Rain Bird : XFS-CV Dripline

With Copper Shield™ Technology and Heavy-Duty Check Valve.

Rain Bird® XFS-CV Dripline with a heavy-duty 4.3 psi/ 0.3 bar check valve for on-surface and sub-surface applications adds a valuable member to the Rain Bird XF Series of Dripline. The XFS-CV is the most effective dripline in the industry and is ideal for areas where no other dripline will work. When used in applications where elevation changes exist, the patent-pending check valve keeps the dripline charged, holding 10 feet / 3 m of hold back - the highest holdback in the industry. Rain Bird's XFS-CV offers better uniformity and helps to prevent over-watering at the low-point in the zone, avoiding puddling and water draining from the dripline. With a pure copper chip inside every emitter, XFS-CV Dripline also offers the industry's most effective root intrusion protection. It accepts Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression Fittings, XF Dripline Barbed Insert Fittings and other 17 mm barbed insert fittings.