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There were thus more than 32,800 visitors strolling around pavilions 3, 4 and 9 at the Smagua trade show, a figure that is about the same as the 2014 event, with 780 exhibitors from 35 countries also being present.


Generally recognised as the benchmark water and environment show in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, the Smagua show contributes towards the progress and dynamism of the European water market. A series of international meetings have been organised to develop contacts between the exhi­bitors and the emerging markets, with the participa­tion of 130 delegations of 11 nationalities. These mee­tings have allowed the exhibitors to develop the commercial relationships of these countries.


Research, innovation and professionalism have been the keys to the success of this event, which has enabled the visitors to discover all the latest technological trends and new products available within the area of water and irrigation.


New irrigation products:

BERMAD: PC-70-X Flow Regulation. Paddle-activated flow-regulating pilot valve. By using a 3-way valve it produces a minimum load loss, which improves the energy efficiency of the hydraulic system.

RIVULIS: D-1000 Irrigation Hose. Dripline made of Active Flex™, the extraordinarily flexible molded dripper is designed with a large filter, labyrinth and slit outlet, which closes automatically.

SISTEMES ELECTRÒNICS PROGRÉS, S.A.: Agronic APP. App for smart­phone and tablet for real-time management of irrigation/ferti­liza­tion equipment located in different plots.

Available for iPhone and Android and in several languages.

ITC: Dostec AC Ad­van­ced Control. Diaphragm or piston-activated dosing pumps with advanced dosing control for accurate and efficient automatic flow regulation. Dostec AC pumps are desi­gned with several configuration modes to be remotely controlled and supervised from a control center. Applications: Water treatment, industrial processes, chemical industry, agriculture.