How to Tell if You Need to Repair Your Sprinkler System ?

Sprinkler systems are an incredibly beneficial investment that can help you to take care of your lawn and keep your grass green and healthy. Proper irrigation systems use high-quality products that allow for optimal results. However, just like any other technology, sprinkler systems can break or become damaged and need to be repaired. Seeing as how irrigation is our specialty here at Hydro-Rain®, we understand all too well the reality that even irrigation systems need to be repaired sometimes. Today we want to discuss seven signs indicating that your sprinkler system needs repair.

1) Water Leaks

If you notice that your sprinklers are leaking, it is a clear sign that your sprinkler system needs to be repaired or replaced. Finding the source of the leaking is helpful, especially if it is an easy fix like changing a sprinkler head. When your irrigation system leaks, it can result in overwatering and wasted water.


2) Uneven Watering

Another clear sign that your sprinkler system needs repair is uneven watering on your lawn. Good quality irrigation products are designed to water your entire lawn evenly. If that is not happening, then your system is likely not working as it’s intended to.


3) High Water Bill

While this sign will be more apparent in your wallet than in your yard itself, increased water bills indicate that your sprinkler system is not operating correctly. As systems age or deteriorate, they will begin to use more water in the irrigation process resulting in an unusually high water bill.


4) Low Water Pressure

Your sprinklers should project the water at a consistent distance. You might even know where the water typically lands so you can avoid getting hit by it. If the water pressure is low and your sprinklers suddenly don’t project as far as they usually do, this is a sign that they need to be repaired.


5) Control Valve Issues

If your control valves are not working correctly, this is a vital sign that you need repairs. Since the water valves are used for turning your water on and off in different zones, having one valve not working can result in underwatering or over watering to certain zones.


6) Design Issues

If the sprinkler system was designed poorly, it might need to be repaired or even replaced. The sprinklers might not be spaced out enough resulting in overwatering. Or it might be spaced out too far, which means areas are not being watered at all.


7) Eroding Soil

Soil erosion is another telltale sign that your sprinkler system needs to be repaired. Soil Erosion occurs when certain areas of your yard are overwatered since the pooling water causes the topsoil to wash away and erode. If you see topsoil erosion, check your sprinklers and schedule any needed repairs.