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Synaa : the goals set for 2020

It is now time to get down to work so we can achieve the goals set for 2020. The Synaa (French Automatic Irrigation Trade Association) seminar was held on 31st January 2020 in Paris, when different working groups discussed the following topics:
• Increasing the status of the training courses, by revising the curriculum of the certificate of specialisation in “irrigation” with the Ministry.
• Updating the irrigation handbook and its reprint.
• The finalisation of the data sheet of the French Football Association
• Giving some thought to our Website and social media activities, discussing the new online marketplace.
• The new Qualipaysage qualification and Label/ Certificate.
• Research and development « the advantages of automatic irrigation”.

A report was also presented on the work carried out so far on the December 2020 congress to be held in Alsace.  There are so many projects in the pipeline aimed at raising the standards of our profession and increasing our level of expertise, with an eye on the future.

The enthusiasm shown by the members of Synaa has made these projects a success and everyone wants to offer his or her experience and some of his or her time.

The new committee members recently elected to Paysalia for three years join me in wishing you all an excellent season.
• Pierre-Alain Madelaine - President
• Mickael Hebert – Vice-president north
• Philippe Buffière – Vice-president south
• Dominique Raveraud – Secretary
• Nicolas De Brignac – Treasurer
• Stéphanie Freslon – Assistant Treasurer
• Gaetan Lebot – Active members’ representative