Rain SpA : Rain Vision System

Rain’s new Vision System is the new eco-sustainable, self-sufficient, connected system, developed by Rain SpA. Rain Vision System is eco-sustainable because it utilizes solar and hydro energy to keep the device batteries charged.

Renewable energies of this nature contribute to the growing cultural revolution which will gradually free us of the problem of disposing of hazardous waste, with all the consequences that this involves. It is a self-sufficient system as the rechargeable batteries remain permanently charged and as a result, no maintenance time is required to replace them. Rain Vision System is also a connected system. All the devices which form part of the system are connected and can be managed online, thus allowing for the monitoring of all irrigation functions and programming from anywhere in the world. Finally, Vision System is 100% designed and developed in Italy. The design, build and product testing has been conducted internally, at our premises in the province of Milan, ensuring a high quality product and meeting environmental standards. Last but not least, we manage all customer support directly, and our irrigation technicians are available to answer any questions and resolve any issues which may arise during setup or operation.