The château de Grand-Luce, to the south of Le Mans in the Sarthe region, is only 55 minutes by train from the centre of Paris. It is one of the most magnificent examples of 18th Century neoclassic...> See details

It is now 3 years since SIREV began working on water management tools. In fact, irrigation technology has progressed significantly and it is becoming more and more difficult for the sites already e...> See details

The unusual weather, with records temperature and non-existent rains, has resulted in the whole profession in France having an exceptional season! Some would say historic. It began early and lasted...> See details

We are in the midst of an unprecedented water crisis. South American regions are declaring an agricultural state of emergency, California’s wells are running dry, and countries from Belgium to Bo...> See details

It is estimated that the volume of wood from trees blown over or uprooted in France by the storms of 1999 is 138 million m3, for an annual commercial harvest of 35 million m3. This excess can be ex...> See details

Blueberries are a high value cash crop with very good revenue potential. However, they also come with steep production costs, and as a perennial shrub, are quite sensitive and demanding.

...> See details


The distinctive operating feature of a pivot is the evenness of the amounts of water applied from one end of the pivot to the other. In fact, the longest span from the centre must,...> See details

This 8th Innov-Agri show brought together 250.exhibitors, 400 brand names and 1,000 machines on the grounds of the agricultural school at Ondes (near Toulouse) to show off their products for use in...> See details

P0™ is Irritec® brand new light dripline including the innovative molded ultra compact flat dripper generating almost 0 head loss, ideal for short spacing and long lines. The effective and compa...> See details

A standard establishes a set of specifications that describe an object or operating procedure. This results in a principle, which may be adopted as a regulation or technical benchmark. A standard i...> See details