Delta-T Devices launches high performance multi-parameter soil and substrate sensor

Delta-T Devices’s new digital WET150 Sensor measures soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity (EC), and is the product of over 40 years’ development expertise. 

Through a series of recent design innovations itdelivers a research-grade level of quality at a price point not previously possible. Thesetechnicalbreakthroughsmeanthatgrowers can nowintegrate an accurate and ruggedsensorintotheir irrigation control systems at lowercost.

The WET150 offers an SDI-I2 enabled solution for real-time monitoring of growing conditions. SDI-12 is an interface for connecting digital sensors to an SDI-12 master devicesuch as a logger or irrigation controller. A key strength of SDI-12 is thatit supports the connection of up to 62 sensors to a single input on a compatible device.

The WET150 boasts a 5 yearwarranty and its patentedelectronicsensure high levels of measurementaccuracywithexceptionalsalinity and temperaturestability - essential for critical control and irrigation applications.

A key strength of the WET150 isitsability to reliablycalculate pore water conductivity (ECp), whichis the ion content of the water available to the plant. When the WET150 isburied, temperaturemeasurements (essential for compensating EC measurements) are taken down in the root zone, optimising the precision of readings.

Installed in growbags or soil, the WET150 can provide the high quality data required to power effective SDI-12 automated irrigation systems. The watertightbuild of the WET150 alsomakesitideal for use in field agriculture. For portable use, the sensorisavailable in kit formalongside an instant readoutmeter and carry case – enablinggrowers to takeregular spot checks of growing conditions at strategic points throughouttheirgreenhouses.

Delta-T Devices’s Head of Sales and Marketing David Frewsaid, “Smart irrigation ishugely important to the future of sustainablefood production, but the cost of reliable equipment has often been an obstructive factor to large scale adoption of thisproventechnology. With the WET150 we have developed a sensor at a very accessible price point, yetwhichisengineered to the highest standards, and benefitsfromourdecades of research and manufacturingexperience.”