The sprinkler irrigation (spray heads, rotary mini-sprinklers or sprinklers) of the tramway platforms and their approaches has several objectives with a number of significant constraints.  We ...> See details

Spring arrives, announcing the start of the 2019 season. The indicators lead us to believe that this will be a good year for the profession in France. One year before the local elections, one year ...> See details

Noiseless, the controller automatically activates the solenoid valve.

The water flows under pressure. Invisible, inaudible.

The water droplets flow from the drippers, to disappe...> See details


It was agricultural plastic film in 2009; followed by the twine and net wrap used on round bales in 2013, then anti-hail netting in 2015, and now the agricultural plastic recovery ...> See details


Filter systems have changed considerably over the last few decades. Furthermore, the popularity of these devices occurred simultaneously with the increased use of irrigation system...> See details


Within the context of the irrigation aspect of the EDEN project (from sensor to display: Spatial data Warehouses used to evaluate the use of energy on the farms), ARVALIS - a ...> See details


The European Irrigation Association (EIA)1, which represents all professionals involved with the irrigation industry from the Agriculture, Golf and Turf sectors, organised on 6 Nov...> See details


The new R-VAN range developed by Rain Bird has been designed for landscape irrigation with the most efficient coverage possible, while making installation and maintenance faster an...> See details


Valmont Industries, Inc. has announced the release of Valley Scheduling™, an advanced irrigation management software that enables growers to make better, data-driven irrigation d...> See details


New pressure compensating micro sprinkler (AQ-206PC) by Automat is designed to compensate the uneven water application caused by pressure difference at micro sprinklers due to long...> See details