Agritechnica, the largest trade fair for agricultural machinery, takes place every two years in Hanover. Do not miss the 2019 edition! This year, the fair will be held from 10 to 16 Novemb...> See details

Join us at Paysalia show, on the 3rd and 4th of December 2019 in Lyon (France)

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The models available: Ring Connector 16mm X 16mm, Ring Connector 16mm X 16 mm barb, Ring Start Connector 16 mm, Seal for Start Connector Barb, Nut & Ring

• Now available from Metzer ...> See details

The BTT enables the irrigation of plants, flowers, nurseries, greenhouses and small lawn areas with the aid of an application.

The BTT is designed for use with a threaded tap or hose faucet....> See details

Senninger has improved on the i-Wob® UP3® design with the next generation i-Wob2. Featuring a protective shroud that doubles as a nozzle carrier, the new i-Wob2 is capable of better withstanding ...> See details

History is reinventing itself every day contrary to common beliefs. The vanquished of yesterday made the mistake of being right too soon. Agriculture is no exception. It was René Dumont wh...> See details

It is hot, there are plants in the garden or on the balcony that we really want to survive… 

Perhaps they will even have to cope with the owner taking a few days off (well-deserved...> See details

In the world of e-commerce, the manufacturers and distributors have very diverse strategies. We have interviewed a number of players on the French market about the strategy they adopt to combat the...> See details

As part of the challenge to improve urban mobility, a highly topical issue,

the development of tramway systems in France’s major cities is accelerating.

It is, in fact, an eff...> See details

The internet-connected device technologies are now revolutionising the usages for the users of automatic irrigation systems as well as allowing for new services to be offered by the professionals.<...> See details