Sentek : Irrimax Live Advanced Analytics for Irrigation and Crop Monitoring

The recently released features in IrriMAX Live reveal the depth and activity of plant roots. 

This previously hard to interpret data is now presented in a graphical form, allowing the grower and agronomist to quickly understand the depths that roots are taking water from. This tool leads to precise irrigation management scheduling, with the ability to compare the depths of water being applied - to the depths that roots are “drinking” from. Displaying data from Sentek’s Drill & Drop probes, the charts in IrriMAX Live software show the values at each 10cm depth – and can also be summed to show total water content in the soil.

Too Much Water? Or Not Enough?

Knowing real site and time-specific root activity, growers can now assess the effectiveness of every single irrigation event. Did the last irrigation apply too much water, too little or, was it just right? If the irrigation depth percolates to the bottom of the roots and not beyond its reach - it is classified as “Perfect” and is indicated by a green coloured bar on top. However, if the irrigation does not reach the bottom of the roots it is classified as “Under” and highlighted with a red top bar. Similarly, if an over irrigation the events is classified as “Over” with a blue top bar