BAUER presents SOLAR-submersible motor pump


Prototype of an energy self-sufficient solar pump.


This submersible motor solar pump conveys pure water for simple irrigation systems in regions where there is hardly any infrastructure. In hot and dry climates, often in developing countries, this product innovation secures the yield of crops and even enables another harvest. This pure water submersible motor pump for simple irrigation systems is particularly interesting for small structured areas, where there is hardly any infrastructure. If a power source is available the pump can alternatively be operated during the night. Due to the climate change the need of such kind of solutions is constantly increasing and therefore, the CEO of the Bauer Group Otto Roiss, sees very high potential in his prototype: due to longer dry periods, it comes to an under supply of water for the plant during important growing periods. Our solution provides a valuable contribution to the supply reliability of food. This applies not only to developing countries.