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Hunter Industries is proud to introduce the Pressure Regulated Body for the PGP-04 and I-20 rotors.

The pressure-regulated bodies will take incoming pressures of 50-100 PSI and reduce them to 45 PSI. The Hunter PRB rotors allow the nozzles to operate at peak efficiency, saving up to 25 percent more water. 
“Some manufacturers have an in-stem pressure regulator in their rotor, but we’re offering another choice – a pressure regulator in the rotor body itself. Having the regulator in the body allows it to remain in place if the original riser is removed and replaced for service,” said Steve Hoveln, Product Manager at Hunter Industries. 
Hoveln said if the system supply pressure is very high, the best solution is to have a pressure regulator at the valve and each individual head. “Using both types of regulators allows the valve to step down the incoming pressure, and the pressure regulator at each head will step it down even further and correctly, right at the point of delivery.” 
To learn more, view the webpage and product details:   or contact your local Hunter distributor.