Rain spa : Nuvola Vision Hubs

Rain’s Smart Irrigation line, Vision™, welcomes the evolution of the range of Nuvola WiFi hubs.

We designed the new outdoor model Nuvola+ with a very specific goal: to offer broader connection flexibility to the Vision Systems, allowing the new connection devices to be installed everywhere. Rain even developed two versions of Nuvola+ precisely to accomodate the needs of the most demanding professionals. Nuvola+ WiFi Vision provides connectivity through the Internet network, connecting to the Vision controllers via Bluetooth 5.0 and to the App via Wi-Fi. We can consider the Nuvola+ WiFi Vision as an “interpreter”: controllers only speak “Bluetooth”, the App language is Internet… and Nuvola can speak both, enabling communication between the two. It might happen that you have no Internet coverage, so what can you do in this case? The solution is Nuvola+ Cell Vision, which connects to the App via 3G network thanks to an integrated e-sim. Extending the connectivity of your irrigation system really means you can supervise and control the irrigation system whenever you want, even if you’re not physically near the system. Another great benefit of the Nuvola+ hubs is the possibility to recharge them with the green energy of the water and the sun. In fact, they’re equipped with lithium batteries that stay charged thanks to the microturbine installed in the valve box, making Nuvola+ an IP68 device. The batteries can also be charged through the solar panel mounted on the top of the Docking station, which can be easily installed on poles or walls. Rain spa