Netafim : Streamline™ X Regen

Plastic is essential for agriculture but its end-of-service-life management is complex and subject to controversy.

Europe has recently introduced a regulation that rules on the mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility and recommended the incorporation of more recycled raw materials into the existing products. Netafim committed itself very early to this programme and as a trendsetter is now offering the Regen version of its flagship Streamline X product, i.e. able to include up to 40% of the recycled raw materials, while ensuring that its technical characteristics remain unchanged (particularly its unique concept of a ribbed internal and external surface that is highly resistant to installation and removal in the field and resistant to water pressure). This unique feat achieved on the current drip irrigation market has been made possible by a better availability of high-quality recycled raw materials facilitated by Netafim’s active participation in the tasks of recovering, sorting and recycling agricultural plastic waste in France (Eco contribution with national schemes for the recovery of plastic waste in partnership with CPA/APE and Adivalor). This product is, therefore, the logical culmination of our ongoing commitment to the concept of a circular economy, both globally and locally. In brief, by selecting this product, our customers will also be also be actively pursuing the goal of creating a circular economy.