T-L Irrigation Co. Introduces Gooseneck Cradle Corner System Attachment

T-L Irrigation Co. adds a gooseneck cradle corner system attachment option and a simplified auto-reverse system to add stability and durability to two important pivot locations.

“The gooseneck corner cradle option drops the corner connection point by 24 inches. This lowers the corner span’s center of gravity and greatly improves its stability,” explains Neal Schlautman, T-L Irrigation Co. engineering manager.  A lower center of gravity allows for greater stability on steep terrain and in areas with high winds or frequent severe storm activity.

“Corner systems seem to be the first to flip in severe weather. Losing a corner to a storm in peak season means not only losing that expensive investment, but possibly also your crop if it can’t be replaced quickly,” says John Thom, T-L Irrigation Co. Vice President. “This connection option helps reduce the odds of losing a corner system.”

Irrigators who graze pivots stand to benefit from the T-L Irrigation Co.’s simplified auto reverse for fully hydraulic systems. The new system incorporates over-centered actuation arms to change the position of the reversing valve.  The over-center feature assures snap action and full engagement of the reversing valve.  The arms have also been moved further up the tower and out of reach of livestock. “Livestock can damage the auto reverse components when attached in the original, lower position. Moving them halfway up the tower eliminates that problem,” Thom says.

“Each of these solutions provide improved durability of already reliable T-L systems for a broader range of geographies and uses.”