Chamsa : Pathfinder Pro/Xpro

Design of a continuous labyrinth that provides great resistance to clogging so that there is a more rational use of water.

The special design of the tape with a continuous labyrinth results in higher performance and uniformity of the emitters.

Features: Seamless construction for greater strength. Emitters with great flow uniformity. Double water filtration through its 110 correctly positioned points. Micro opening that eliminates plugging and prevents roots from entering. The design of the labyrinth that enables excellent turbulence of the latest generation. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, distances between emitters and flow rates. Double colored line for better recongnition and signaling of the emitters. Great resistance to stress and cracking. Abrasion resistant material, reduces damage caused by the ground. Thanks to its versatility and accuracy, it is easy to install, reducing work times. The X-Pro version includes an advanced labyrinth, designed for the toughest water.