Rivulis : Pressure compensating D5000 PC range of drippers

Additional protection against root intrusion

There are many advantages of subsurface drip irrigation, but one challenge has always been dealing safely and effectively with problems caused by root intrusion.One of the most significant of these problems is that of drippers becoming blocked by roots, resulting in poor application uniformity and patchy plant growth. The team at Rivulis have taken on this challenge and have engineered a long-term, safe and non-leaching solution and incorporated it into the drip line – Rivulis D5000 PC. The pressure compensating D5000 PC range is designed with unique, multi-zone inlet filters which reduce the possibility of clogging, an extra wide labyrinth area which also helps to reduce clogging and a unique full-size outlet pool which reduces the chance of soil particles being sucked back into the dripper. The anti-siphon (AS) diaphragm was the next generation of technology incorporated into the D5000 range providing extra protection, which prevents suck-back when there is negative pressure in the hose. Making this technology even better, Rivulis has blended copper oxide into the resin of the D5000 AS dripper. Copper oxide has long been recognized as being effective in reducing root growth. The new Rivulis D5000 CX uses anti-siphon drippers to prevent suck-back, while also incorporating the benefits of copper oxide for additional protection against root intrusion in subsurface applications. The result is drip line combined with a safe, long-term and hassle-free solution that reduces root intrusion in subsurface drip applications without the use of herbicides.