SENNINGER New UP3 Zero Flow Nozzle

Senninger has expanded its UP3 nozzle line with the addition of the UP3 Zero Flow Nozzle, an economical component for temporarily turning off sprinklers.

Growers can use the UP3 Zero Flow Nozzle in place of a separate shut-off valve. It is conveniently installed just like all Senninger UP3 Nozzles –with a pinch, pull, place, and click. Consider the cost savings of having a portable and easily to install shut-off valve with the ease and simplicity of the UP3 nozzle! Use the new UP3 Zero Flow Nozzle to turn off the inner spans of your pivot when water availability is an issue mid-season, when fertigating or chemigating a field, or simply to avoid obstacles such as farm equipment or landscape structures. This nozzle is also useful during winter months to prevent insects entering the sprinklers, to shut off nozzles on spans with smaller nozzles when passing water with solids through a center pivot, to test systems under revised flows, and more.