaccount country-specificneeds and enhanced promotion of theseactivities, in close cooperationwith national associations.

Furtheractivities for 2016 to beconsidered are involvement in European Standards relevant for the irrigation industry, EIA actions on certifications and training complementary to national association trainings and, where relevant, monitoring of EU policydevelopments, in particular on waste water reuse.

About the EIA: The mission of the EIA is to improve the products, practices and services used to manage water resources and to contribute to the global improvement of the environment. With 63 cooperatemembers in 2015, the EIA informs and collaborateswith

European Agriculture, the green spacesector and Golf Clubs to promote the conservation, distribution and recovery of water resources for the needs of the economy.

Stratco Holdings Pty Ltd, an Australian based company, is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of AntelcoPty. Ltd.

Stratco and Antelcosharemany of the same values, bothbeingknown for theirqualityproducts, innovative culture and commitment to customer service. Thesecommon values, coupledwith 70 years of Stratcosuccessacrossmanufacturing and retailing, give us every confidence that the Antelco business will continue to grow and prosper.

We are all acutelyawarethatthisgrowthcanhappenbecauseAntelcowill continue to providequalityproducts and great service, which the company has achieved for over 30 years.  Antelcowill continue to operate and serve itscustomersfromits 3 facilitiesaround the globe, maintaining all existing staff and contacts.

The staff of Antelco and Stratcowouldlike to wish Bill and Sue Antel the best of health and happiness in their retirement and wouldlike to thankthem for their contribution to the Irrigation Industry over manyyearsthrough the development and marketing of manyqualityinnovative micro irrigation products.


UMC Hires New VP of Sales

UMC is excited to announce that we have brought on board Jeff Herrick as the VP of Irrigation Sales for UMC! Jeff willberesponsible for nation-wide sales, marketing and custo­mer services for UMC’s irrigation business.

With over 25 years of experience in the irri­gation industry, Jeff brings a wealth of know­ledge and expe­rience to the UMC team. His expertise is in leading sales ef­forts within the irrigation industry, havingwor­ked extensively in building new and after market irrigation parts and distribu­tion businesses, includingrecruiting and training pivot dealers in sales, design and business opera­tions. He holds strong rela­tion­ships with original equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealers and end usersalike.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Agriculture, Agricul­ture Operations and Related Sciences from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Jeff resides in Arlington, Nebraska with his wife and family.

We are thrilled to have Jeff join the UMC team and anticipate Jeff’s skills and expertise to help better serve ourcustomers and continue to provide innovative drive train solutions for the mechanized irrigation industry.

Elysee New Distribution Centres

In order to meet the growingdemand in the Water Supply, Irrigation, Sewage and Energy sectors, Elysee Irrigation has expanded its operations by establishing three new distribution centres in Central & Eastern Europe including a new PE pipe factory in Lebanon. These new centres are strategicallylocatedso as to improve both delivery times and market coverage. 

Our new distribution centres are Elysee Rohr systeme which is located at Linz, Austria, to support customers in Central Europe, Elysee RUS which is located in Podolsk, Moscow, covering Russia and Eastern Europe and Elysee W.I.S.E. which is located in Beirut, Lebanon, lookingafter the Middle East region. 

Elysee’s sales network has been significantly growing during the last three years, hence, the need to becloser in order to offer the best possible service and support. The establishment of the new distribution centres contributes to ourproduct mix, thus, making the Elysee pipes and fitting sa more attractive business opportunity.  


K-Rain Manufacturing Corp. announces the Company has upgraded to the highest level of IA membership: platinum. “Platinum membership will allow us to get more involved and better connected within the green industry,” said K-Rain President Chip Kah. “That was the driving force behind our decision. The Irrigation Association has a wealth of resources which will help us accomplish this goal.” K-Rain manufactures gear driven rotors, sprinklers, sprays, controllers and valves for the commercial and residential irrigation markets. With more than 95 patents and over 35 years of industry experience, K-Rain continues to grow a loyal following worldwide. K-Rain’s investment in platinum membership helps the association continue to implement its strategic plan which focuses on changing the public perception of irrigation by developing standards and regulations, and educating frontline irrigation professionals. Platinum membership provides expanded benefits, including increased industry exposure through IA’s media channels and exclusive marketing and advertising discounts. K-Rain looks forward to a rewarding experience at this level with the Irrigation Association and all of the members. K-Rain continues to expand their product offerings and is clearly focused on providing the green industry with intelligent irrigation solutions.


The managing director of Holman Industries, Wally Edwards, advised that Ray Toscano would be moving into a full time roll as the International sales manager for the company. Ray will be responsible for all international sales and creating relationships with likeminded international companies for OEM product opportunities? In making the announcement Mr Edwards said that Holman have invested in many new products over the last 3 years. We have focussed our attention on designing products that are unique and meet the market expectations for price. Apart from a revamp of all our electronic controllers, tap timers and troubleshooters, we have designed a range of vertical garden and raised garden bed products as well as extending our range of hose reels. We also have many new products in design and tooling that will be exciting additions to our catalogue over the coming year. “We have grown our business substantially in Australia over the last few years and now believe it is time to put much more focus on the international market” Mr Edwards said. “Our new product releases have catapulted Holman into the leading company in irrigation and garden products in Australia. Our growth has allowed us to accelerate new product development. “We are an innovative business. We love taking new ideas and making them come to life” Mr Edwards said. “The appointment of Ray into this role will provide a lot more focus on our international markets. We believe that the time is right for us to develop partnerships with likeminded businesses who want innovative and well-priced products in the garden and outdoor space” Mr Edwards said.


New Anchor Package Allows Center Pivots to Irrigate More Land

In today’s market, it is more important than ever for growers to make the most of all their cropland to get the highest possible yield. For many growers, this means irrigating land that may be difficult to reach with traditional center pivots.Valmont® Irrigation, the manufacturer of the Valley® brand of irrigation equipment, is expanding its Bender product line with a new anchor package that extends the reach of irrigation machines even further. Valley Bender products allow a center pivot to bend and wrap around in-field obstacles, irrigating the acres behind it. The new Bender Anchor allows growers to use Benders on longer machines and on rough or rolling terrain to irrigate even more hectares.  Only Valmont Irrigation offers an anchor for its bending units because only Valley pivots have the strength to handle long Bender machines, said Valmont Irrigation Vice President of Global Marketing Matt Ondrejko.“Our studies found that growers can increase their profits just by irrigating more of the land they already have,” Ondrejko said. “The new Bender Anchor extends those irrigated hectares at a low per-hectare cost, improving yield and profit.”


Jasonflex fittings

We are pleased to introduce our new complete range of fittings “JASONFLEX ”. These fittings can be used for connecting flexible PVC hoses used in swimming pool installations. They are available for 50 & 63 mm flexible PVC hoses which are connected to a mechanical fastening mechanism on the one side, and a male or female solvent gluing or threading connection on the other side. The materials used in the Jason Flex fittings ensure long lasting operation as well as excellent resistance to chemicals most commonly used in such kind of applications.


Paul Wilczek replaces the former EIA secretary general

Paul is a German national with 10 years of work experience of public advocacy in transport and energy policies in Brussels. His last work assignment was as a senior advisor for over six years at the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) with over 600 members. He holds a Master degree of economics, political sciences and public law from the Universities of Heidelberg and Potsdam. His immediate tasks for EIA will include: - As decided by the Board in June, an inventory of the EU policy and regulatory environment of relevance to EIA and its members. The report, which is due to be presented to the General Assembly, will serve as a basis for a discussion on the EIA development strategy for the future. The idea would then be to enshrine it in a Manifesto that could be launched with policy makers and other stakeholders next year. - The preparation of EIA 2015 General Assembly meeting due to take place early December (exact date and place to be communicated ASAP)


Lama presents the new Low Pressure filters.

They only need a minimum pressure of 1,5 Kg/cm2 to make the backwashing process. Eko and EkoSenior screen filters and Autosenior which has a new discs tower. Please, ask us to know the wash duration and for more options that include a stabilising valve and the optional low-pressure kit.


Revolutionary New 3NV Nozzle & the 3030 Series Pivot Sprinkler

The R3030 with the 3NV nozzle system turns a great sprinkler into a highly effective farm management device. Simply push & turn this multi-use nozzle for on, off, nozzle flush and line flush functions. The 3NV nozzle fits all existing sprinkler types: Rotator, Spinner, Accelerator, Sprayhead, Orbitor, Part Circle. Maximize efficiency with the Square Thread fitting.

At the heart of the 3030 Series is the new 3NV Nozzle. built with the precision accuracy of the 3TN, this innovative dial-nozzle combines multiple functions so you can “micro-manage” your system. 

  • Quick-change — push & turn, audible “click” 
  • Covers complete nozzle range, using the same numbering as the 3TN Nozzle System
  • Same color-codes as 3TN but odd-size nozzles have weather-enduring scalloped edge



IRRILAND will be present at AGRITECHNICA from 8th to 14th November 2015

(Hannover – Germany): Hall 21 - Stand H-19.

Irriland will display its range of automatic hose reels, irrigation booms, motor pumps at the coming Agritechnica exhibition. Furthermore, as worldwide preview, will present some technical innovations that will allow the farmers to increase the productivity of their irrigation systems due to the efficiency increasing and to the machine’s versatility of the Irriland products.

Among the most important innovations, two of which displayed at the show, we indicate:

1) The polyethylene hose high smoothness system for the irrigation machines. This innovation consists of laying a particular plastic film between the ground and the polyethylene hose along the pulling out. During the irrigation the very easy smoothness of the polyethylene hose on the film allow a huge reduction of the friction that is normally caused by the contact with the earth, the grass, the leaves and other organic material eventually present on the agriculture fields. The positive results are very important in terms of efficiency improvement and savings and furthermore the polyethylene hose lifetime will increase a lot. The drive system and generally the structure will benefit from the reduced traction power as well: better performances and minimal break risks. At the moment this system is patent pending.

2) Diamant series hose reel with the special 4 tandem wheels option, equipped with a special hydraulic with adjustment of the track. This option allows the operator to change the track width quickly and in a comfortable way and increases the stability of the machine along the shifting. (displayed at the show).

3) Irriland innovative mobile pumping station with generating set and submersible pump handled by electric and hydraulic features. This system will allow the farmers to move easily and quick to use the different wells of the farm with one single pumping station as the submersible pump depth is adjustable till 35 m. (displayed at the show).

RAIN Spa rebrands its French subsidiary QLG

QLG is based in Villeneuve d’Ornon in the metropolitan area of Bordeaux. The company covers the French market distributing RAIN spa irrigation products to the main channels either in the Pro and DIY for over 12 years.

 The President of the company is Mr. Christoph Barsacq, a senior executive since 1995 in the French irrigation market with a deep experience in the DIY market..

After 12 years of continuous growth, it has been decided to rebrand the company with a new name: "RAIN IRRIGATION", using RAIN registered trademark in the new logo.

The new logo of Rain Irrigation, shows RAIN spa’s full commitment to achieving a strong presence in the key French market

The Company Del Taglia Irrigation is fully operational within the Riccini Group

Riccini Irrigazione Srl has signed an agreement with Del Taglia Srl company to take over its irrigation business unit.

The new organization will have the name "Irrigazione Riccini Srl -DEL TAGLIA DIVISION"

The company will operate on the whole Italian territory and proposing itself as a supplier to all customers of the Italian irrigation market including those that have so far been supplied by Del Taglia Srl.

Irrigazione Riccini Srl Del-Taglia Division will have the right to use "Del Taglia" name, logos, web sites and marketing tools for all the promotion activities aimed at distribution of irrigation products.

Furthermore Arrigo and Fabio Del Taglia will manage with their experience the sales and marketing of the new organization and will put at our disposal their knowledge of key accounts and opinion leaders in the field.

To provide a technical and commercial service of high quality and expertise to customers, almost all the staff of Del Taglia Srl has been hired by Riccini Irrigazione Srl and will operate in new offices very close to the actual Del Taglia building, this office will be connected to the headquarter in Perugia and will work in direct synergy with it.

The technical office in Florence will be assisted by the technicians in Perugia to design irrigation systems of all sizes, supply an hot line service to customers and provide an efficient after sale service to them.

At least 10 employers will be dedicated to the irrigation sector, and will be used our main warehouse and offices near Perugia to store and ship the goods throughout Italy.

Since the beginning of August Irrigazione Riccini S.r.l. have full stock of materials and make shipments all over Italy .

Fabio Riccini C.E.O. of the company said that the experience of Del Taglia commercial and technical staff together with Riccini's administrative and logistic skills will help Irrigazione Riccini Srl-Del Taglia Division to achieve an important role in the distribution of irrigation products.

The Company’s aim is to distribute high quality products, by working in close co-operation with the main manufacturers of the irrigation industry.

CLABER - Oliviano Spadotto passed away

Oliviano Spadotto passed away peacefully on August 28, 2015 at the age of 84, surrounded by the love of his wife Silvana Baracchi, his brother and sister Mario and Laura,  his sons Dario and Gianluigi who stood by him in leading the Claber SpA enterprise and who will continue his work, and his numerous grandchildren. Oliviano Spadotto leaves behind the memory of his extraordinary personality, his significant contributions in the social and cultural fields and the enduring example of his values as an enlightened entrepreneur and innovator.

Oliviano Spadotto was born on March 29, 1931 and since his childhood and adolescence, demonstrated a strong propensity for his studies, so much so that his parents, humble bakers from the Torre di Pordenone neighbourhood, made great sacrifices in order to offer him the opportunity to earn a Law Degree. He practiced law full-time in a law firm for a number of years, and the title of “avvocato” (meaning lawyer) accompanied him throughout his lifetime as an affectionate and equally distinctive designation. However, with his young life seemingly heading in a predefined direction, Oliviano Spadotto unexpectedly and intuitively chose a path that would have a decisive impact on his future. During the late 1960s, for reasons related to his profession as a lawyer, he came into contact with a tiny company which, at the time, consisted of only two employees: Claber.

Oliviano Spadotto thus made the decision to become an entrepreneur and took over the leadership of this small enterprise which was nothing more than a small-scale artisan workshop operating in the Borgo Meduna district in Pordenone, between the Meduna and Noncello rivers. Thus began an extraordinary and exemplary story, that of Claber SpA. The company grew and developed year after year, becoming a globally recognised brand in the sector of irrigation products and systems, an established leader in the domestic gardening market, and a key partner in “landscape architecture” projects of international significance.

In 1995, Claber was the first Italian company in the gardening and irrigation sector to be certified UNI ISO 9001, an achievement that Oliviano Spadotto considered not only an important milestone, but also a starting point towards establishing the Claber name at the international level and a stimulus for the continuous improvement of the company’s processes, products, logistical and commercial services, and customer care, with an ongoing commitment and major investments. During that same period, Clabermeteo, a Claber division focused on the centralised irrigation of large green spaces within the public, residential and tourism sectors and of specialised agriculture, was established thanks to his relentless drive and leadership. With this expansion in the scope of technological research, production activities and the market opportunities of his company, Oliviano Spadotto began to explore new frontiers of information technology, of the “wired” and “wireless” technologies for the transmission of data, and of “smart connected” devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones).

In 2003, Oliviano Spadotto established the Claber Water School, a unique institution in terms of the underlying concept, created thanks to the architectural rehabilitation of an old hydroelectric power station restored and transformed into a technical training centre, a meeting point for workshops on the themes of irrigation, water and green spaces, as well as the Research and Development centre for the innovative Claber products.

On April 25, 2001 Oliviano Spadotto also received the San Marco Prize, established in 1972 and awarded to citizens from the Province of Pordenone who have distinguished themselves in a variety of human activity fields (arts, humanities, sciences, industry, sports, social commitment, etc.). This achievement directly contributed to increasing the importance of the Western Friuli region, both nationally and internationally, with its rich and unique cultural, historical, economic and natural heritage, while also serving as an example for new generations.


His life as an enlightened entrepreneur and innovator, as well as an individual strongly committed to cultural and social progress, was always closely linked to water as a precious commodity shared by all of humanity, to be safeguarded with great care and managed wisely.

IRRIGATION AUSTRALIA - Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Irrigation Australia offers a number of courses and workshops for irrigation professionals. Here you will find the calendar of IAL courses and workshops only. Irrigation Australia Limited does not endorse or recommend courses conducted by entities other than ourselves. This information is provided as a service to our members. Unique Student Identifier  – From 1 January 2015 a new system will be put in place by the Australian Government which will require each student to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to obtain their certificate or qualification from registered training organisations (RTOs) when studying nationally recognised training in Australia. The onus will be on the student to obtain a USI. You can get your USI from  All RTOs will be required to collect and verify a USI for each student prior to issuing a qualification or statement of attainment.  Download the Unique Student Identification fact sheet.  Watch a You Tube video that outlines the process of getting your Unique Student Identifer number.   To book a course or for further information on IAL courses call 1300 949 891 (free call) or email Jodie Porter at



Galcon is proud to control the irrigation of the great vertical crop wall and the first of its kind at the Israeli pavilion at the Milano Expo 2015 universal exposition.

The crop wall measures to 62 meter wide and 12 meter high featuring basic crops, including rice, corn and wheat, irrigated by Galcon’s GSI system that was awarded product of the year 2013 by the European Irrigation Association (the EIA).

The GSI is a part of a full line of smart controllers, a revolutionary concept brings the Internet of Things to the irrigation world, enabling you to monitor and control every aspect of your water usage from anywhere you are in the world – at any time.

Complete control is in the palm of your hand as you manage your system using your
I-Phone, Android, laptop or any smart device with a variety of communications protocols, including radio, cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Jain Irrigation - the only Indian company in Fortune’s first ever global list of 51 companies that are changing the world!

Mumbai, 21 August 2015: Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. is the only Indian company that has made it to the list of Fortune’s 51 companies that are changing the world.  What’s more, the company has been ranked No.7 only after Vodafone and Safaricom, Google, Toyota, Walmart, Enel Utilities and GSK. The full list includes other iconic names like Cisco, Facebook, Mastercard, Starbucks, Nike, Ford Motor, Unilever, IBM etc.

The Fortune’s  ‘Change the World’  list is meant to shine a spotlight on companies that have made significant progress in addressing major social problems as a part of their core business strategy. It is based on the belief that capitalism should be not just tolerated but celebrated for its power to do good.  At a time when governments are flailing, its powers are needed more than ever.

The Companies chosen have a sizeable impact on the major global social or environmental problems as part of their competitive strategy.  In its evaluation, Fortune considered four criteria: the degree of business innovation involved, the measurable impact at scale on an important social challenge, the contribution of the shared-value activities to the company’s profitability and competitive advantage, and the significance of the shared value effort to the overall business.

In its citation, Fortune Global says  “Jain has built its business by improving the livelihoods of 5 million small farmers in India. Based in the country’s western Maharashtra state, Jain began selling micro-irrigation systems in 1986, when it recognized that the technology, commonly used in industrial agriculture, could be adapted for local growers, whose tiny landholdings were traditionally watered by rain or blunt flooding techniques.  As Jain’s  “More Crop Per Drop™”  slogan promised, yields increased dramatically – 50% to 300%, depending on the plant – as did farmers’ incomes.  And Jain continues to boost both in other ways as well: It has introduced more-viable crop varieties and trained farmers on more productive growing techniques, such as high-density planting for mangoes.

The company also branched into solar water pumps (electricity is often scarce on the farm), financing, and food processing – for the likes of Coca-Cola and Uniliever- so that there is a ready market for these farmers’ wares.  The company, the world’s second-largest seller of drip-irrigation systems, now does business in 116 countries.”

Bhavarlal Jain, Founder Chairman of Jain Irrigation, says  “It is indeed an honour to be included in Fortune’s global list of companies that are changing the world.  It represents decades of passion and devotion that our team has invested in working with small farmers. Whatever success we have achieved stems from our belief that only if the farmer prospers, will we prosper.

He added,  “The Company’s mission statement is ‘Leave this world better than you found it’. We are striving to achieve this, by improving the farmers’ income and confidence levels on the one hand, while conserving the precious natural resources of the world on the other. Together this ensures social change and environmental protection.  All our business lines are in keeping with national priorities with a global reach.  It is our firm belief that with this spirit, we can envisage a phenomenal potential for growth, for millions of small farmers and for other stakeholders. It is with a great sense of fulfillment that we cherish this recognition and ranking.”

The list of 51 companies was assembled from more than 200 recommendations by dozens of business and academic non-profit experts around the world.  According to Fortune, “The one thing all ‘Change the World’ companies have in common is that they recognize the business value in addressing societal needs.  In their quest for profits, they are driving innovations that improve health outcomes, make progress on climate change, provide better access to education, and create new economic opportunities for those in poverty.  They realize that business can – and must – compete to ‘Change the World’.”  


The new Rain Bird site, a mine of information on sprinkling

Rain Bird has launched a new Web Site, providing very comprehensive facts about automatic sprinkling. 
Apart from the in­formation relating to the brand pro­ducts (videos, per­for­mance?charts, ins­tructions for use and?documen­ta­tion…) you can also find some prototype plans for installing sprinklers on sports fields, a Frequently Asked?Questions (FAQ) sector divi­ded into subject areas, an irrigation glossary, numerous tips for the reno­vation of golf courses and the possibility of registering for the different training modules on offer. 
The new site is available in 6 language versions and it is also compatible with smartphones and tablets. The French site can be viewed on 


Dig has commenced the domestic and international shipping of the EVO100, a solar–powered, environmently-friendly self-contained, hose end irri­gation timer. This unique, innovative pro­duct utilizes Dig’s patented solar energy management system that collects and stores light energy, eliminating the need to install or replace batteries of any kind. 
Since no direct sunlight is required, the timers can be installed on hose bibs in almost any outdoor location. 
“One of the most popular features is that this model never has to be re-programmed due to loss of power like depleted batteries”, says Spaulding, “and users also find the simple, icon based programming very easy to follow”. 
The EVO100 also includes several water saving features like a rain or moisture sensor connection, a rain delay mode, and a variety of frequency options including specific days of the week (with up to 4 start times per day) and cyclical watering from once every 1 to 30 days. The model is also available with BSP threads, and features a quick release swivel inlet fitting to simplify installation in close quarters. 

Bauer introduces “SmartRain” for managing and optimizing irrigation systems via smartphone or tablet

New service for managing, monitoring and optimizing irrigation systems: with “SmartRain”, the new GPS-supported application by Bauer, the machine manufacturer based in Voitsberg, Styria, sets new standards in irrigation management. Whether on the field, on the farm or at home: The user is always informed through live updates about the current status of the machines and, if necessary, can intervene actively in ongoing processes or optimize these at any time. The app is available for free for all popular smart phones and tablets. 
With their new app “Smart Rain” the Bauer Group, which is specialized in irrigation and waste-water technology, tries to reach the mobile devices of the customers and offers a modern solution to monitor and optimize irrigation systems. By receiving information about the irrigation progress, implementation date or the current status of the system, the user always gains an overview of the situation. Annoying waiting times, possibly caused by problems are, due to reliable and fast notifications, a thing of the past. The irrigation machine sends the notifications directly to a stored telephone number by sms or e-mail. 

BaseStation3™ from Valmont® Irrigation provides total farm control

The new BaseStation3™ is the most innovative irrigation management product on the market, pushing monitoring and control technology to the next level. The English version of BaseStation3 is now available around the world, and additional languages will be introduced throughout the year. 
With BaseStation3, growers can mana­ge their irrigation equipment from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – using native iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android apps – for total control of their operations. They can try the app by downloading it from their app store and clicking on the Demo button. 
Growers can choose an Internet-connected or stand-alone installation, and select a communication link using data radio, Internet Protocol or a combination of technologies – a choice no one else offers. Another BaseStation3 exclusive: A typical installation doesn’t require any recurring fees. 
BaseStation3 is intuitive and easy to use. It provides instant at-a-glance status updates and quick notifications if a field approaches cautionary status range for soil moisture. It also enables informed irrigation decisions based on the amount of moisture in the crop root zones. 
Powerful enough for large operations but with the flexibility to handle small farms, BaseStation3 lets growers keep tabs on their fields’ needs while conserving resources, leading to greater yields and lower overhead. 

Eurodrip Global CEO Transition

Eurodrip S.A., a leading and manufacturer and supplier of integrated drip irrigation solutions for agricultural and landscaping applications, today announced that Peter Berweger has been appointed CEO of Eurodrip, effective August 1, 2015. This follows the resignation of Mihalis Panagis, effective immediately. Mr. Panagis will act as a consultant for the Company in order to ensure a seamless transition. 
Mr. Berweger brings to Eurodrip a strong agribusiness track record. A senior executive at Syngenta for seven years, Mr. Berweger served as Portfolio Strategy Lead and Global Head of M&A, and as the Global Head of Soybean he led the creation and implementation of the company’s first integrated soybean crop strategy. Prior to joining Syngenta, he was with KPMG for 14 years and in his last role was as a Partner heading their European Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals practice. Mr. Berweger is an economist and accountant by background and holds an MBA from Columbia University and London Business School. 
Peter Berweger said, “Eurodrip is a strong company with differentiated capabilities that is well-positioned to capture growth opportunities in the expanding drip irrigation market. I look forward to working alongside the management team and my fellow employees across the world as we build on Eurodrip’s strong foundation to create future success.”

Valmont® Irrigation Appoints Dixon as Vice President of Global Operations

An experienced global manufacturing executive, Dixon has extensive knowledge of lean enterprise, supply chain orga­ni­zation, operations management, product management, strategic plan­ning, mergers and acquisitions, and integration. 
His past operational experience includes leading lean initiatives as a Danaher Business System leader and as the direc­tor of lean enterprise at Belden Inc.; ser­ving as the senior value stream manager at Danaher facilities in Tianjin, China, and Gurnee, Illinois, USA; and working as a manufacturing materials manager at General Electric’s motor division. 
Dixon has a passion for thinking outside of industry norms to solve problems and is listed as the co-inventor of a unique coaxial connector for the broadcast industry that was awarded a U.S. patent. 
“Efficient use of water is key to global sustainability, and Valley products are at the forefront of global water stewardship,” he said. “I am excited to build upon the legacy of my predecessors to keep Valley as the market leader in the global irrigation business.” 
Valmont Irrigation President Len Adams noted that Dixon worked with the company’s previous vice president of global operations, Steve Kaniewski. 
“Josh’s personality and that relationship with Steve at Belden is a good indicator of his compatibility with our Valmont culture,” Adams said. “We know he will fit well here”. 
Dixon will be responsible for global manufacturing, process engineering, supply chain management, quality, order management, safety and logistics. 

Hunter Industries Enters Due Diligence Phase to Acquire Senninger Irrigation

Hunter Industries and Senninger Irrigation announce today their entrance into a due diligence phase toward an intended acquisition of Senninger Irrigation by Hunter Industries. Hunter and Senninger have been strategic partners since 2004 through an OEM relationship. 
This acquisition adds to Hunter's growing revenue stream through expansion into Senninger’s?markets.?“Hunter?and Senninger combine to create a very talented team of engineers and manufacturing professionals. We are very excited about working together with their teams to bring innovations to our shared channels,” said Greg Hunter, CEO at Hunter. 
“There has been an opportunity for both companies, over three decades, to casually observe each other’s development and behavior, providing insight into the character and reputation of each respective company, their founders and management. Cultural alignment was a key factor for both organizations in opening discussions focused on an acquisition,” said Mr. Burks. 
The due diligence phase is expected to complete by mid-September. As always Senninger will continue to provide the high quality products and services, its customers have come to expect.

Grundfos celebrates its 70th anniversary

On Monday 4th May, Grundfos celebrated its 70th anniversary, the company being created in 1945 by Poul Due Jensen. 
“Following the assembly of the first Grundfos pump in a garage by its founder, Poul Due Jensen, in 1944, and the creation one year later of the company Grundfos, we are now celebrating the 70th anni­versary this year of the Danish company Grundfos” said Mads Nipper. 
The Grundfos motor is the innovation that has always been at the heart of the company. This is the product that has allowed the com­pa­ny to move forward and continuously improve its pumps and pumping systems, achieving improved performance and ease of use. 
Today, 4th May, marks the 70th anniversary of this story of pro­gress and hu­man relationships, because, let us re­member, Grundfos now has a presence in 53 countries, with 83 subsidiaries distributed around the whole globe employing more than 19,000 people. 
“It is such an amazing piece of industrial history about a small company turning into a global Group with 19,000 employees,” says Mads Nipper: “Right from the beginning, Poul Due Jensen considered it his most important duty to make water accessible, and showed that he understood how important it was – and still is – to meet the customers’ needs,” he continues. 
With that, he created the foundation for a Group that since then has set one new standard after the other and brought itself in front within its business. A Group that has shipped millions upon millions of pumps to customers in practically all corners of the world, where they have helped improve the quality of life for nearly one seventh of the world’s population. 

Galcon Introduces Galcon Smart, A Revolutionary Line of Connected Smart Irrigation Controllers

Galcon Smart is a new line of WiFi, Bluetooth, Radio and Cellular based irrigation controllers for the Residential, Turf & Landscape and Agriculture markets. 
“Galcon Smart offers complete control in the palm of the hand by offering a complementary mobile Apps for iOS and Android based devices” says Ron Cohen, Galcon Products Manager. “The primary advantage Galcon Smart gives you is precision and that means highly efficient irrigation that virtually eliminates wasted water. Galcon Smart controllers are proven to save 30% and more on water costs by automatically adjusting the irrigation schedule with changing weather conditions” says Cohen. 
Agricultural growers and farmers are already saving water and money with Galcon Smart from the drought stricken vineyards of the Napa Valley to the farms in Australia. Thousands of other customers are lowering costs and improve the beauty of their facilities with Galcon Smart at a variety of locations such as Fox Studios Hollywood, Shanghai’s tallest tower, Milan Expo 2015, famous resorts and hotels, colleges and universities, school districts and many others in every type of climate. 
This has made Galcon a global leader of Smart Irrigation. Our products have been awarded the prestigious Product of the Year by the EIA (European Irrigation Association)for the GSI system and first to be recognized by the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as an approved WaterSense solution, for the Cyber Rain system.

Hunter Industries announces the release of the enhanced STK-6V synthetic turf irrigation system

The STK-6V kit is the first and only cost-effective complete cleaning, cooling, and flushing solution for synthetic sports turf that is simple to specify and easy to install, with total top access for maintenance. Design enhancements were made for easier installation and maintenance. Improvements in­clude a shorter vault, an adjus­table bracket for hanging and adjusting the rotor to grade, adjustable manifold assembly stands, and a new three-inch galvanized ductile iron assembly with heavy-duty (Victaulic™-type) grooved fittings for ease of servicing. The isolation valve and point of connection for the quick coupler are now inside the vault and provided with the field-assembled manifold kit. The vault also includes a drain valve for easier servicing and winterization. All components are contained in a construction-grade vault for total top service and easy maintenance. Total access to all components allows servicing without cutting into the synthetic surface and avoids extremely costly excavation and restoration. The enhanced STK-6V is configurable to accommodate synthetic turf over vault, non-infill tight turf over vault, running track, and concrete pad or walkway installations. The kit is available now from Hunter distributors and includes clear and specific instructions to ensure correct installation. To learn more, view the webpage and installation details.

Morocco intends to desalinate seawater for use in the irrigation of orange groves in Souss

A major project valued at 2.7 Million Dirhams will allow for 167.000 m3 of water to be produced daily between now and 2018 for irrigating the region’s crops. For the very first time in Morocco, a seawater desalination plant will be coming into operation near Agadir, in conjunction with a major irrigation project. The project will be deve­loped as a public-private partner­ship with a service life of 30 years. 

The desalination plant will be located in the South of Agadir and should produce 167,000 m3 of desalinated water per day. It will thus help to cover the area’s annual water deficit of 60 million m3. 

The regulating authorities have, therefore, decided on a multi-source supply plan for the region: using conventional waters from the dam and aquifer plus the desalinated water. Furthermore, the farmers will have to respect the quotas for withdrawing water from the aquifer. No agricultural extensions to the quo­tas will be permitted, except for those farmers using desalinated water. In time, demineralised water should cover 50% of their requirements. 

The project comprises three stages: the construction of the desalination plant, the implementation of the irrigation system and the use of the infrastructures for 30 years. 

The price per m3 of desalinated water will be calculated according to the production costs and should be somewhere around 6 to 7 DH. By way of comparison, the dam water costs 1 DH/m3 and water from the aquifer between 2 and 3 DH/m3. The depreciation expenses will be borne by the State and the price should be as close as possible to the operating cost, with the energy cost making up 60% of this. However, the price should not be prohibitive for the large-scale farmers. 

By overriding the climatic uncertainties, this project represents a guarantee for their investments and a stable turnover. Furthermore, some of these farmers have already installed small-scale desalination plants, with little regard for the environmental risks involved. It will come into operation in late 2018.

Netafim Signs $500 Million Financing Agreement

Netafim announced today that it has signed a 5-year, $500-million financing contract. This facility comprises a $150 million long-term loan and $350 million of revolving short term loans and lines of credit for working capital and project-related guarantees. The lending syndicate is led by Bank Hapoalim and includes: HSBC, Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings, Union Bank of Israel and Discount Bank. “The financing facility will be used for strategic growth purposes in developing markets such as India, China, Brazil and Africa and will enable us to increase significantly our involvement in large-scale irrigation projects,” said Ran Maidan, Netafim’s CEO. “The growing and continuous demand for irrigation solutions, particularly drip irrigation solutions, offers significant growth potential for Netafim. The financing facility will help us reach our strategic goals, develop new products, promote technological innovation and, above all, strengthen our global leadership position.” “The agricultural market in general, and drip irrigation in particular lie at the heart of a number of important global issues,” Mr. Maidan added. “These relate to an increasing demand for food due to rapid world population growth, while the planet’s water and arable land resources are not infinite. At the same time, the agricultural sector is the world’s main consumer of water. As a result, there is a growing demand for better and technologically advanced irrigation solutions and greater agricultural efficiency. These trends, along with Netafim’s unique global presence and innovative, high quality products, present us with a significant growth opportunity. This financing agreement will enable us to realize this growth potential.”

PureSense Becoming Part of Jain

Jain Irrigation, Inc. has just acquired the assets of PureSense Environmental Inc. PureSense is an innovation leader in field monitoring and irrigation management strategies for agriculture. The acquisition will combine PureSense’s field monitoring and irrigation management technology with Jain’s global irri­gation manufac­turing and food production plat­form providing the farmers with greater opportu­ni­ties to increase crop yields. “It is our mission to deliver the solutions needed to solve both challenges. PureSense provides excellent innovation and technological expertise, by using data and facts to assist the farmers in making better day-to-day water, fertilizer, weather and pest management decisions that impact the bottom-line. We are looking forward building upon the foundation that PureSense has created.” PureSense was founded in 2006 by farmers that were looking for ways of having a better understanding of crop conditions, the impact of weather conditions, the causes of disease and ultimately how to make better decisions.

New Headquarters For Lama Filtration Systems

With a view to improving its production model and providing its customers with an even better service, the whole Lama Filtration Systems team has moved to a site at the Guadalquivir Industrial estate in Gelves (Seville). It will be located in three different buildings at these new premises, covering a total surface area of more than 5.000 m2. 
The new installations are made up of an office area (commercial, manage­ment, administration and accounting, technical department, marketing and purchases) and space allocated to dispatch and shipping, welding, pro­duc­tion, painting, R & D laboratory and a quality control department. The new production area is provided with the most up-to-date equipment, thus enabling Lama to maintain even better quality standards. As a result, the 
in-house production time is reduced and, therefore, the costs are lowered. Consequently, the product prices will also come down. Lama is seeking to become more competitive by paying special attention to raw materials and customer support service. 
The incorporation of the industry’s most advanced technologies and the installation of the most modern equipment in this new plant will enable Lama to remain at the vanguard of the global market in the development and manufacturing of water filtration systems, for both agriculture and industry.

Daniel Peyraube elected as the AGPM President

The AGPM Board of Directors met today in Paris and elected the organisa­tion’s new President. Daniel Peyraube has been a farmer in the Landes region for twenty years, now managing 130 hectares with his wife and two children.  He grows grain maize, seed maize and sweet corn and they also keep livestock (Blonde d’Aquitaine beef cattle) and poultry on the farm. 
Daniel Peyraube (aged 43) has already held a number of positions of responsibi­lity with professional unions, economic organisations and chambers of agriculture. 
At national level, Daniel Peyraube has been a non-exe­cutive director of AGPM and a member of the Board for ten years. After holding the positions of Treasurer and Secretary General, he was appointed Deputy Vice-President last year. 
At local and regional level, he is the FDSEA Secretary General for the Landes region, a member of the Landes Chamber of Agriculture and a Director of the cooperative group Maïsadour. 
After holding the ;post of AGPM President for seventeen years, Christophe Terrain announced on 11th February, at the last Sommet du Végétal conference (Crop-growing summit), that he wished to hand over the reins to someone else. The Board of Directors expressed its gratitude for his dedicated commitment to maize producers, maize-growing in general and related sectors, his enormous efforts made in representation of the association and his genuine and selfless motivation, working with discipline and integrity and always within the broader scope of the collective interest of the group, which is his hallmark.  Christophe Terrain will continue to work loyally as an advocate for maize and, more generally, he will strive to achieve progress and agronomic innovation in his capacity as President of the Arvalis agricultural research institute.

Netafim to Mark “50 Years of Shaping the Future” Throughout 2015

Netafim announced today that the company will be marking its 50th anniversary throughout 2015 under the theme “50 Years of Shaping the Future.” Since introducing drip technology to the world upon its establishment 50 years ago, Netafim has been developing drip and micro-irrigation solu­tions to shape and advance agriculture. Netafim is the global leader in drip and micro-irrigation solu­tions for a sustai­nable future. With 28 subsidia­ries, 16 manu­fac­turing plants, and over 4,000 em­ployees, Netafim provides innovative solutions to over 110 countries across the globe. Half a century after creating a paradigm chan­ge in low-flow agricultural irrigation with the introduction of drip irrigation techno logy, Netafim is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015. Jointly owned by the Permira private equity funds, Kibbutz Hatzerim and Kibbutz Magal, Netafim recorded sales of over $750 million in 2013. 
Netafim is committed to providing innovative smart irrigation solutions to growers of all sizes – from smallholders to large-scale agri producers – producing outstanding results and peace of mind. Working closely on-site with its customers, Netafim’s professionals provide world-class agronomic and technological support to address the grower’s needs and crop requirements, as well as information about the climate and soil conditions, so as to help farmers grow more with less. 

Fluidra strengthens its Board of Directors with the appointment of Gabriel López Escobar

Fluidra, the listed Spanish multinational group committed to the development of applications for the sustainable use of water, has appointed Gabriel López Escobar as a new member of its Board of Directors. This orga­ni­sation will be able to develop even further with the appointment of an expert with a pro­ven track record in accounting and auditing. Mr. López will replace the now ex-director Kam Leong on Fluidra’s highest governing body. Mr Leong voluntarily stepped down from his post in order to take on new projects. Gabriel López chaired the Supervisory Board at PwC España, and has longstanding expe­rience in all types of auditing services, finan­cial advice and financial reports. He joined PwC in 1984 and has been one of the firm’s partners since 1995. He has been responsible for the audits of large international Spanish groups and companies listed on the IBEX 35 stock market. 
Eloi Planes, Fluidra’s CEO, said: “We are extremely pleased to have taken on this new Board Member. An expert such as Gabriel López can contribute a great deal to our organisation, whose ever-growing international operations on foreign markets now account for 80% of our turnover”.

SMAP, a satellite that will track ground moisture

With the global warming of our planet, extreme meteorological events are going to occur more and more frequently. There will also be more episodes of drought. The American SMAP satellite (an acronym of Soil Moisture Active Passive), launched on Saturday 31st January, will have the very precise mission of monitoring the changes in soil moisture. Compared with other satellites capable of making these measurements, such as the European ERS and SMOS, SMAP will have the advantage of being able to make observations simulta­neously of the radio frequency energy given off by the Earth and the echoes of the radio frequency pulses that bounce back off the surface (backscatter). Their combination will provide information on the presence of H2O molecules in the top five centimetres of the soil surface, being able to peer through moderate vegetation cover with a 9-km resolution. Its orbital trajectory enables it to scan the complete surface of the globe every two or three days, over a period of three years. SMAP does not merely monitor the occurrence of droughts. It can also provide information on the risks of flash flooding, which is quite common in the United States and aggravated by a soil that is too dry to absorb the rainstorms rapidly. Soil moisture also has an influence on agricultural productivity, the carbon cycle and also the weather, influenced by the phenomena of evaporation. These are the areas where SMAP data will be invaluable.

Climate change. Adaptation through the development of new crop varieties and the optimization of irrigation techniques

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has pro­duced a report on the effects of climate chan­ge in the agricultural sector, which appeared on its web site on 22nd December 2014. 
This document assesses the impact of the effects of climate change as currently known, whether positively or negatively. 
The projected yields of maize, rice and wheat are expected to decline by 10%, 7% and 6% respectively between now and 2050, according to the OECD, which will lead to the price of agricultural commo­dities increasing by up to 30% in the most extreme cases. 
The document also proposes two types of scenarios that could be developed to miti­gate these negative effects on the yields and prices of agricultural products. The first relates to the research and develop­0ment of improved varieties adap­ted to the climatic conditions and the second concerns the use of irrigation systems that optimise water use. 
By way of an example, the study shows that using varieties of maize and wheat that are resistant to drought and high tempe­ratures would have the effect of reducing the world prices of these two cereals by 4% and 2%. 
As far as irrigation is concerned, the authors of the report are proposing the use of pressurised and drip irrigation techniques in order to reduce water consumption in agriculture while increasing efficiency. 
The use of such systems should allow for the prices of maize, rice, potatoes and even vegetable to fall by between 1.5% and 3%. 
The potential additional cost of these two applications specifically adapted to cope with climate change could amount to between 16 and 20 billion US dollars for the countries of the OECD. 
By 2050, most of the cost of this invest­ment will be born by the private sector, which is becoming more and more invol­ved in agricultural research and develop­ment.

The use of DRONES in water management and other related professions

SHF (Société Hydrotechnique de France) is organi­sing a new international conference on the use of drones in the water sector, to take place in Paris during April 2015. 
At the present time, the methods used for carrying out measurements and tests in the water industry are conducted at ground level or from space. Halfway between these two, the development and increasing reliability of drones, both aerial and aquatic, allow for the rapid mass acquisition of all types of data, aggregate or detailed, visual or digital. Civil drones are becoming more widespread and popular, due to the growing number of manufac­turers and operators (approximately 350 in France), their technical characteristics and range of applications. Although they are mainly used for certain events, agriculture and industry, they are increasingly being employed in the water industry and aquatic environments. 
Civil drone demonstrations mainly concen­trate on the “platform” or “system” techno­logy, or on general topics such as regulation, safety and emerging legislation. They focus less on specialized instrumentation. The idea of a conference dedicated to the use of drones for hydraulic works and related water industries is innovative and unique for the type of applications targetted. 
Furthermore, the various aerial or spatial approaches will be complementary rather than being in direct competition, by using remote sensing. Drones allow for work to be carried out under multiple spatial and temporal condition, as well as obtaining a mix of different types of information. 
Being a veritable vehicle for progress, civil drones allow the operator to view areas that may be inaccessible on occasions, thus increasing safety levels during certain operations and improving the quality of the surveillance methods, while also being quick and easy to implement, at a low cost.

Thierry Haller joins Rain Bird as General Manager Europe

In charge of commercial activities at all the European subsidiaries as well as the two logistics centres in Aix-en-Provence and Turkey, his role will be to develop Rain Bird’s position in the different irrigation markets in Europe, North Africa and Turkey, in the landscape, golf, drip irrigation and agricultural sectors. 
Thierry Haller brings with him a lot of experience in the different construction and interior design industries, having held various managerial positions at Cablofil, Métal Déployé and Legrand. Prior to joining Rain Bird in July 2014, he was the general manager of Tubauto, a branch of the Hörmann group, a market leader in garage doors. 
‘’I am very happy to join Rain Bird, a family owned group, well recognized for the quality of its products and innovation. I was particularly proud to receive, on behalf of Rain Bird, the European Irrigation Association awards given at the EIMA show in Bologna, for two of our innovative products : the gold award in the golf cetegory for the IC System and the silver award in the landscape section for our TBOS-II. This is a real sign of the industry’s confidence in the quality of our products.”

Jain Irrigation Receives the “Best Innovation Award”


Jain Irrigation has received this National Award for its innovative activities, products and services provided for the use of Water Resources. 
This prize was awarded at the Scope Convention Center, New Delhi, by the Indian Government’s Central Bureau of Irrigation and Energy, represented by the Union Minister of State for Water Resources, River Management and Rejuvenation of the Ganges, the Rt. Hon. Shri Sawarlal Jat. The award has been given for Jain Irrigation’s outstanding contribution in the field of invention, design, manufacturing and services, aimed at the optimum use of water resources. 
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. provides modern hi-tec irrigation systems and innovative technologies, particularly for small farmers, in order to save water and significantly improve crop yields. JISL has developed Jain Integrated Irrigation Solutions (JIIS), which can be adopted on irrigated surfaces in canal command areas, to achieve Water Use Efficiency of 85% compared with 40% for conventional irrigation methods. This is based on the concept of bringing the water from “Reservoir to Root”, which involves lifting the water from the reservoir, creating a pressurised pipe distribution network and the optimum use of water on the farm, using advanced irrigation and automated systems. 
The Union Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, the Rt. Hon. Sushree Uma Bharti was also present at this auspicious occasion.. The company’s Senior Vice President, Mr. Somnath Jadhav, received the award.

EIA Innovation Award presented to Rain Bird

The TBOS-II System received the 2014 EIA (European Irrigation Association) SilverAward for innovation.The TBOS-II has been designed and manufactured in France. Water saving and reduced labor input have been the main areas of development for the Rain Bird engineers. The TBOS-II Programming system has not changed drastically from its previous version: the same robust design integrating a controller and Radio Adaptor, fully waterproof to withstand harsh conditions (IP68 rating) and a field transmitter offering infrared and radio commu­nication options. The TBOS-II now features advanced irrigation functions such as Seasonal Adjust (allowing monthly adjustment of irrigation) or Rain Delay. The TBOS-II Radio Adaptor and Field Transmitter are compatible with the first generation of TBOS con­trollers and allow for the use of new features on your old control modules. 
This Award can be added to the Gold Award received in 2013 for the IQ V2.0 Central Control System. The IQ software allows for the management of all types of controllers: tradi­tional?(ESPLXME), with Decoders?(ESPLXD)?and battery operated controllers (TBOS-II). Since 2015, all feature packs have been included as standard in the basic software: Advanced Programming, Advanced Communication, ET Management and Flow Sensing capability. 
Global Weather is the latest innovation, available with the basic software. This new feature enables you to use weather data available on the internet to control irrigation. This is a simple and easy way to manage water consumption. 
Moreover the new IC Technology has received the 2014 EIA Innovation Award for the Golf Category, offering a new economic alternative to the Satellite and Decoder Systems. This revolutionary irrigation management solution combines ease of use and cost reduction by building the controller into the rotor or valve solenoid. With real time management of each system component, it is what we call the Intelligent Use of Water.

T-L Irrigation Company celebrates its 60th anniversary

Since founding T-L Irrigation Company 60 years ago in Hastings, Nebraska, LeRoy W. Thom has consistently guided the Company under the philosophy that “We’re farmers”, emphasizing that T-L’s manufacturing?and?marketing decisions are deeply influenced by how a farmer would view T-L’s exclusive hydrostatically powered irrigation systems to produce income. 
T-L Irrigation Company is the only pivot irrigation system manufacturer to use hydrostatic drive rather than electric power. 
Although unique to the in­dustry, the hydrostatic de­sign made sense. All farmers are familiar with the prin­ciple of hydraulics since it is used in every machine they operate. 
The simplicity of design al­lows farmers to enjoy ex­cep­tional reliability and low main­tenance. T-L’s irrigation systems also move conti­nuously, delivering even water distribution, which saves on the resource and enhances crop production. Additionally, there are the benefits of safety due to the absence of high voltage electricity, drastically reduced chances of copper theft and the elimination of high repair costs and parts replacement. 
Today, T-L center pivots, linear irrigation systems and GPS corner systems are represented by more than 300 dealers in over 70 countries worldwide. Reflecting back on the 60 years, Mr. Thom comments that “it has been real fun developing center pivot irrigation. I can still say ‘We’re farmers’ since most of our employees still have some farm connection, whether engineer, salesman, or plant management.” Many of our employees are second generation and their experience makes a big difference.” 
T-L’s commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in consistent product quality, customer satisfaction and numerous innovations such as Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation, GPS navigation corner systems and web-based pivot system controls.

T-L’s GPS Navigation Corner System is the ultimate in design simplicity

Featuring Real Time Kinematic (RTK) accuracy and Wheel Angle Sensor (WAS) for true tracking, the package includes the base station, eliminating the need for a subscription. The system tracks multiple constellations reducing the signal loss caused by tree lines and other obstacles and there is no electronic interference from power lines. Operators can easily change the path of the system through a simple “teach” function. 
Users get “track on track” accuracy pass after pass fast start up time, and real-time diagnostics so they can watch it work. Safety is assured through low voltage, DC(24VDC), and there is no buried wire. 
Combined with T-L’s hydrostatic design, low mainte­nance, reliability and unmatchd continuous movement, T-L’S GPS Navigation Corner System represents the optimum in pivot Corner System management.

Spectrum Technologies announced that it has appointed Alicia Gillman as Director of Global Marketing

Ms Gillman will oversee the development of diagnostic marketing strategies in alignment with Company objectives to drive revenue. In addition, she will spearhead Spectrum’s marketing commu­nications and lead advertising efforts to grow customer relationships. 
“I look forward to welcoming Alicia to our team as she brings a wealth of marketing expertise, parti­cularly for the Agricultural Equipment and Telecommunications industries,” stated Mike Thurow, President of Spectrum Techno­logies. “Alicia is recognized and well-respected for her passion and enthusiasm throughout the Agricultural and Equipment industries. Her arrival supports our on-going investment in strategic marketing communications and enables us to bring greater focus to target markets and reinforce our industry leadership with innovative offerings for our customers.” 
Alicia previously worked as a business strategy consultant, where she supported a number of clients in the telecommunications, agri­culture, equipment, consumer products and advertising industries. She is best known for her abilities to optimize diagnostic marketing communication programs. Prior to working as a business consul­tant, Alicia held global positions in communications at Deere & Company and marketing at T-Systems International, Inc./T-Tape, Gateway and National Design. 

BERMAD Europe. A new operations center in Barcelona


Bermad Europe is a comprehensive provider of integral control solutions for water and air management in irrigation systems and large water distribution networks. 
As part of our commitment to our clients, in 2012 we inaugurated a new operations center in Barcelona, in addition to our locations in Italy and France. The new center consists of more than 2000 m2 of space and offers the following services: Elevated On-hand stock for efficient logistics (900 pallets, 1000 lo­cators and over 3000 refe­rences), multi-language working envi­ron­ment and customer service on-site, Production and Assembly capabilities, unique high performance hydraulic laboratory for testing, calibration and certification, pre-sales  and post-sales technical support provided by highly trained Application Engineers, inclu­ding projects studies and analyses, pro­duct specifications, com­mis­sion and troubleshooting, training Cen­ter for Seminars, Training and Certification of Bermad clients. 
Bermad Europe’s clients benefit from professional expertise and know-how, which, together with our advanced products, technolo­gies and capacities, guarantees excellent responses to every need.

Updated for 2015 R55 End of Pivot Sprinkler

Nelson Irrigation conti­nues to take its proprietary Rotator® Technology to new levels.  
Nelson Irrigation is pleased to announce enhan­ced features of the R55 End of Pivot Sprinkler. Please note the dif­ferences between the original R55A and the new R55. The part number remains the same - and parts are interchangeable - but expect even better performance and wear life. 
A new motor has increased the maximum opera­ting pressure by 10 psi and picked up 6’ of radius. The R55 can irrigate up to an additional 10 acres (4 hectares) of productive ground when irrigating in a full circle on a ¼ mile (0.4 km) pivot.

FRUIT LOGISTICA 2015: IRRILAND safe and convenient sprinkler adjustment

FRUIT LOGISTICA 2015: IRRILAND safe and convenient sprinkler adjustment. 
Guastalla, January 2015; IRRILAND will be present at FRUIT LOGISTICA from 4th to 6th 
February 2015 (Berlin – Germany): Hall 4.1 - Stand A-18. 
FRUIT LOGISTICA 2015 is the perfect platform to showcase Irriland's latest technological 
innovation, a device for the remote adjustment of sprinklers. The system has been fully 
designed by the company and will make its German debut at the Berlin exhibition. It allows 
farmers to easily make adjustments to the sprinkler with no safety risks, in order to optimise the 
performance of the hose reel. The remote control (with or without cable) makes it possible to adjust 
the irrigation area even when the automatic hose reel is working. Currently this is usually done 
manually, requiring the operator to get on the cart to set the sprinkler with obvious security risks. 
The user-friendly Irriland innovation allows the operator to adjust the sprinkler at a distance in 
complete safety. 
More than 2,600 exhibitors and 62,000 trade visitors attend FRUIT LOGISTICA every year. They 
see it as the ideal place to establish and build the personal trust which is so essential for dealing 
successfully in perishable products such as fresh fruit and vegetables. FRUIT LOGISTICA covers 
every single sector of the fresh produce business and provides a complete picture of the latest 
innovations, products and services at every link in the international supply chain. It thus offers 
superb networking and contact opportunities to the key decision-makers in every sector of the 


Agritech 2015, the 19th International Agriculture Exhibition and Conference, one of the world’s premier events in the field of agricultural technologies, is scheduled for Tel Aviv, Israel, April 28-30, 2015. 
The State of Israel is one of the world’s leading pioneers in today's agro-technology industry. Necessity – the lack of natural resources, shortage of water, and the scarcity of arable land led to the development of successful methods, technologies and products in a multitude of agricultural fields. A significant part of Israel's academic research is focused on agro-technology, creating the infrastructure for many start-ups in this field. 
At Agritech, hundreds of Israeli developments in agro-technology will be presented, encompassing a variety of fields such as greenhouses, irrigation, water management and dairy farming. 
Also an International Conference on Post Harvest & Food Losses will be organized in cooperation with Volcani Center – ARO.

Irrigation Association Names 2014 New Product Contest Winners

The Irrigation Association announced the winners of the 2014 new product contest during the general session, Nov. 20, at the Irrigation Show & Education Conference in Phoenix. The contest highlights innovative products introduced to the market in the last year in four categories: agriculture, landscape and golf, lighting and specialty. Each entry was judged on innovative and/or “changed for the better” qualities, increased water efficiency, ease of use, cost benefits, time savings and design quality. A panel of industry experts selected a winner and one honorable mention in each category: 
Agriculture, Winner: Lindsay Corporation, Multi-Control for Irrigation, Honorable Mention: Jain Irrigation, Inc., Jain GeneSys Flow Control; Landscape/Golf, Winner: Hydro-Rain, Inc., PVC-Lock Manifold Tee, Honorable Mention: Hunter Industries, Inc., MP800SR; Lighting, Winner: Philips HADCO, FlexScape, Honorable Mention: Kichler Lighting, Design Pro LED Controller; Specialty, Winner: Munro Pump / Systems Inc., Munro Universal PRO Enclosure, Honorable Mention: NDS – National Diversified Sales, Inc., NDS Swivel Fit Variable Angle Pipe Fitting.

EIA Awards 2014. And the winners are...


Bologna has been the scene for the second edition of the EIA Award show. In alignment with the renowned Irrigation Trade Show EIMA, the European Irrigation Industry has made awards for the most innovative equipment, sites, projects and designs that promote water and energy savings during an attention grabbing award ceremony on 13 November. An impartial panel of recognized experts decided which products and services were worthy of awards.... With almost 70 attendees from the European and International Irrigation Industry, this has become a key industry event. Awards were allocated in the categories Landscape, Agriculture, Golf, DIY, and Projects. Our sincere appreciation goes out to the sponsor of the 2014 Irrigation Days. We thank our Platinum Sponsor: Irritec. Our Gold Sponsors: Hunter Industries and Rain Bird, as well as our In-Kind Sponsors: Irrigazette and New AG International, for their dedication and support to the EIA!  2014 EIA Agriculture Gold Award winner Valley said: “We are very proud to receive this kind of recognition from Irrigation sector professionals.”  Landscape - Gold Award: Toro Evolution with Smart Connect™, Silver Award: Rain Bird TBOS-II™, Bronze Award: Holman, Represented by BJ Lamy, Irrigation Trouble Shooters; Agriculture - Gold Award: Valley VRI - Valley Variable Rate Irrigation, Silver Award: Aquamat GPRS and the Radio Controlled Drip Irrigation System; DIY Award - Holman, Represented by BJ Lamy, Greenwall Vertical Gardening Systems; Golf Award - Rain Bird IC System™; Project Award - Agroland, Project Skolkovo Park for Living. We congratulate all the winners of these awards and thank all those who nominated a product or project. We encourage all of you to join the EIA Awards 2015!

The Toro Company Kicks Off Centennial Year Celebration

TheToro Company will be celebrating a rare business milestone – achieving 100 years in business. According to Michael J. Hoffman, Toro’schairmanandchief executive officer, Toro attributes its remarkable longevity to, “the character of our people and channel partners,and their relentless commitment to serving our customers and building market leadership through innovation.” 
Toro’s year-long celebration of its 100th anniversary provides an opportunity not only to look back on the company’s notable achie­vements, but also to recognize the ingenuity and dedication of its employees – and to thank its channel partners and end-user customers around the world for their loyalty and trust in The Toro Company. 
As Hoffman put it, “These same values that have been core throughout our first 100 years form the foundation for continued success into our next century.”

Paulo Félix , Fluidra Brasil General Manager

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 
I would like to announce that as of 1st November 2014, I will be assuming the position of General Manager of Fluidra Brazil, ceasing my previous role as Fluid Handling, Irrigation and Water Treatment Business Unit & Marketing Director at Fluidra! 
I also wish to communicate to you that obviously any pending or other matters that need my attention and availability will always have my best attention and response, especially until such time as the new person responsible for this area is appointed! 
I thank you all, colleagues, clients, suppliers and friends, it was a privilege to be with you! I hope we can stay in touch in my new professional and personal surroundings!
Finally, I would like to say that this is a beautiful challenge, I embrace it in a humble way, with ambition and pride and I am grateful for the trust placed in me and I very much hope to achieve the goals proposed by Fluidra Group! 
It is a continental challenge, given the size of Brazil, with a double complexity, due to the existence of an industrial unit (VEICO) that covers the commercial distribution of Fluidra products and follow-up projects! Paulo Félix

Advanced Automation Systems.

EIMA 2014 was the event we selected for the official launch of our latest product line, which received enthusiastic comments from everyone visiting our stand.


AdvancedAutomation Systems Ltd is a world leader in the Drip Irrigation Industry! The key personnel of Advanced Automation Systems Ltd have been developping Drippers, Turnkey Production Lines and Components, for the fabrication of flat and cylindrical dripper lines for over 25 years. Our “Nano Flat”, “Top Flat” and “Easy Flat” lines are our most innovative products to date, combining our long-standing experience with superior German manufac­turing. Paired with our range of “Turbo Flat” or “Nano Flat” drippers they can achieve stunning production speeds of up to 250 m/min, with an insertion rate that can reach 2000 drippers/min! 
In the Round Production Line category, our “Rondo” line is a true performer, since its production speed can reach 120m/min, with an insertion rate of up to 500 drippers/min. In addition to our lines, we also offer a wide range of drippers, of various flows and types, such as Round, Flat, Flat PC and Nano Flat that are certified by world-renowned institutions as Class A.

The company CUDELL celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

The current president, Gustavo Cudell, was born on 25th October 1954, when the original business was being set up, continuing with the project that his father began with so much energy and perseverance. The history of the company Cudell goes back to 1954, when Gustavo Roberto Adolfo Cudell (his father) founded the company Eng. Gustavo Cudell with its pioneering activities in Portugal: irrigation systems and oil-hydraulics. 
Nowadays the company Cudell operates as a group of firms, employing 70 people and adopting a strategy of product differentiation and durability. One of these enterprises in the group is Cudell - Outdoor Solutions, S.A., which is involved in the following activities: Irrigation systems and equipment for green spaces, Agricultural irrigation, Equipment and accessories for swimming pools, Water distribution systems, Water pumps. 
The company Gustavo Cudell has become transformed into a group of enterprises with the aim of being prepared for the future, achieving self-reliant development and providing all stakeholders with a higher level of sustainability.