Thirsty Land movie

Will there Be Enough Water to Survive?

"The story of drought needs to be told! Our global food supply and our very survival as humans depends on clean, abundant fresh water. I want to make the audience think about it every time they take a drink of water, enjoy a shower, or water their lawn. We have been given stewardship of a treasure that’s precious and provides food for the world. It must be managed well so that future generations have the same opportunities we enjoy.” – Conrad Weaver, Producer/Director.


The facts : 

– Towns are running out of water. Wells have gone completely dry in parts of California. 
– Lakes are drying up.  Some California lakes have lost almost 200 feet of water.
– Fields are shrinking. Farmers have to pump so much ground water, some fields have shrunk 30 feet.
– Businesses are closing. California alone provides 50% of our food in the USA.
– People are Moving.

Thirsty Land is the story about extreme drought, agriculture, & the water crisis in the Western United States and how these challenges impact farmers, communities, and the environment. The depleted water resources in the American Southwest is one of the most urgent challenges of the 21st century facing agriculture and growing urban communities. The drought on this region has local, national, and global impacts not only for the present, but also for future generations.
The film is scheduled for a Spring, 2016 release. Weaver plans a Los Angeles premiere in late May. For more information about the film, visit: