Edito - March/April 2024

As we all know, we only have one Earth. Hence, who now measures the amount of food we eat? Who can predict the vagaries of the climate and the strategy of the speculators? Food has always been used as primary weapon of war and feeding its people should be the first duty of the politicians.

We can now say that, even if there are no concrete causes, the conditions are at least ripe for revolution. Thus, one of the things that all these countries have in common is a similar climate of ecological, economic and social hardship due to the governance of corrupt old dictators and western leaders, who are incapable of changing this pattern. It is an uprising of the underprivileged that the world did not see coming. Therefore, we need to manage globalisation by producing more with less (i.e. using inputs as efficiently as possible while maximising outputs), developing irrigated land, controlling speculation, stockpiling with foresight and distributing fairly. Let us hope that those revolts will encourage these troubled nations to address the issue of their self-sufficiency in food, with the help of the irrigation professionals.