Being more than just a gardener ! the “Greenkeeper” in chief of Le Golf National course at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Alejandro Reyes has been preparing for almost six years for the Ryd...> See details


The 2018 Ryder Cup was held between 25th and 30th September 2018, at Le Golf National course the French city of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. This prestigious competition, the largest...> See details


The Mecca of the equestrian world, created by the clubs for the clubs, the Federal Equestrian Centre is the headquarters and administrative centre of the French Equestrian Federati...> See details

Over the years, agriculture has been changing and advancing with innovative technology. In recent years, we have seen changes in weather, resulting from global warming. Another change is globalizat...> See details

Offering unparalleled levels of power, performance, and versatility, the all-new I-80 gear-driven rotor from Hunter Industries is the most technologically advanced commercial rotor on the market. E...> See details

The impetus provided by the new president Damir Cizmek and his board has been significant. The EIA has contributed to the public consultation on the European Commission proposal for a Regulation on...> See details

Exhibitors and business people from 49 and 150 countries respectively are expected to attend, testifying to the international nature of this event, with the number of visitors expected to exceed th...> See details


You don’t necessarily have to strain your back to maintain your garden. To avoid having to use the watering can there are other solutions. Whether your irrigation equipment is bu...> See details


Consisting of 100% natural grass anchored in an artificial substrate root zone, AirFibr is the latest innovation in the field of hybrid sports surfaces. Hybrid turf is natural gras...> See details

A funny old year

This was an unusual year for France, with record rainfall followed almost immediately by a record heatwave with no rain. Just when we thought we could manag...> See details