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SYNAA : we are recruiting installers in France

Spring arrives, announcing the start of the 2019 season. The indicators lead us to believe that this will be a good year for the profession in France. One year before the local elections, one year after a scorching summer, the “Grand Paris” project, the 2024 Olympic Games, the maintenance of ageing instal­lations, the desire to improve the systems and manage the installations more efficiently. Then there is the hope that the green spaces can be made sustainable with better quality of the sports fields.

Irrigation has become a necessity for our planet. We are returning water back to a natural cycle where it benefits the plants, which absorb the CO2, lower the temperature and purify the air in the cities.

We are recruiting in France. One of our projects planned for this year is to convey the message that being an irrigation technician is an exciting and prestigious profession, requiring versatility, organisation and intelli­gence. It is a profession where it is possible to move up the ladder, enjoy a career and earn a very good living, while working on exceptional sites. Competence comes with experience. The best technicians in France are often self-taught.

Preparations are in progress for the Paysalia show, with an irrigation village that is growing in size from one event to the other, positioned near the show’s main entrance. There are projects being implemented in partnership with the EIA (European Irrigation Association) and with Wellgreen (sports fields). This event, which has become a must in the calendar, will take place from 3rd to 5th December 2019 in Lyons.  The full schedule will be announced in the next edition of Irrigazette. With the latest new products, of course!