Nelson NIC : Automatic Arc Timer

Years of experience and research has shown that typical hose reel travelers irrigate most uniformly when the sprinkler has an arc setting of 270°.

However, this still leaves the field edges at the beginning and end of the travel lane under-irrigated unless the user allows the sprinkler to water adjacent fields or roads, which is both wasteful and potentially dangerous. The Nelson Automatic Arc Timer for the SR150 Big Gun® sprinkler solves this challenge by allowing the grower to set an additional arc setting for use at field edges that improves irrigation uniformity and prevents watering outside the borders of the field. The Nelson Automatic Arc Timer is an easy to use, set-and-go device that automatically changes the watering area as a hose reel traveler moves down a field. The user adjusts the two sets of stops as desired (at 270° and 180°, for example), then sets the timer to trip the arc change at the correct moment in the irrigation cycle. The Nelson Automatic Arc Timer is easily installed any existing Nelson SR150 Big Gun® sprinkler with minimal tools.Like the Nelson Big Gun®, it is designed to be simple to operate, reliable, and field-ready. It uses a mechanical timer that requires no batteries for dependable operation.  It is a highly effective water management tool that every grower will appreciate for years to come.