CropX and WiseConn Anounce Digital Integration

CropX Technologies, a leading provider of digital farm management, today announced an API integration with WiseConn, a global leader in precision drip irrigation solutions, to further improve data gathering and analytics for farmers worldwide. WiseConn users will be able to seamlessly incorporate the CropX system into their precision irrigation network. WiseConn irrigation systems are used throughout North and South America, Europe and Australia. 

 CropX's agronomic farm management system incorporates farm data from sensors, satellites, rain gauges and farm machinery into an advanced analytics platform to optimize decision-making and crop management. With the integration of WiseConn's smart irrigation system, dual CropX and WiseConn users will now have easy access to as-applied data, including irrigation and fertilization records, directly within the CropX platform. WiseConn users will access CropX's agronomically-sound decision support for dynamic irrigation scheduling. This will allow farmers to move away from static schedules and instead personalize irrigation based on real-time conditions, optimizing water usage for each crop and field.By combining advanced data analysis and automated irrigation control, WiseConn and CropX anticipate significant benefits for growers, including reduced water usage, increased crop yields, and enhanced resource management. Using WiseConn and CropX precision irrigation practices can significantly reduce water waste without compromising crop health. Optimal water management can lead to improved plant growth and higher yields while saving the grower time and labor.."

CropX and WiseConn are committed to supporting farmers worldwide by providing them with the tools and technologies they need to thrive in an increasingly complex agricultural landscape. This integration represents a significant step forward in the digitization of farming practices and the promotion of sustainable agriculture.