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P0™ is Irritec® brand new light dripline including the innovative molded ultra compact flat dripper generating almost 0 head loss, ideal for short spacing and long lines. The effective and compact dripper makes P0 ideal for seasonal crops with reduced spacing. 

A dripper developed and produced with cutting-edge technology. Inlet filter with 3D development remarkably expanding the dripper’s filtration surface. Almost 0 head loss. Wide filtration surface considering the little dripper’s surface for increased protection. High performance turbulent flow labyrinth with wide passage sections allowing very low flow-exponents. The labyrinth’s turbulence reduces accumulation of sedimentation and risk of clogging. Variation Coefficient CV among the lowest in the market. Drippers welded to the inside wall of the dripline (coextrusion). P0 complies with ISO 9261. UV resistant and resistant to common fertilizers.

Precision and efficiency suitable for seasonal crops with spacing from10 cm.