NaandanJain : MagicDrive.

A PAT. PENDING, Non-Impact 1/2” sprinkler mounted on Irristand 52 or riser. Maintenance free.

Extended longevity. No wear and tear. Special long-term warranty.

Applications: Irrigation and germination of vegetables and field crops. Corn and Sugar cane irrigation on high risers 2-3m possible due to it is stable operation without vibrations. Overhead cooling in orchards and plantations.

Structure and features: Maintenance free and a long life span. Can function with contaminated water. Hermetically-sealed silicone chamber protects silicone from leakage. Silicon and magnet mechanism that ensures constant rotation speed and prevents wear and tear. Excellent water distribution uniformity in spacing of up to 14 m. Color coded nozzle and swivel. High-impact and heavy duty plastic materials for resistance to corrosion and UV radiation.

*Model MagicDrive LA – a low volume sprinkler available with low angle nozzles 9° & 14°.