Elysee : Vannes d’arrêt.

Elysée offers a complete range of Stop-Tap valves for sizes 20, 25 & 32 mm designed for conveyance of fluids and developed for water utilities, plumbing, agricultural and irrigation applications, characterized as a reliable and versatile valve.

Advanced Design: This new range of valves is following a modern ergonomic design with clear “family” feel to the existing range of Elysee fittings. The Stop-Cocks were designated as user friendly, meant to make the job easier for professionals and/or individuals.

Features: Complete Range of fittings from 20 mm up to 32 mm . Mechanism can’t be dismantled during operation. Excellent flow characteristics. Sensible pressure drop to the minimum. Provides excellent flow control due to fine-tuning cartridge. Keeps water hammering to minimum. Conforms to hygiene and sanitary requirements. Severe outdoor conditions with extensive lifespan. Use of top-class raw materials for better pressure resistance. No loose component employing no-pull-out insert. Ease of handling with ergonomic design of nut. Proven leak-free secured system.