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The Paysalia show brought the year 2017 to a successful conclusion. Synaa, the show’s partner since early 2009, has been committed to ensuring the success of this event for the irrigation professionals.

In fact, the irrigation village had 19 stands (30% more than the previous event), attracting the industry’s biggest manufacturers and partners. Paysalia has become an unmissable event for the profession.

The highlights of the show were:

• Synaa’s General Assembly.

• The very fruitful round table held with our European colleagues (EIA).

• The cocktail party at the irrigation village.

• A warm and friendly gastronomic evening.

• The conference on the “ecological impact of automatic irrigation”

• The Wellgreen open day, of which Synaa is a partner, intended for sports fields professionals.

There were many exchanges and discussions taking place at the association’s stand and there were record attendances.

 “For the GA, we had to change the room at the last minute because there would have been 25 people standing”.

 “At the conference itself, there were more people standing than seated and  some had to follow proceedings through the bamboo curtains.”

The show also provided the opportunity to initiate the first steps towards working more closely with the EIA and this should allow us to organise joint activities in 2018.

In short, the profession is feeling very positive as we move into the New Year.

Our goal for 2018 is not only to make even greater efforts to increase communication but above all to provide assistance for recruitment and training.

All of us in the Synaa office wish you an excellent 2018.