Even though the United States, and California in particular, and Iran account for 66% of the global pistachio market, the pistachio crop, also known as the new green gold, is also produced in sever...> See details

The main system head is the “heart” of the drip irrigation system. It enables the emitters to work as designed and that the water is being distributed as per the irrigation design. Keeping the ...> See details

The irrigation of field crops should be managed structurally. In this respect, different systems exist for a total optimisation of the irrigation of plots of land. Among the most popular, we have t...> See details



The next European Irrigation Association (EIA) Forum will be held online on March 11 between 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm CET;

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Rivulis, a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and deployingmicro-irrigation products and solutions, has launched ReelView, giving growers using Rivulis products access to ...> See details

Aqua4D’s brand new F-A Pro M is a a self-contained system for plug-and-play precision irrigation. This innovative Skid is pre-assembled in Switzerland, before being delivered in its entirety to t...> See details

The new Tecnidro IdromembranaING Series is an innovative patented control valve designed to work in gardening/landscape applications but also in agriculture applications thanks to the several advan...> See details

Pre-installed GBS25 solenoid designed to with stand surges up to 25kV. Golf courses in lightning-prone regions, those that use reclaimed water and those that need water pressure regulation, now hav...> See details

The longevity and performance of drip irrigation systems are determined by a number of factors: water quality, the quality of the irrigation system and maintenance.


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Elysée offers a complete range of Stop-Tap valves for sizes 20, 25 & 32 mm designed for conveyance of fluids and developed for water utilities, plumbing, agricultural and irrigation applicatio...> See details