Senninger Introduces the LDN® Dynamic Drive

Senninger is pleased to announce the release of the LDN Dynamic Drive, bringing an expansive pressure range of 0.69 to 3.44 bar and a wide diameter of coverage to mechanized irrigation.

The LDN Dynamic Drive is available in five models based on desired installation and pressure, including top-of-pipe models, drop hose models, and a part-circle model. Full circle models feature a complete nozzle range spanning from a #6 to a #26, so growers can install one sprinkler and one pressure regulator model across an entire machine. Built on the LDN sprinkler platform, the Dynamic Drive features easy-clean UP3 nozzles and a modular design that makes maintenance more manageable and economical. This versatile design lets growers change the sprinkler's deflector and extend the product's life by replacing the primary wear components. The Dynamic Drive's advanced brake technology, used since 2002 in Senninger's solid set product line, offers the optimum control and consistency of application. With a large diameter of coverage up to 18.3 meters, a modular design, and an expansive flow and pressure range, the LDN Dynamic Drive is an economical irrigation solution that doesn't sacrifice the high performance that makes Senninger products stand out.