SMAGUA, SPAPER and EXPOFIMER welcomed 27,430 trade visitors from 30 countries.

The exhibition of technologies and services, the internationality of the exhibiting companies and the large number of foreign visitors were particularly noteworthy at the 2023 edition of Smagua. In addition, the strong institutional and associative support for these events has made possible a high-level technical conference program.

The aim is to highlight the technological and innovative capacity of the water, environment, paper and renewable energy sectors and, at the same time, to consolidate its international positioning.

"We could not be prouder of the final results of the new editions of SMAGUA, SPAPER and EXPOFIMER. In addition to exceeding the pre-pandemic figures, with more than 27,000 trade visitors this year, exhibitors and visitors have given us positive feedback on the event. The high quality of the public present has generated a very high volume of business, which shows that the synergies between the three sectors are increasing with each edition", said the director of SMAGUA and SPAPER, Cristina López. "The water-renewable energy pairing was even more remarkable this year, as the synergies between the two sectors have multiplied due to the new needs of the industrial world", Cristina López stressed.

In this year's edition, the Zaragoza fair had 673 exhibiting companies, 60% of which were international companies, spread over 30,000 m2, in halls 3, 4, 5 and 9. Brands from 28 countries in Europe, Asia and North America came to Zaragoza during these events.

On the Irrigation side, although not very numerous, we noted the presence of some leading companies, such as Hunter, Bermad, France Pivot, ITC .... The exhibitors were moderately satisfied with the attendance, and noted a higher attendance on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. On the other hand, they mentioned some very interesting business meetings. Bermad presented a new product: its Omega remote watering control system.

In addition, the final day of SMAGUA ended with a discussion of the major challenges and current issues in the water sector as part of the event's technical conference programme. A luxurious finale today to a packed programme that, over the past three days, has included more than 15 sessions and 30 other parallel activities.

The challenges for the future of wastewater quality management and the effect on the receiving environment" was the first session of the day, given by the Association for the Defence of Water Quality (ADECAGUA). For its part, the Aragonese Water Institute (IAA) dealt in depth with flood risk management in municipalities; the Spanish Water Supply and Sanitation Association (AEAS) brought to the table the evolution of the management of our wastewater and the concerns in this regard.

"After the good data from these days, we can say, without a doubt, that in 2025 these events will open their doors with the intention of surpassing the success of this last edition and for this there are many new things to bring to the sector, valuing internationality, technology, sustainability and the development of the sectors", concluded the Zaragoza Trade Fair Centre.

The future is being built and the Zaragoza Trade Fair Centre will be, as it has been for the last 40 years, giving visibility to these strategic sectors for the development of our society.