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A funny old year

This was an unusual year for France, with record rainfall followed almost immediately by a record heatwave with no rain. Just when we thought we could manage every­thing with an App, mother nature reminds us that we really can’t control it. We can only adapt and organise ourselves so that we are better able to react, with the best tools available.

The whole profession is affected by a desperate shortage of manpower, of qualified staff and people who want to become qualified. Synaa plans to tackle this problem and advertise our noble trade so as to inspire young people to become a part of it, suggest ways of restructuring and inspire a brand-new spirit.


The big event !!!!

At the end of this year, Synaa will be organising its traditional conference; this year it will take place in Aix en Provence on 22nd and 23rd November.

At the statutory General Assembly, the organisation will be discussing the activities undertaken in 2018 and looking at the accounts and plans for 2019 (including the 2019 Paysalia Show).

The emphasis this year will be on personal enrichment and there will be presentations made in the form of workshops run by outside personnel.

1) By looking after and developing the senior staff you are enhancing the company: concrete benchmarks for achieving long-term success

2) My energy must be at an optimum level in order to better manage stress

3) How best to work together? The managers and senior executives of a company are often faced with the same dilemma: how to say something unpleasant or unkind to your colleague without damaging the relationship? How to maintain confidence and trust?

4) The 3 “GOLD” partners: Kulker, Solem and SomairGervat, will be making a technical presentation. These 3 new « 2018 » members have placed their trust in us and we have benefitted from their involvement. We thank them most sincerely.

5) A mini trade show will enable the associate members to show off their products.

6) And, of course, all of those present will be able to enjoy a convivial and festive occasion, where they can exchange and share ideas…

We hope the year ends well for you all.