Netafim Opens First Manufacturing Plant in Morocco

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL and KENITRA MOROCCO, March 2, 2023– Netafim, an Orbia business and a global leader in precision agriculture solutions, announced the opening of its first manufacturing plant in North Africa to enhance the successful implementation of precision irrigation in Morocco and strengthen the country’s agricultural sector.  Investment in this plant illustrates the company’s long-standing commitment to helping countries in the region achieve food security and combat climate change.

Morocco is a rapidly expanding agricultural hub in North Africa with its agri-food sector driving economic and social development, contributing 21% the GDP and accounting for almost 39% of national employment. Its prime location in the heart of EMEA and extensive transport infrastructure enable its high-value crops to be easily shipped to European markets. Morocco’s government initiatives include developing a million hectares of agricultural land while conserving water and creating 350,000 jobs for young people as part of the country’s “Green Morocco” and “Green Generation 2020-2030” plans, to support and modernize the agricultural sector.         

While Morocco is a developed agricultural market, the climate poses serious challenges to farming. A devastating drought in 2022 led the United Nations to warn that water shortages will cost the region up to 14% of its GDP by 2050: the largest estimated loss to GDP due to water scarcity in the world. Netafim’s precision irrigation technologies are ideal for use in arid conditions, maximizing yields while conserving resources. Investment in this new plant contributes to Orbia’s purpose to advance life around the world through scaling clean, smart and efficient solutions that benefit people and the planet.    

 “Opening this plant is both the culmination of our investment in the region and a gateway to further expansion. We are proud to support the “Green Morocco” and “Green Generation” plans championed by the government to realize the potential of Morocco’s diverse and rich natural landscape and climate. Netafim’s sustainable farming practices will help the Moroccan people and the wider region achieve prosperity and agricultural resilience,” said Gaby Miodownik, Executive Vice President and President of Orbia’s Precision Agriculture business (Netafim).

“Netafim’s factory is built right in the heart of an agricultural region to enable farmers in Morocco and across North Africa to derive enormous benefit from precision irrigation. Netafim will provide local farmers with our state-of-the-art products and services and share our agronomic and technical expertise for greater yields and long-term sustainable agriculture practices,” said Gal Yarden, Senior Vice President of Netafim’s EMEA division.

The manufacturing plant will officially open on March 2, 2023 in the Kenitra region of Morocco. The opening is expected to create 200 jobs.