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SNF Structurant Soil

Type(s) d'activité(s) : Fabricant

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Directeur Général : M. P. REMY

Contact : M. BELLOUARD

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Adresse : rue Adrienne Bolland - ZAC de Millieux
42 163 Andrezieux

Téléphone : + 33 4 77 36 86 00

Fax : Non communiqué

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Année de création : Non communiqué

Forme juridique : SA

Effectif total de la société : 1500

Produits :

Zone d’activité : International

Marques représentées : Aquasorb - Flobond - SNF world production leader in water cleaning water products, we offers products to improve irrigation efficiency, increase water holding capacity, reduce leaching and fertilisation in pivot and drip irrigation. Our range of products protects the soil structure, protects against erosion and crusting. SNF has also a range of water retener super absorbant with are used in horticulture and trees plantation. it helps to reduce mortally during replantation and nursery. Snf is also developing some products in order to help plants to grow in salty land and soil, SNF products target are fighting hydric stress, costly issues of concern to farmers. From erosion control to moisture retention, our products mitigate damage to crops and improve overall plant vitality and yield rates. Our team has experience, capabilities, and technologies to deliver timely and accurate product placement to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Produits fabriqués : Micro irrigation/goutte-à-goutte, Pivots, Traitement de l'eau

Produits distribués : Non communiqué