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POLYFLAT is a single-layer polyethylene layflat hose reinforced with polyester mesh, ideal for irrigation systems and generally speaking, for water conveyance. Polyflat is a layflat hose that is particularly resistant to pressure even if it is about 30% lighter than the PVC layflat one. It is made of 100% non-toxic polyethylene and it can be recycled. It is an ideal solution for temporary installations or for the making of pipelines that need continuous displacement. The black color prevents the growth of algae inside the tube, while the special structure makes it highly resistant to acids and agricultural fertilizers. Polyflat is flexible, easy to transport, to store and install; it has excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, corrosion and stretch when subjected to pressure; it is resistant to torsion and to so-called "snake" effect. It is compatible with a wide range of fittings; it is provided with an indelible marking on each meter and manufactured with technologically advanced production processes. It is recommended for the main lines, and for the branch lines for the dripper lines or hoses. Polyflat is available in different diameters from 1 "¼ to 6" designed for for 4 and 6 bar working pressures.