Rain Fine Introduces Just-Fine Pipe

Corrosive water, caused by a number of factors ranging from high or low pH to variable mineral content to waste water applications, can weaken and deteriorate standard galvanized pipe, leading to premature failure.

RainFine Just-Fine irrigation uPVC lined pipes protect your irrigation pipelines from any corrosive components in your water, ensuring a long life for your machine.

“Farmers drive everything we do at RainFine – and water quality issues continue to be an increasingly prevalent challenge for growers around the world. While several different options to handle corrosive water have existed in the market for years, farmers told us there was a real need to have a better solution,” said Wang Zhi, director of global sales at RainFine. “We looked at this issue with a new approach and redesigned an entirely different solution about which we are extremely proud and, even more importantly, that our farmer clients are telling us is an absolute gamechanger for them.”

To address the pipe expansion and contraction challenges that cause the liner to move within the pipe, potentially leading to cracks and leaks, RainFine introduced two additional new design innovations. 

1. Rigid uPVC provides the solid base for the pipe, and does not expand or contract like the poly pipes do and will not crack after time at any deviation like at flanges or pipe ends;

2. Stainless steel fittings (304) are used at the pipe ends for rigidity and keeping with the corrosion free goals. The Riser Pipes and Elbows are also supplied with 304 stainless steel;

3. The pipe uses an insert type flange with double rubber seals which allow for any expansion and contraction in the pipes, it provides a perfect fit and seal, eliminating any leakage.