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Exhibitors and business people from 49 and 150 countries respectively are expected to attend, testifying to the international nature of this event, with the number of visitors expected to exceed that recorded two years ago, i.e. 285,000.

No less than 1,930 stands have been reserved for the manufacturers and the show’s organisers have made some last-minute modifications in order to accommodate some of the companies on the waiting list. This is their way of responding to the 200 companies that were unable to take part in the show because of the lack of space. The exhibition site, managed by BolognaFiere, with a surface area of 340,000 square meters, is one of the most important in the world in the sectors of agriculture, forestry, mechanisation, ground maintenance and other associated products.


Many of the companies present in Bologna come from Europe - 69 from Germany, 49 from France and 66 from Spain - and also other countries around the world - 27 from the United States, 27 from India and 141 from China, with an immense array of items exhibited, covering more than a thousand product types.

The technologies on offer at EIMA International will be divided up into 14 specialised sectors over 6 separate salons: EIMA Components, EIMA Green, EIMA Idrotech, EIMA Energy, EIMA Digital and EIMA M.i.A.

In one of the special sectors planned for the event, the Digital hall, a specific area will be created for the first time devoted to ‘connected’ agriculture.

Pavilion 33, near the Constituzione entry, will be exhibiting technologies, such as Satellite navigation systems, GPS devices, on board computers, ISOBUS systems, computerized weather reports, drones and sensors.

Another significant feature will be the exhibitors’ participation in the new EIMA Idrotech Salon, entirely devoted to irrigation and water management technologies, bringing together 250 companies for the first year of this salon.

A large number of business people, farmers and technicians specializing in agricultural machinery are expected and the organizers are convinced that the record number of visitors, 285,000 from 150 countries registered for the 2016 event, will be equalled or even exceeded.