Hunter : Set Up Wi-Fi on X2 Controllers Faster than Ever with WAND

Speed Up Wi-Fi Connection and Programming for X2™ Controllers with WAND. Wi-Fi makes installing and managing irrigation systems quicker, easier, and more convenient.

But what can contractors do when a site has a poor internet connection, or none at all? The new software in WAND solves this problem with Bluetooth® pairing for seamless Wi-Fi setup in just minutes. Once online, contractors can use these easy-to-learn features to get site tasks done quickly: Using the Hydrawise® app, contractors can connect in three simple steps, reducing internet setup time by 70%. Bluetooth connectivity lets contractors use their smartphones as a manual remote when Wi-Fi is unavailable or the controller is hard to access — perfect for controllers in garages or behind locked gates. Rapid Programming™ technology allows contractors to copy and paste Hydrawise® scheduling to any X2 controller for full schedule setup in seconds. The WAND is designed to work with any X2 controller.