NELSON NIC : The Orbitor FX revolution is gaining steam!

This next generation Orbitor sprinkler has an up-top (White Plate) and new for drops (Black Plate) option.

This field-proven, off-axis Orbitor technology provides a random droplet pattern in a compact, low-vibration design. And like all Nelson products - these are Walla Walla, Built - World-Ready.

• Engineered plate grooves reduce mist

• Low wind-fighting trajectory

• 10 PSI recommended (#12-50 Nozzles); 6 PSI optional

(#16-50 Nozzles)

• For up-top application, use galvanized {maximum riser of 4 ft (1.2 m)} or proven plastic nipples (no PVC nipples).

• Allowable drop configurations include galvanized steel drops, semi-rigid polyethylene, and flexible hose (slip weights not allowed without clamp saver)

• Orbitor FX is only available with 3nv Nozzle/3030 Series.