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Paysalia exhibition was a success !

The 6th Paysalia event, the not to be missed landscaping show, took place from 3rd to 5th December in Lyons. 

It attracted 921 exhibitors, of which 41 were able to present their innovations to some 24,096 visitors. The atmosphere was warm at the show; you could see the immense joy on their faces and their pride in attending an event such as this.
Many players from the irrigation and watering sector made the trip. These included renowned market leaders, as well as inventive start-up companies who used the opportunity to present their new products. We would also like to commend Netafim for its 3rd place on the innovations podium.
Certain specialist associations, such as Synaa and the EIA, took advantage of the occasion to bring their members together and thus be able to discuss the problems facing irrigation and watering professionals at the present time.
Just like the precious events, this latest Paysalia show was a huge success. One thing is sure, for certain, though, all eyes are now turned towards 2021!