Bauer : Smart Touch, an innovative addition to the Centerstar Product Range

The availability of water is becoming increasingly important for the productive cultivation of agricultural land. Farmers who depend on irrigation can supplement the increasingly irregular rainfall in order to ensure their harvest and increase yields. With Smart Touch, Bauer, a global market leader in Irrigation Technology, is offering a Control Panel for the Centerstar Pivot Range focused on ease of operation and navigation with inbuilt compatibly with VRI and SmartRain.

With the new Control Panel for the Centerstar Pivot, we have ta­ken irrigation ma­na­gement to a new level. It can initiate all processes easily and simply via a Touch Screen.

Smart Touch excels with its easy con­trol: an intuitive menu guide guarantees fast and simple programming of the machine. Functions such as start/stop, forward/reverse and change of sector or precipitation rates can be controlled promptly or changed any time. Compati­bility of Smart Touch with VRI and Smart Rain is another feature providing Bauer customers with a decisive advantage for the irrigation of large areas of agricultural land.