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Irrigazette 183 : Edito

The rain is falling and it is still raining. Rain is falling in Italy and it is raining in Spain, and the rain continues to fall in Britain, Germany and France, not to mention the United States, where New York is covered with a blanket of snow. We can, therefore, ascertain that the aquifers are full and there is no longer a scarcity of water. According to the experts and statistically speaking, there is very little fluctuation in the total amount of rain falling globally from one year to the next.

Therefore, considering that we have had more rain in the last four months than in the whole two years, we should be having a dry spring and an even drier and scorching summer.

The members of the irrigation community are rubbing their hands; they have their sights set on the season of the century. Irrigation equipment is going to become the latest trend for products in demand and other eco-initiatives could soon become the rage: a return to nature, the development of an agriculture that is more environmentally-friendly, everyone dreaming of watering his or her own vegetables.

I am telling you, irrigation is becoming trendy. And if this were to be true…

Then we could still be talking again about this famous 2021 season where pivot stocks melted away, the restocking of the sprinkler guns arrived by special carrier and the garden centres at the DIY stores were begging for deliveries within the hour all irrigation products, whatever the make and at any price.