EIMA show : the European Irrigation Association held a cocktail party on November 10, 2022


The EIA held a cocktail party on Thursday 10 November 2022 at 18:00, on the Eima show floor.

50 participants (members and not member yet) from Europe and the United States attended to the cocktail. 

The cocktail party started with 45 minutes of speeches and presentations.

Moshi Berenstein, the EIA President, presented the association, the wide variety of profiles and countries of the members and the annual balance sheet 2022.

Then, each of the leaders of the 6 working groups of the association presented their work and Bruno Molle, the EIA Executive Advisor, presented the results of the survey he conducted in June: “the main concerns of the irrigation industry”.

Moshi Berenstein concluded with the challenges our industry is facing today: the challenges of water availability, irregular precipitation and rising temperatures are accelerating the discussion on sustainability in Europe, stimulating demand and creating an exceptional opportunity for the irrigation sector. 

Afterwards, we had a drink together to discuss the issues that concern us all in the sector and share a convivial moment. 

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