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Before long, they will be saying that there is a water shortage!

Synaa’s activities continue with the group “Terrain de Sport” [Sports Fields]. We are working in collaboration with the French Football Association and the National Rugby League. The object is to create a set of compulsory specifications for the installation of irrigation systems that will allow us to create a perfect grass surface in terms of quality, taking into account the constraints imposed by the type of play and the demands of the sportsmen and sportswomen. This will allow for control procedures to be established so that the project owner can easily check the system that has been installed. The aim is to achieve excellence in our playing areas. Irrigation is one of the key elements. We have the expertise and, thus, we only need to be given the means to make people aware of the technical and ecological benefits of our know-how.

As far as the training is concerned, Synaa launched a campaign in March to encourage high schools to offer a vocational qualification in landscape management (bac professionnel du paysage). More than 80 institutions have received a large number of ‘career’ brochures to be distributed among the pupils at the Open Days and possibly encourage young people to join our noble profession. This brochure contains, in particular, the contact details and addresses of the high schools and colleges offering this specialist certificate in ‘Irrigation’.

A partnership was formed with the EIA (European Irrigation association) after the discussions that took place at Paysalia came to fruition and we were able to get down to business.

The members of the committee meeting held recently voted to decide on the venue for the 2018 congress. This will take place in Aix-en-Provence at the end of the year. The theme will be ‘exchanging’ experiences’. It will include technical workshops, round table discussions and a friendly atmosphere.

I wish all those involved in irrigation, both in France and abroad, an excellent season…