On 6 July 2023
By Interview with Francesco Dubini, Consultant at The European House – Ambrosetti
On 31 March 2023
By Irrigazette with AFP
On 17 April 2023
By by Jim Lauria, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Mazzei Injector Co.
On 13 December 2022
By António Carrizo Moreira, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Management, Industrial Engineering and Tourism, University of Aveiro. Cláudia Ribau, Invited Adjunct Professor, ISCA-University of Aveiro. Carolina Rodrigues, Masters
On 1 September 2022
By Irrigation Association
On 6 September 2022
By Tiégo Tiemtoré
On 3 July 2022
By Fleur Martin, Irrigazette
On 31 August 2021
By the French Golf Federation