Sentek/Galcon Measurement and Control Solutions

Galcon, manufacturers of high value irrigation controllers, have incorporated Sentek’s IrriMAX Live into their GSI Pro and Galileo Cloud online platforms.

This recent development has been well received by the market, offering a well-priced, high quality and powerful solution for new composite systems plus upgrade paths for existing users of either companies’ technologies. Sentek solutions comprise probes, data transmission units (cellular, satellite or Bluetooth via IOT or Android) and IrriMAX Live software. Galcon’s GSI Pro is an AC or DC powered irrigation and fertigation multiple valve controller with a range of settings and additional add-on sensor options. The Galileo Cloud is a state-of-the art controller. It is modular and can operate in all agricultural growing environments and levels of complexity. To access both systems, users need only log into the controller software, build their design and schedule (including fertigation and sensor inputs as options) and link Sentek IrriMAX live to the design.