Rain S.p.A. presents: Rain Vision

Rain Vision System is Rain’s major project aimed at taking traditional Irrigation systems to the next level. 

Vision was created with the aim of bringing UNIQUENESS and INNOVATION to the irrigation market, while considering the needs of the installer and end user and advocating a greener world. Rain Vision is not just a simple irrigation system, which is connected to the Internet. In fact, it is a self-sustainable and connected system that is able to power itself and manage the irrigation in a smart way. Vision System is able to use renewable energy, such as sunlight (via its small solar panels) and water- flow (through our new patented hydroelectric micro turbines) to recharge the Li-ion batteries integrated into the system’s devices. Their simple waterproof connections can be applied to any kind of installation, even in remote places where there is no electricity. The reduction in the maintenance times required to check and replace traditional alkaline batteries on the devices, combined with the important reduction in pollution resulting from the lack of discarded items, makes Rain Vision the most practical and eco-friendly system on the Irrigation Market. Rain SpA