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Synaa launches a new advertising campaign


Synaa has a lot of activities planned for this year: a congress to be held in Paris in December 2016, a meeting that will bring the whole profession together and a major advertising campaign is taking shape. The aim of this campaign is to make people aware of what irrigation brings to the green spaces and also the positive impact it is having on the urban environment. This includes freshening up the city with plants and greenery, allowing the inhabitants to breathe a drop of fresh air and maintaining a sense of well-being…

The Synaa « Expert’O » training programme, run and organised by Techoma and the Chamber of Commerce, has been a great success for the second year running since more than 30 trainees have attended these very technical courses. We now hope to organise another session in 2017.


So far, 144 companies have qualified for the “Qualipaysage” certification; 93 of these obtaining the A500 grade; 18 of them the A510; 23 have gained the A520 and 10 firms have obtained the A520GC. The change, made after the modification of the “irrigation” qualifi­cation, is permanent and shows that investment has been made and measures put in place by the specialist contractors in order to enhance our profession and improve the quality of the services provided.

Sales of the new irrigation handbook have been more than satisfactory with almost 500 copies being ordered already and we already need to re-publish more copies soon. These can be purchased on our site: or by email: