Editorial : the presence of green spaces in the cities is essential

According to recent opinion polls carried out in European countries, it would appear that 70% of the people questioned consider that a presence of green spaces is an essential component for their environment and well-being.

In the face of these aspirations, it would make good sense to move the cities to the countryside.

At first glance it may seem utopian but it is not actually impossible.

Considerable effort has been made in recent years to enhance the beauty of the green spaces in the towns.

Garden centers in the city are increasing in number, offering a choice of specialized irrigation equipment that is more and more efficient and irrigation systems that are dependable: automatic, reliable, water-saving, vandal-proof, invisible and above all affordable.

The irrigation professionals are there to advise, train and educate.

Considering the investments involved, an efficient sprinkler system is probably the smartest expense that the municipal green space department can incur.

This is a challenge for the future that every local authority will strive to meet in the interest of its town dwellers.