Rain spa Q-Saddle Clamp

Install Your Saddles in Just a Few Seconds.

Whenever we decide to develop a new idea at Rain, we keep our main goal in mind: to offer quality and functional products that make the installer's job easier. A perfect example of this approach is our new 'Q-saddle 2-in-1' saddle clamp. First of all: why 'Q'? Because it is extremely quick to install. And how is that? The threaded saddle allows you to connect two pipes of different diameters, using just one product. In fact, it is suitable for both Ø25 and Ø32 pipes thanks to the practical diameter reduction inserted inside the saddle. The ¾'' F thread and the pierced end allow the installation of sprinklers up to ¾''. What we love about Q-saddle is that not only is the design functional, it is also very practical and time saving. On one hand, the interlocking components ensure installation in record time. At the same time, the combination of three aspects allows you to pierce up to PE PN10 pipes without any additional tools: the practical handles, the clamp's tooth grip which guarantees a tight seal, and the sharpened PA 30% fiberglass punch. Last but not least, the locking system prevents it from becoming loose! Rain Spa